3 Example Thank You Letters For Someone Being A Reference

thank you letter for reference

It’s important to thank your professional network, especially when they’re willing to provide you a service, like being a reference. Nurturing your network and paying thanks to it is one of the ways that will take your professionalism up a notch.

We’re going to cover a couple of example emails that you can send when you need to thank someone in your professional network for them being one of your references.

What Should Go In Your Email Or Letter

When you’re thinking about what should go in your email or letter, here’s a simple breakdown.

When it’s an email:

If you’re sending a physical letter:

When Not To Send An Email

There’s only a few situations where you don’t need to send a thank you to note to someone who was a reference for you. Primarily, if they have made you a letter of recommendation. That’s because the person most likely was already thanked by you when they delivered the letter of recommendation to you. If you didn’t thank that person yet, definitely do so using one of the templates below.

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3 Examples Of Emails Thanking Someone For Being A Reference

Here are a few email examples you can use to cultivate your own message to your friend, family member, professor or old colleague.

Pro tip: In a 2018 HireRight survey, 85% of employers surveyed uncovered a lie or misrepresentation on a candidate’s resume or job application. Meaning the use of professional references, letters of recommendation or referrals are vital to increasing your chances of employment.

Example one

Dear John,

I want to thank you so much for being one of my professional references. I understand that time can be limited and I appreciate the fact that you’re taking the time to speak with my potential new employer.

Once again, thank you John.


Example two

Hey John,

Thank you for being one of my references. I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to talk to you about what you might say when my new employer calls you. All of this is tremendously appreciated and I won’t forget it.

Thank you so much John.


Example three

John —

Having you be one of my references is something I’m extremely honored about. Thank you so much for accepting my invitation to be a reference. And I want to thank you in advance for speaking with my future employer.

Thanks so much, John,

Email Subject Lines Thanking Someone For Being A Reference

Here are some email subject lines you can use to deliver your thank you email or letter.

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