35+ Resume Objective Examples and How to Write One

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Looking for resume objective examples? A resume objective is a written statement created by a job seeker included in the job applicant's resume. A small summary or paragraph states the applicant's level of experience, interest, and goals in terms of their desired employment. Resume objectives provide a helpful summary to the hiring manager or job application reader. It informs them of the job applicant's motivations, achievements, and other helpful information to assess the fit between the applicant and the job.

A resume objective can go by several names. Career objective, branding statement, summary statement, objective statement, resume summary, and job objective. As well as career summary and professional summary. These are the names this resume section often gets referred to. Generally speaking, these all serve the same intent on behalf of the applicant.

A traditional resume objective includes the following:

  • Relevant work experiences to the job title the applicant is applying for.
  • Relevant skills (for example, leadership skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills) and qualifications the job applicant has that fit the job description.
  • Unique accomplishments that demonstrate job performance.

In some circumstances, like when students create a resume summary, a career goal may be part of the objective statement. It states the intentions behind the applicant's job search. While listing relevant experience is a far better way of creating an effective resume objective, new graduates may not have this opportunity.

Resume Objective Writing Tips

And if writing a resume objective with a healthy amount of professional experience. Or writing an objective as a recent graduate, keep these writing tips in mind:

  • Personalize and write the resume objective statement for the prospective employer.
  • Tailor and write the resume objective statement for the specific position.
  • Personalize the career achievements for the specific job.
  • Don’t presume an entry-level position won’t benefit from writing a career objective for a potential employer or recruiter.
  • A resume template or downloadable resume example should leave a space for a resume objective, ensuring that writing a career objective isn’t forgotten about.
  • Fill in all previous work history and individual work history accomplishments before writing a career objective.

If customizing and personalizing the cover letter to the employer, be sure the objective section includes new insights and information that hasn’t gotten repeated.

Resume Objective Section on a Resume

The resume objective should get placed at the top of the resume, beneath the business letter or resume contact information and headline. This section should be the first thing the recruiter, hiring manager, or human resource professional reads when opening the resume. A good resume objective will get tailored to the employer, enticing their engagement to read the resume's remainder.

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What type of candidate is a resume objective best suited for?

A resume objective is best suited for candidates and employees who have limited job experience. A career summary is better suited for those with significant job experience, who can summarize career accomplishments in three to five bullet points.

Additionally, a resume objective is best suited for those who are transitioning industries, seeking a career change or have employment gaps. The following job candidates are best suited for a resume objective:

  • A recent college graduate with limited job experience.
  • A professional who is starting their career.
  • Professionals with only one prior job experience.
  • A professional who is transitioning industries.
  • A professional who is in the middle of transitioning industries.
  • Professionals who desire a job title change or promotion (by applying to a new position).
  • A professional with employment gaps.
  • A professional who is returning to work after a period of time.

Why is a resume objective important?

For job seekers with lesser than prior work experience. A resume objective provides an opportunity for the candidate to speak to the hiring manager. And show the hiring manager both a passion for the job and core competencies as a candidate.

Jared Brox describes, "passionate employees are engaged employees. They believe in the work they do and that they have a vested interest in the success of their company." As Jared alludes, passion is a pivotal part of what makes an employee "great."

In addition, the resume objective shows core competencies.

What is a core competency? A core competency is a concept in management theory introduced by C. K. Prahalad and Gary Hamel. It is defined as “a harmonized combination of multiple resources and skills that distinguish a firm in the marketplace.” And therefore, it is the foundation of a companies’ competitiveness.

Indeed.com says, "A well-written resume objective statement can be customized for the job you’re applying for. And add value to your resume that sets it apart from other applicants.”

What's a resume summary statement?

A resume summary statement and resume objective are not the same. A resume summary statement gets defined as "a short paragraph at the beginning of a resume. That highlights a job seeker’s professional skills and experience. It gives hiring managers a glimpse into the job seeker’s expertise before diving into their resume. The goal of a summary statement is to demonstrate the job seeker’s unique value through their skills and accomplishments."

This is more similar to a career objective. The key differences are that the resume objective shows intent and desire, using supportive skills and accomplishments, rather than summarizing a career.

For example, a sample resume objective looks like the following. "To obtain a job as a Marketing Manager at a reputable technology company, where I can use my prior experience as a marketer."

And an example resume summary looks like the following. "Achieved a 23% growth rate over the span of five jobs. Equalling a total of $25,000 net revenue gain. Hiring more than 18 engineers. And securing investment from investors."

What's a resume profile?

A resume profile, much like a resume summary statement, gets frequently confused with a resume objective. Indeed defines a resume profile by saying, "The resume profile is usually slightly longer than the objective. And should quickly communicate to hiring managers why you are a good fit for the position."

A resume profile looks like the following: Analytically driven Marketing Manager with 5+ years of experience focusing on organic campaigns. Highly capable of working in adaptable conditions.

We can see there is no objective as part of this statement.

A resume objective looks like the following. "The objective is to get hired as a Marketing Manager. Where I can utilize my skills in organic search marketing, PPC marketing, and lead generation to demonstrate abilities to be a supervisor or manager."

Resume Objective Format

When writing a resume objective, it can help refer to a general format to follow. Below are the best practices for how to format a resume objective:

First sentence

In the first sentence of the resume objective, mention years of work experience in the industry, types of duties filled, or career accomplishments.

Second sentence

Mention the qualities, skills, characteristics, and core competencies that make the job application a strong applicant for the specific job title.

Third sentence

Include any college education, community involvement, certifications, licenses, test scores, or other merits that have been earned.

Resume Objective Writing Strategies

The best strategy for job seekers is to avoid writing a traditional objective statement. For example, “I’m seeking a challenging position that will teach me X, Y, Z.” Or unless the job seeker is making a career change. Or is a recent college graduate. There’s ample opportunity to disclose personal career achievements that may be relevant to the employer. Including one to three bullet points of career accomplishments is a more effective way of writing a resume objective. And increases the chances of being asked to attend a job interview.

resume objective examples in bullet style method

How to Write a Resume Objective

Follow these best practices in order to write an effective resume objective.

Keep the resume objective concise

A long resume objective can deter from the rest of the resume and make it difficult for the hiring manager to comprehend the message. The resume objective is intended to grab the hiring manager's attention. To do this, a short resume objective with strong impact is going to be best. Avoid filler words and phrases like "really" or "really strong."

Tailor the resume objective to the position

Read through the job description and job advertisement. Understand the job requirements and the necessary hard skills and soft skills. Emphasize having those skills or having previous work experience that has developed those skills.

Mention strong attributes or skills

Strong attributes include hard skills like technical skills. Include relevant abilities that the hiring manager is going to appreciate. Consider the job title and the company culture when deciphering what skills and work methods are best for the objective.

Write licenses, certifications, or degrees

Certain roles require licenses and certifications. Include those in the resume objective to ensure the hiring manager comprehends the candidate meets the requirements to get considered for the position.

Describe how to add value to the position

It's best to pitch the hiring manager on how value will get added to the role. Pitch ideas and methods that the candidate feels will best accompany the position. Think of it as a sales pitch. A short blurb on what the position requires and how the candidate is going to support those requirements.

Use relevant keywords

Use relevant keywords for the job title. This will assist the Applicant Tracking Systems in prioritizing the resume toward the top of the pipeline. Additionally, action verbs can be assistive in making a more concise resume objective without the need of a long story.

Common Resume Objective Mistakes

Below are common mistakes job seekers should avoid when writing a resume objective. Include a resume objective in all resumes.

Writing a long story

A resume objective should be three to five sentences, equalling a paragraph at most. A long story describing previous life and current life is going to make for a much longer paragraph. This will distract from the other sections on the resume that are vital to the hiring manager. Balance the resume objective out with the other sections on the resume.

Tip: As a job candidate, if you feel like you have "more to say." Then use the cover letter as an opportunity to speak your mind.

Ignoring career accomplishments

While a career summary is best suited for those with career accomplishments. Utilizing one career accomplishment in the resume objective can be useful. Referencing any job experience and accomplishment will support the skills and activities mentioned in the objective.

Ignoring academic achievements

Test scores are important to the hiring manager. Especially when interviewing for positions that require certifications, like a Registered Nurse. Use test scores to show passion for the industry and devotion to the job opportunity.

Ignoring community involvement or other activities

Community involvement and other non-work-related activities are still useful for the hiring manager. It displays passion and a desire to involve others in the industry or field of study. Include community involvement when possible.

Using the same resume objective

The resume objective should be written for the desired company. Meaning, as a job seeker, a new resume objective should be authored and produced for each job application. Repeating the same resume objective doesn't refer to the job description or job advertisement. And can risk being impactful to the reader.

Making the objective about the candidate

The resume objective should not be a story about the candidate. It should present what the candidate can provide for the company by understanding the job requirements and job description. Use the resume objective as an opportunity to "sell" the hiring manager. Rather than explaining to the hiring "who you are" or "what you do."

Using filler words

A resume objective should be written using active-voice style writing. Catherine Traffis of Grammarly.com defines active voice style writing as "a strong, direct, and clear tone." Remove filler words or phrases like "really" or "such as" that indicate a passive voice writing style. By writing in an active-voice style, the resume objective will appear more formal, professional, and clear to the reader.

General Resume Objective Examples

See a resume objective example by job title below.

Career Change Resume Objective

A sample career change resume objective example from Monster.com is the following. "To use my five years' experience as a web developer and programmer to accelerate the online marketing strategies for Alpha Charities. Through social media, meta information, and ad campaigns."

Entry-Level Resume Objective

A sample entry-level resume objective example by Monster.com is the following. "As a lead designer of State University’s student newspaper, I look forward to staying on the cutting-edge of design trends. And stay connected as I progress throughout my career."

Retail Resume Objectives

"3+ years of experience in a retail position, serving customer satisfaction and coordinating a sales floor. Desiring to work with a company that has upward mobility and the opportunity to be exposed to merchandising and sales objectives. Able to contribute technical skills and point of sale system knowledge."

"I have prior experience in a customer service role. Looking to transition into a retail position where I can develop retail store management skills. Able to contribute strong customer satisfaction abilities and skills that apply to ensure customers feel taken care of. Looking to start a position as soon as possible."

Human Resources Resume Objectives

“Seeking an environment that appreciates culture, diversity, creativity, empathy, understanding, respect, and allows for team building.”

“Desiring to be part of an HR team active in nurturing culture, innovation, diversity, and respect amongst the employee base. And guides those who need it.”

Administrative Assistant Resume Objectives

“Seeking an environment which honors its culture. And utilizes administrative functions as a way to drive success, revenue, and overall business competition in the marketplace.”

“Professional who understands that scheduling, note-taking, coordinating emails, and other operational tasks can drag down important executives who need to focus.”

Teacher Resume Objectives

“Seeking an environment that is conducive to education and understands that strong support is required to deliver world-class education to our youth. From emotional support to physical guidance.”

“A strong education leader who can provide strutted education and find a way to make education fun for every learning type. Seeks an environment where teachers are collaborative and assistive in their daily duties.”

Nursing Resume Objectives

“Seeking a fact-paced environment where team members can collaborate under a high-pressure environment. Looking for collaborative nurses who have great attention to detail and appreciate empathizing with our patients.”

“Seeking an environment where team members have a friendly, professional attitude and understand that patient care is part of the product that we offer.”

Customer Service Resume Objectives

“Seeking a position that embraces the idea that customer support is part of the brand. A living, breathing product that needs to be nurtured and tracked like any other department.”

“Desiring to work with other strong professionals who understand how to empathize with our customers, learn about their needs, and problem-solve on the fly.”

Law Resume Objectives

"Seeking a position in a firm where my skills in research, communication, and passion can lead my work. And where my passion for law can assist in the protection of the public interest."

"Seeking a law position where my interest in the law field will be challenged. Fostering new career opportunities and enhancing my legal skills."

Sales Representative Resume Objectives

“Desiring to be part of an experienced sales team who knows how to address customer needs and turn leads into sales. Utilizing social skills, upset skills, and being able to turn relationships into revenue.”

“Desiring a team that knows how to sell world-class products and services by positively influencing our customers. Being able to educate them on our solutions, learn about their needs, empathize with them, and make great relationships.”

Warehouse Worker Resume Objectives

“Experienced and hardworking warehouse worker looking to obtain a position with COMPANY with the hope of building a career within it.”

“Warehouse worker with 8 years of experience. Looking to apply my organizational, time-management, and teamwork skills in a group environment. And to contribute to the productivity and overall success of the workplace.”

“To acquire a role as a warehouse worker. One where I can utilize my 8 years of experience in a team setting and positively contribute to the COMPANY. Seeking to leverage my organizational skills.”

Supervisor Resume Objectives

“Seeking a role as a supervisor where I can manage and support teams and assist them in positive growth and career acceleration.”

“Manager with experience in a variety of workplace settings. Eager to find a supervisor’s position that provides opportunities for personal and professional growth. And allows me to utilize my leadership, communication, and teamwork skills.”

Social Worker Resume Objectives

“An experienced and trained social worker. With expertise in client management, not-for-profit work, and case management. Seeking a community-based role where I can apply my practical skills with my passion for helping others.”

“Seeking a position as a social worker. Focusing on the area of case management in an agency that has the opportunity for growth and personal and professional development. Eager to work alongside a team of passionate community workers who are focused on improving the lives of others.”

Server Resume Objectives

“Server with a proven track record in sales, service, and customer satisfaction. Looking for a role where I can assist in cultivating memorable experiences for customers.”

“Looking to apply my serving experience in a fast-paced restaurant environment. One where I can help the COMPANY heighten their customer experience and consistently reach targets and goals.”

Receptionist Resume Objectives

“Organized, client-centric receptionist, looking to apply X+ years of experience and knowledge to an administrative role. One where I can assist in increasing client satisfaction and overall productivity.”

“To acquire a receptionist role with the COMPANY. One where I can utilize my communications, organizational, and customer service skills to help with the day-to-day management of the office environment.”

Child Care Worker Resume Objectives

“Seeking a role as a child care worker. A role that will allow me to utilize my communication and active listening skills. And to create a fun and educational experience for the children in my care.”

“Eagerly searching for a position as a child care worker within a SPECIFIC setting. One where I have the opportunity for personal and professional growth. As well as the ability to work in a meaningful environment.”

Pharmacy Technician Resume Objectives

“To obtain a pharmacy technician role within a thriving pharmacy setting. One where I can apply my clinical and administrative skills to assist local patients in our community.”

“Organized, focused, and customer-driven pharmacy technician looking for an opportunity to contribute to and learn from a client-centric environment.”

Office Clerk Resume Objectives

“Seeking a permanent office clerk position in a team-based environment. One where I can apply my superb communication and time management skills. And apply knowledge to complete detail-oriented work that will benefit both employees and clients.”

“Office clerk with X years of experience working in a variety of office settings. Looking to obtain a role where I can combine my customer service and administrative skills to make a positive impact.”

"To obtain an office position where my customer service, bookkeeping, personal, clerical, and office skills will be used. Used to contribute to greater office efficiency and productivity"

Medical Assistant Resume Objectives

“Client-focused, detail-oriented, and passionate medical assistant. Looking for a position in a clinic where I can utilize my X years of experience in a clinical setting.”

“To obtain a medical assistant position. One where I can apply my administrative and clinical skills in a setting that allows me to grow as a professional. And positively contribute to the patient experience.”

Computer Science Resume Objectives

“Computer science professional seeking a challenging role. A role within a company that allows me to utilize my critical thinking and analytical skills in both an independent and team setting. And to solve problems.”

“Creative, critical, and eager computer science professional. Looking to secure a role with the COMPANY to apply my X years of computer science skills and experience. And to be making a positive contribution to the company overall.”

CNA Resume Objectives

“Client-focused, detail-oriented, and passionate CNA. Looking for a position in a clinic where I can utilize my X years of experience providing clinical and emotional support for patients.”

“To obtain a CNA position where I can apply my clinical skills. In a setting that allows me to grow as a professional. And positively contribute to the patient experience.”

Data Analyst Resume Objectives

"Experienced data analyst with years of experience working on data projects that have delivered over $500,000 of business value."

"Experienced software developer and data analyst. I have a proven track record of driving more than $500,000 of business value."

Management Resume Objectives

"To obtain a management position with a dynamic corporation. A corporation where I can use my energy and skills to motivate, lead, and encourage employee productivity."

"Desiring management responsibility with an organization with demonstrated marketing skills. A corporation where I can use administration and sales experience. That can be translated into improved growth and profitability for the business."

CPA Resume Objectives

“To secure a permanent and full-time position as an accountant. At a company where I can share my knowledge and use my 8 years of business accounting experience to help with the company’s growth. Seeking to use my problem-solving skills.”

"Seeking a rewarding entry-level accounting position with ABC company. I aim to utilize learnings in financial reporting, forecasting, and planning. And knowledge of accounting software."

“Organized, adaptable, and innovative CPA. One with over X years of experience. Looking to find a role within a (large company/firm/organization). One where I can lend my expertise to assist in the overall profitability of the company.”

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