20 Confirmation Email Examples (Templates to Use)

A confirmation email might get used inside of an automated message (like a newsletter, for example). Or sometimes, its used by an administrator to communicate with clients, customers, or parties involved about upcoming events or orders. For example, an email saying, "Just confirming your order with us" might go out by someone who is in operations, making sure that all of the order looks correct before shipment.

Key takeaways:

  • Choose an email template that best matches the type of email automation you're trying to configure.
  • It's best to let your customers or Users know that an email is automated. And let them know when it's not automated.
  • According to MailChimp, using short email subject lines will increase your chances of the email getting opened by the end user.

20 Examples of Confirmation Emails to Use

Note: most of these emails are good to use for automated email messages. Like if you're trying to create some type of email automation workflow within a business:

1. Account Registration Confirmation

Dear [Name],

Thank you for registering your account with us. Your registration has been confirmed.

2. Event RSVP Confirmation

Hello [Name],

Your RSVP for the upcoming event on [Date] has been confirmed. We look forward to seeing you there!

3. Order Confirmation

Dear [Name],

Your order #[Order Number] has been successfully placed and confirmed. You will receive further updates shortly.

4. Subscription Confirmation

Hello [Name],

Your subscription to [Service Name] has been confirmed. Enjoy your access to premium features!

5. Appointment Confirmation

Dear [Name],

Your appointment on [Date and Time] has been confirmed. We look forward to serving you.

6. Newsletter Subscription Confirmation

Hello [Name],

Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter. You are now part of our mailing list!

7. Flight Booking Confirmation

Dear [Name],

Your flight booking for [Flight Details] has been confirmed. Have a pleasant journey!

8. Password Reset Confirmation

Hello [Name],

Your password has been successfully reset. Your account is now secure.

9. Webinar Registration Confirmation

Dear [Name],

You are confirmed to attend the webinar on [Date and Time]. Don't forget to mark your calendar!

10. Job Application Submission Confirmation

Hello [Name],

Your job application for the position of [Job Title] has been confirmed. We will be in touch soon.

11. Payment Confirmation

Dear [Name],

Your payment of [Amount] for [Product/Service] has been successfully processed and confirmed.

12. Account Verification Confirmation

Hello [Name],

Your account has been verified. You now have full access to our platform.

13. Workshop Registration Confirmation

Dear [Name],

Your registration for the [Workshop Name] on [Date] has been confirmed. Get ready to learn!

14. Donation Confirmation

Hello [Name],

Your generous donation of [Amount] to [Charity Name] has been confirmed. Thank you for your support!

15. Hotel Reservation Confirmation

Dear [Name],

Your reservation at [Hotel Name] for [Dates] has been confirmed. Enjoy your stay!

16. Product Return Confirmation

Hello [Name],

Your request for the return of [Product Name] has been confirmed. Instructions for the return process will be sent shortly.

17. Workshop Enrollment Confirmation

Dear [Name],

Congratulations! You are officially enrolled in the [Workshop Name] starting on [Date]. Prepare for an enriching experience!

18. Conference Registration Confirmation

Hello [Name],

Your registration for the [Conference Name] on [Dates] has been successfully confirmed. We look forward to your participation.

19. Interview Appointment Confirmation

Dear [Name],

Your interview appointment for the position of [Job Title] has been confirmed for [Date and Time]. We'll be in touch soon.

20. Charity Event Participation Confirmation

Hello [Name],

Your participation in the [Charity Event Name] on [Date] has been confirmed. Your support means a lot to us!

My Top Tips for Sending These Emails...

Here are my top tips to think through:

1. Let people know the email isn't automated

Saying something like, "Hey, this isn't an automated email and I just wanted to touch base." Will certainly have a much higher open rate and response rate than when it doesn't say it. People are very used to getting automated messages and it's nice to tell them when it's not.

2. Use a short email subject line

I think this goes without saying. Although, according to MailChimp, there are many ways to optimize an email for open rates. And this is one of them.

Think of an email subject line that's catchy and going to stand out amongst all the other emails the person is going to receive. In fact, just by thinking that through, there's a greater chance of reducing issues or errors in cases where it's an order confirmation email.

3. When in doubt, check with your manager

Sometimes, brands really like to control what emails are sent and what they say. Marketing departments are going to be the best ones to consult with when it comes to the representation of what your brand says in these emails. If you're unsure of what the email should say and how it should say it—consult with them.

Getting input from other team members is never a bad idea. In fact, it just furthers your collaborative value within the business and that can be a good thing.

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