What to Do on Your Last Work Day - Checklist

Here's what to do on your last workday. Regardless of the reason for your departure, leaving a company can be both exhilarating and difficult. While your final day can be a time to rejoice with coworkers, you must also prepare for your departure.

Along with completing any leaving paperwork or conducting exit interviews, it is critical to leave your workplace in such a way that your successor can simply take over.

last work day

Why is your last day of work important?

Your final day of work is an opportunity to depart on a positive note with your employer. Establishing a long-term connection might benefit you later in your career if you choose to apply to a different business and require a favorable reference from your boss and human resources.

Spending your final day saying farewell to coworkers can also demonstrate your appreciation for their assistance and advice throughout your tenure at the company.

Finally, completing all responsibilities and leaving them ready for your replacement to take over will help guarantee that the business continues to function smoothly after you depart.

last work day

Before your final day, checklist:

  • Make sure that you've provided as much notice as possible about your final day.
  • Ensure that all personal documents are off your computer.
  • Prepare constructive feedback for your exit interview.
  • Thank all of your direct reports.
  • Tie up any loose ends and projects with co-workers.
  • Make sure that you've submitted a resignation letter.
  • Aim to keep a good relationship with all employees and managers.

What do on your last work day

The following is a checklist of activities to complete on your last day at a company:

last work day

Collect employee personal contact information

Approach workers with whom you wish to maintain touch following your leave. Several examples of employees with whom you can like to retain contact include your boss, members of the leadership team, the human resources manager, and coworkers with whom you have a positive connection. You can contact them if you require a letter of recommendation or wish to maintain friendships outside of work.

Wipe your computer clean

Clear your email inbox and pass any essential messages to your successor or other colleagues. It's critical to maintain your personal and professional information distinct, even more so throughout your transfer to a new employer. Additionally, a human resources manager might go through this phase during a departure interview.

Go to HR and hand over your company material

Whether you work alongside your successor or they join the company after you leave, ensure that you do a final transfer of any company-related materials. This might contain gadgets such as tablet computers or office equipment in general.

Bring notes on any projects you've begun and attempt to prepare a comprehensive list of all the people your successor can need to contact. Consider presenting them with a list of duties that they will be responsible for. Ideally, you'll be able to offer a comprehensive summary of each project's status and development. If you are uncertain about the condition of a project you are passing over, inform them that they can want assistance from another employee. Your replacement will be more prepared if you have more information.

last work day

Finish an exit interview

HR can require you to do an exit interview prior to beginning your new employment. In some cases, you can be required to seek a departure interview with your employer. In any case, the interview's objective is for you to express your feelings regarding your time and experience with the company.

The following is a list of possible final interview questions:

  • Why are you leaving your current employment and what prompted your career change?
  • What are your thoughts on the company's management, and are you able to offer suggestions on how the business can improve?
  • Can you provide an example of a success you had in your role?
  • Are you receiving the necessary training for your position?
  • Would you suggest this company to others who are searching for work?

Ask for a letter of recommendation

Request a letter of recommendation from your manager in case you seek for other employment in the future. Having a good reference who can vouch for your working abilities can be a significant benefit throughout the employment process.

last work day

Regardless, it's customary to check in with your boss on your final day of work. You should express your gratitude for their guidance, oversight, and encouragement and wish them the best of luck. Make a point of mentioning a few of the things they've done for you and emphasize how critical their efforts were to your career progress. Your manager will almost certainly enjoy knowing they assisted you in advancing your career.

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Tidy up your desk

Explain that you've packed your personal belongings and that your desk is clear and prepared for your successor. Pack any emotional or personal objects you choose to bring with you. Consider any goods you no longer require and see if your officemates can make use of them.

last work day

Send a goodbye email

Your final farewell email should be sent prior to your departure from the company. Consider your professional expertise with the organization and include your contact information in case they want assistance. You want to leave your company on good terms with all employees, and communicating your intentions in writing ensures that you communicate with all of your coworkers.

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Say goodbye over the phone

When your shift comes to a close, you should walk around the workplace, bid farewell to your coworkers, and show thanks for the time you spent together. You can reflect on instances you've liked in the past and inform them of your upcoming project.

After-work events are another excellent way to cap off your final day of employment and to celebrate the relationships you've developed with coworkers outside of the official work environment.

last work day

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