10 Messages Confirming Receipt of an Email (Examples)

Confirming that you've received an email is not only a polite act, it can reduce the number of emails that you receive. More often than not, someone who doesn't hear back from you after sending an email will send another email (called a follow-up email). This is an act that's done because we receive so many emails per day.

When you're dealing with a heavy inbox, sometimes sending someone a quick, "Got your email, give me a little time to respond" response is a great way to make sure that the other person or party (like a client) feels like they are still a high priority.

confirming receipt of an email example

Key takeaways

  • It's always best to send a confirmation email to someone that you have a high regard for (like a client or company that you're interviewing with).
  • You're okay to say that you need a little extra time to reply to the email in full. But that you received it.
  • Try to confirm exactly what the email is suggesting that you need to do so that the other person who sent the email feels heard and affirmed.

Email responses confirming receipt of an email

Here are some formal ways to respond to someone to let them know that you got their email:

1. General Receipt Confirmation

Dear [Name],

This email confirms that we have received your message dated [Date]. We will review it and get back to you as soon as possible.

2. Order Confirmation Receipt

Hello [Name],

This email acknowledges the receipt of your order #[Order Number] placed on [Date]. Your order is now in our system for processing.

3. Document Submission Receipt

Dear [Name],

We have successfully received the document titled "[Document Name]" that you submitted via email on [Date].

4. Payment Receipt Confirmation

Hello [Name],

This email serves as a confirmation of the receipt of your payment of [Amount] made on [Date]. Your payment has been applied to your account.

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5. Job Application Receipt

Dear [Name],

We have received your job application for the position of [Job Title] submitted on [Date]. Our hiring team will review your application shortly.

6. Subscription Renewal Confirmation

Hello [Name],

We have received your subscription renewal request for [Service/Plan Name]. Your subscription has been successfully renewed, and your access is uninterrupted.

7. Event Registration Receipt

Dear [Name],

This email confirms your registration for the [Event Name] scheduled for [Date and Time]. We look forward to your participation.

8. Inquiry Receipt Confirmation

Hello [Name],

We acknowledge the receipt of your inquiry sent on [Date]. Our team is working on providing you with a response as soon as possible.

9. Feedback Submission Receipt

Dear [Name],

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. This email confirms that we have received your feedback email dated [Date].

10. Appointment Request Receipt

Hello [Name],

We have received your appointment request for [Date and Time]. Our scheduling team will confirm the appointment and get back to you shortly.

Email response tips

Here are some tips that I have for you when confirming the receipt of an email:

1. Try to do it rather quickly

You don't have to go into tremendous detail. The simple of act of just saying, "Confirming receipt, will follow-up here soon" is enough to let the person know that you got their message and to give you a little bit of time to respond in full.

This is especially useful in cases when the email is very long and you do need time to digest what it says and appropriately respond.

2. Don't sound cold with your email

More than likely, you don't want to sound cold to the person that you're talking to. Instead, try to keep it very friendly—even in the case where the email is very short. Something like, "Hey, just got this! Appreciate it! Will respond here shortly!"

Something personal and short can go a long way in letting them know that their message matters to you and that you're going to take the time to respond.

3. A confirmation goes a really long way

Someone who knows that you're going to take the time to sit down, read their email, and respond with the appropriate degree of attention will always give you that flexibility. That's beacuse you are showing them a great deal of respect when you say and do that.

A person who responds to an email in haste. And doesn't really think or read it through is going to have a much more difficult time getting the respect of the person they're having an email exchange with.

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