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graphic design resume example

Writing a graphic design resume requires the job seeker to take a step back from their creative habits and begin to utilize their strategic thinking and written communication skills. By doing this, the graphic designer can write a more comprehensive resume that the hiring manager or human resource team can more effectively comprehend.

A big mistake when it comes to a graphic designer producing their resume is that they feel it needs to portray their graphic design skills. The resume itself, including the layout, shouldn’t be an overly creative resume. Your creative portfolio should be included in your resume assets. And intentional links to your website can be impactful for your cover letter and resume.

Design Resume Uses

There are a few roles that this resume template can be used for. They are:

Graphic Design Resume Summary

As a Graphic Designer, it’s best to write a career summary (sometimes referred to as a resume objective, resume summary) or accomplishments section on your resume. For a hiring manager, it’s better to see how you can use your design skills to produce business outcomes than to see a demonstration of your creative abilities on your resume, for example a very creative or unique layout. This recap of your professional experience and accomplishments can be very helpful in your job search. This should go right beneath your resume header and should be one of the first things your reader sees.

Here’s what an ideal summary should look like:

This recap is one of the key aspects of a great graphic designer resume. It shows your comprehension of business challenges and not simply your desire to be creative and focus on the graphic designing portion of the work.

Graphic Design Skills

The skills that a Graphic Designer should focus on would be proficiencies, like the use of certain software and tools as well as communication skills. Communication skills for anyone in the graphic design position are going to be highly desired. This is because communication skills help you decipher the business objectives before you start to produce any art or graphic work.

Other skills that you should list would be hard skills and proficiencies, which would be some of the following:

These skills are incredibly important to the design process. And because of that, it should be heavily considered when pitching yourself as a designer. All designer roles will need to be able to operate these pieces of software in order to do their job.

Resume Design

As described at the beginning of this writing guide, your resume design is very important. But not in the way that you might think. If you Google, “infographic resume”, you’ll find all sorts of unique examples of a designer resume. If you look at them, you’ll notice these graphic design resumes are beautiful to look at but very hard to comprehend. This can be more harmful to your job search than you might anticipate.

Tools like Applicant Tracking Systems, that scan resumes for keywords and insights for the hiring manager aren’t going to be able to read your resume. Focus on the job at hand, the process of producing design work for a business. And accomplishing their business goals versus trying to use a unique graphic design resume template. That will pitch yourself as a professional graphic designer more than you might think.

Graphic Design Resume Sample

Below is a graphic design resume example you should use when applying for a graphic designer job. Use this sample resume as a guide and starting point for your own professional resume writing needs. Remember, this is only a resume example and should be customized to both the job description and company you’re applying to.

Ann Kendra • • 222-498-9584 •

Career Accomplishments
  • Assisted with marketing XYZ Company’s major launch, creating more than 10,000 marketing assets and pieces of marketing material
  • Increased our lead generation pipeline by more than 23% utilizing tools like Optimizely
Work Experience
Mays & Co.
Graphic Designer
2010 - 2019

  • Assisted with all marketing material development
  • Assisted with the increase of our lead generation by more than 20%
  • Communicated cross-functionally with multiple teams
  • Acted as an internal design consultant
Willy & Co
Graphic Designer
2019 - Present

  • Increased customer satisfaction by more than 18% by designing a new customer service portal
  • Assisted with all event graphic design needs
  • Produced our first iOS application
  • Adobe Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and more)
  • Microsoft (Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel)
  • Sketch
  • Framer
  • Moqups or Invision App
  • Other HTML tools
  • Typography
  • Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Information Architecture
Rhode Island School of Design
Bachelors of Arts in Graphic Design
2000 - 2004
Magna Cum Laude

Graphic Design Resume Example (PDF)

graphic design resume example


Graphic design questions and answers for job seekers.

Should I use a graphic designer cv template?

No. CV’s are not necessary for a graphic designer role. You should be using a reverse chronological format resume like the graphic designer resume template provided in this writing guide. A CV template should only be used for academic and science professional positions.

Should I use a resume builder?

If you have never created a resume before, and you’re applying for a graphic design job— you may want to use a resume builder. It can certainly help to ensure the right information and format is in place. Though, the template provided in this guide should be sufficient as well.

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