55+ Fun Jobs for 11-Year-Olds (2022)

Here are the best jobs for 11-year-olds. If you own a family business, this is a no-brainer. Youngster labor regulations often do not apply to family enterprises, and your child can take on various tasks. There are bound to be lots of after-school and weekend activities for your 11-year-old. Not only will you have the opportunity to spend time with your child as they work, but you will also have the opportunity to oversee and guide them.

jobs for 11 year olds

What are the child labor laws for 11-year-old workers?

If you're now in the 11-to-13 age bracket but are curious about the opportunities available to you in a few years. Here is what to know.

jobs for 11 year olds

Recognize Labor Laws

The US Department of Labor is responsible for enforcing child labor laws. The regulation that has had the most impact on child labor is the Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA), limiting the age at which minors can be hired and the amount of time they can work.

Young adults can earn extra money around the neighborhood and house. Though, they cannot receive gainful employment from establishments like McDonald's or Target.

jobs for 11 year olds

What's the perfect job for an 11-year-old?

Raking leaves, watering plants, and weeding are excellent activities for an 11-year-old with a green thumb. Shoveling driveways and sidewalks in the winter may be an option for 11-year-olds who are slightly larger and more robust. A babysitting job is excellent for family friends or neighbors with younger kids.

A recycling helper is great for those who are environmentally conscious. Send them around the neighborhood collecting cans and bottles, then bring them to the recycling center to sell their garbage for additional spending money.

jobs for 11 year olds

Top fun jobs for 11-year-olds

Here are job ideas for 11-year-old workers who want to earn their own money:

Plant Caretaker

A plant caretaker is an essential job that will instill responsibility in your youngster. While the job is only a few minutes long, it has to be completed on time. If your neighbors are leaving town, they may require watering their plants.

Assure that your child understands how to care for the various plants properly. Sift through your neighbor's instructions to ensure they are comprehending. Additionally, you can work with them to develop a plant care routine to assist them in staying on track.

jobs for 11 year olds

Pet Care Provider

Taking care of a neighbor's pet while away on vacation is an excellent method to teach your child responsibility. This will entail feeding the pet, spending quality time with them, and possibly cleaning out their cage. Your youngster will be required to complete a series of brief and straightforward tasks.

You can assist them by creating a task schedule. Create a vibrant schedule outlining the various duties and the times of day they should be accomplished. It may be prudent to check in periodically to ensure that responsibilities are being performed.

Lemonade Stand Owner

A lemonade stand owner is one of the most ancient and traditional vocations available to children. You can establish a lemonade stand in front of your residence. All you need is a table, a few cups, and a lovely lemonade recipe to get started.

This employment will immediately instill in your child an appreciation for money. They'll have a good time talking with clients and will pick up some fundamental math skills in the process. If your child is artistic, they may also enjoy creating eye-catching signage for their lemonade business.

jobs for 13 year olds

Dog Walker

A part-time job as a dog walker is ideal for any child who adores pets. The great part about this work is that kids can do it after school. A dog walker is an excellent job to get your child out of the house. And away from the computer screen.

You might begin by determining whether your neighbors have dogs needing walking. It's a good idea to select a route for dog walking and accompany them the first time. Assure that your youngster is comfortable around the dog and has positive interactions with it.

jobs for 13 year olds


Taking care of younger neighborhood youngsters while their parents are at work is an excellent job for 11-year-olds. If your child is inexperienced, it's probably best if the children visit you. In this manner, you can keep an eye on them while babysitting.

Working as a mother's helper is another sort of babysitting. A babysitter entails supervising and entertaining small children while their mother prepares dinner. While having fun, this job teaches your 11-year-old responsibility and leadership abilities.

Soup Vendor

A soup vendor is another excellent winter and fall job. It is advisable to locate an outside event and assist them in setting up their booth. A soup vendor can be a fun and easy way to earn money while teaching your child about the organization. Before the event, assist them in practicing filling cups with hot soup, managing change, and honing their sales pitch.

Survey Helper

The majority of large businesses rely on client input to determine how to enhance their products and services. They look to specialized companies to communicate with the general population to obtain unbiased, high-quality information. These businesses create surveys and compensate respondents for completing them.

Numerous businesses conduct surveys with youngsters to ascertain their thoughts. These surveys often consist of brief advertisements and a series of questions. Conducting surveys teaches your youngster how to generate and express ideas about various issues.

Hot Chocolate Salesman

This seasonal position is ideal for the winter season. All you need to do is create an excellent hot chocolate recipe and devise a method for keeping it warm. Establish a stand for your youngster in an area where many people congregate outside. A hot chocolate salesperson might be an excellent method to meet new people and gain knowledge about business management.

Office Assistant

If you or a friend have a home office, there are numerous tasks that your youngster may assist with. This task entails filing, classifying, and organizing various pieces of paper. Any eleven-year-old who owns a shredder is sure to have a good time with this fantastic office gadget.

Paper Route Helper

This employment has no age restrictions, making it an excellent choice for 11-year-olds. This job is ideal for children who enjoy waking up early and completing before school.

If they have their bicycle, they can exercise while earning money. However, before they accept this position, ensure that your child is prepared to fulfill their paper route in the event of inclement weather.


If your child enjoys writing, having them create their own book might be a wonderful project for them. A writer is an excellent method for students to use their imagination and have some fun with the written word. Writing a book teaches discipline and maybe a lucrative business.

Once the book is complete, all that remains is to prepare it as an ebook. You may then upload it to Amazon and list it there. Your youngster will be overjoyed to sell their first book, which might pave the way for a prosperous career. The wonderful thing about self-publishing online is that authors can edit and update their book at any moment.

Lawn Mower

A lawn mower is one chore that many adults despise and would gladly outsource to a youngster. A lawn mower is a relatively quick and straightforward job that may be completed at nearly any time of day or night. As long as your youngster understands how to operate a lawnmower properly, they will be OK.

Yard Worker

If your child enjoys gardening and other outdoor activities, they can simply start their own business. You can assist in creating fliers and delivering them to various households in your community. A yard worker teaches your youngster about self-employment, being dependable, and engaging with customers.

Yard maintenance can encompass a wide variety of short and straightforward jobs that most adults will gladly pay for. A yard worker involves leaf raking, weeding, watering flowers, and bush trimming. Your child can work these occupations after school and on weekends, which will help them maintain their fitness levels while earning money.


Writing a blog is another excellent opportunity for your youngster to practice their writing skills. They can choose from various blog themes about which they are passionate. Blog entries are typically relatively brief, making them great for children. Additionally, they can have fun photographing images to accompany their blog postings.

When the site is established, your child can earn money by showing advertisements, including affiliate links, and accepting sponsorships. You can assist them in setting up their blog and instruct them on creating posts. Additionally, they can plan their blog posts to get published on specific days of the week.

Fashion Blogger

Another sort of blogging in which children can have a lot of fun is fashion blogging. Your child can discuss anything related to the fashion industry they are interested in. A fashion blogger is an excellent opportunity for children to turn their interest in fashion into a lucrative business.

If your child's blog becomes popular, they may be approached for sponsorship by various clothing and jewelry designers. Certain businesses compensate children for selling their products to a younger demographic. They should be a competent writer and comfortable shooting photographs of themselves wearing the merchandise.


An 11-year-old with a photographic eye can sell their work to help develop their talent. Your youngster can earn money by photographing pets, children, and families in your community. Additionally, you may build their confidence by assisting them in organizing a photography exhibition.

Selling photographs online is another excellent option to earn money. Many companies purchase pictures to use on their websites and in presentations. They only require internet access and a high-quality camera.


If your youngster enjoys interacting with the camera, they can create a YouTube account. YouTubers can earn a lot of money simply by talking about what they're passionate about. Additionally, they can monetize their passion by creating lucrative instructional YouTube videos.

They might choose from various themes, including cooking, crafting, fashion advice, and video gaming. Numerous toy manufacturers also compensate children with successful YouTube accounts for toy unboxing. They send children toys, and they must unbox the toy and record their reaction on camera.

T-Shirt Designer

If your youngster has an eye for fashion and design, this might be an excellent source of income. To get started, all you need is a vinyl cutting machine and a supply of t-shirts. They can have a good time designing unique and cool t-shirts to sell to their friends.

If all goes well, you may be able to assist them in taking their firm to the next level. You can sell their t-shirts by setting up a stall at a farmer's market or craft fair. Additionally, you can assist them in setting up a website to market their unique t-shirt designs online.

Clothing Maker

Learning to produce clothing from scratch is a valued talent and a lucrative business opportunity. Simply provide your child with a sewing machine and a few basic materials. Following that, children with a flair for fashion can design apparel.

There are also other additional techniques for creating clothing, including knitting, crocheting, weaving, and felting. Experimenting with new techniques is an excellent way to uncover hidden abilities. Once they have accumulated a collection, they can sell their garments at craft fairs, with friends and relatives, or online.

Gift Wrapper

Assisting friends and neighbors with gift wrapping is an excellent way to earn some additional cash over the holidays. This career is ideal for children who have an artistic streak and an eye for detail. All you need are some items such as wrapping paper, ribbons, and tape.

Snow Shoveler

Most children enjoy playing in the snow, and this is an excellent opportunity to earn money while doing so. Seniors, in particular, are likely to be content to pay for this service. All your child needs to make money is a shovel and a little extra enthusiasm.

Begin by clearing your driveway and sidewalk of snow. Photograph their work to market the service. It won't be long before they're sought after by everyone in the area.

Snow Plower

A snow plower is another excellent option to earn money throughout the winter. In addition to the shovel, your youngster will require a car brush. They will frequently be required to work early in the morning, clearing snow and ice off cars before school or work.

Automobile Washing Helper

A car wash helper is an excellent method for your youngster to earn money throughout the summer. All vehicles require routine cleaning, and your neighbors will undoubtedly enjoy this service. It will save them the time and expense of doing it themselves or going to a carwash.

All they need is a car washing kit, including a bucket, sponge, and window cleaner. Creating leaflets to market the new business is an excellent strategy to attract customers. You can place a sign in your front yard and wait for clients to come rolling in.


A painter is a basic task that most 11-year-olds can readily do. The majority of clients will supply the paint, brushes, and other materials necessary to complete the work. Ensure that your child is dressed in older, paint-splattered clothing.

They can readily master fence painting even if they are not the best painters. A painter is an excellent technique to instill patience and an eye for detail. The operation could take many hours, depending on the size of the fence.

Spring Cleaning Helper

One of the great things about spring cleaning is that it is easy to get started. If you have a friend or neighbor who needs a little help around the home, your child can step in. Even if they don't like doing the chores at home, they may jump at the chance to make some cash.

Spring cleaning tasks include dusting, vacuuming, doing the dishes, and cleaning windows. Your child should be able to work quickly and efficiently without being supervised. If they do a good job, the word is sure to spread, and they will have plenty of regular clients.

Recycling Helper

Set your child up with a small pushcart that they can take around the neighborhood. They can collect cans and bottles and turn the trash into cash at a recycling center. Make sure they wear a pair of thick gloves and know to avoid handling broken glass and sharp objects. A recycling helper is a great way to make some cash while doing something good for the environment.

Logo Designer

Create kids can have fun creating fun and funky logos. If your child has a talent for logo design, get them to create a portfolio to showcase their work. They can then present their portfolio to local businesses when they need a new logo.

Video Game Player

If your child enjoys playing video games, they can turn their hobby into a lucrative career. The best way to make money playing video games is by streaming game-play online. They can also record themselves playing video games and launch their own YouTube channel.

Video Game Tester

A video game tester is another excellent way for your child to get paid for playing video games. Before video games are launched, they have to be tested by many different people. Video game testers have to play the games all the way through and check for bugs.

They must understand it is not just about play. They have to keep careful records of bugs and glitches and report them so they can be fixed. They will also need to fill out surveys about the gaming experience and make suggestions for improvement.

Voiceover Specialist

Many companies need children to read scripts for their advertising campaigns. They can have fun reading the scripts and working on different voices. As long as you have basic recording software, your child can do this job at home.

Projects can include voicing cartoon characters, recording audiobooks, and voicing video game characters. While this can be a lot of work, talented voiceover specialists can also make a lot of money. Children who enjoy acting will have a lot of fun working as a voiceover specialist.


Foster your child's creative skills by helping them become a professional artist. They need some art supplies and a little talent to get started. You can take photos of their work and post them online to show potential clients what they can do.

There are lots of ways your child can make money as an artist. If a local art fair is coming up, book a stall and help sell their artwork. They can get commissions to create pictures of family members, pets, and other designs from clients.


If your child loves baking and creating sweet treats, this is an excellent way for them to make money. There are numerous things they can bake to keep them interested. If your child is artistic, they can also have fun decorating their cakes in unique ways. A baker is a perfect way to harness their creativity and make money simultaneously.

Baking bread and cakes to order help to eliminate waste in the area. You can find customers in your neighborhood by putting flyers through people's doors. When there is a special event in your community, they can set up a stand with tasty treats.

Bike Mechanic

If your kid is good at fixing and maintaining their bicycle, they can use this skill to make money. Learning how bikes work and how to fix them teaches your child analytic skills. These skills can be beneficial when they get their first car.

It is good to invest in a set of quality bicycle tools to get started. Before long, they are sure to be working on all the kid's bikes in your neighborhood. If your child does well as a bike mechanic, they could own their garage one day.

Garage Cleaner

A garage cleaner is another job that many adults hate. If your child enjoys organizing things, cleaning and tidying, then garages are a great way to make cash. If the garage is incredibly messy, it can take several days to clean and organize, which will bring in the money. A garage cleaner job can be done in your neighborhood, and they can get clients through word of mouth and flyers.

Gift Basket Creator

A gift basket creator is a fun job for any creative kid. Putting together gift baskets for special occasions makes a present memorable. There are lots of different types of gift baskets your child can create, such as for picnics or birthdays.

They can start by making gift baskets for friends and family members. Make sure you take photos of the completed gift baskets to show what your kid can do. Post the images online, and the orders are sure to come flooding in.


Many kids love posing and showing off, and modeling gives them the chance to make extra cash. A large number of modeling agents hire kids to work on unique campaigns. While it can be hard to land the first modeling role, kids who have what it takes can make serious money.

Your child may get hired to model for photoshoots, advertising campaigns, or even fashion shows. It is best to go with them to ensure they are safe and enjoying the experience. If you set yourself up as your child's agent, you can get a fee each time you book a gig.

Pool Cleaner

Swimming pools need to be cleaned and sanitized regularly. If your child does a good job, they will score some regular clients. If you live in an area with many swimming pools, this is an excellent way to make some cash.

This job includes draining the pool regularly and using a net to scoop out the leaves. You kid can also use a unique vacuum cleaner to clean the sides and the bottom of the pool.

Water Salesman

A water salesman is an excellent job for friendly kids and likes interacting with people. All you need to do is buy many water bottles and a cool box to keep them in. Head to local events like fairs, festivals, and races that attract many people.

Holiday Decorator

Many people don't have the time or skill to decorate their homes for the holidays. A holiday decorator can be a fun job for kids who have an eye for design. They are sure to appreciate a little help decorating the lawn and Christmas trees.

The great thing about this job is that it can be done after school. No tools or other equipment are needed to get the job done. Just make sure your child isn't tempted to climb on a ladder to string Christmas lights.

Other fun ideas

Other ideas for young adults:

  • Garage sale assistant.
  • Household assistant.
  • Fence painter.
  • Seed salesman.
  • Shoe shiner.
  • Window washer.
  • Yard sale assistant.
  • Leaf raker.
  • Tree trimmer.
  • Personal assistant.
  • Notetaker.
  • Soup salesman.
  • Red cross helper.

Jobs for 11-year-olds that pay well

Here are the top jobs for 11-year-olds that pay well, ranked in order of how much they'll earn:

  • Babysitter.
  • Pet sitter.
  • Yard workers.
  • Lawn mowing helper.
  • Snow shoveler.
  • Dog walker.
  • Spring cleaner.
  • Car washer.
  • Painter.

What's the average allowance for 11-year-olds?

If paying your younger children to perform any of these tasks, consider paying them an allowance. Here is the average amount based on age group:

  • 10-year-olds allowance: $9.49 per hour.
  • 11-year-olds allowance: $10.43 per hour.
  • 12-year-olds allowance: $11.91 per hour.
  • 13-year-olds allowance: $12.62 per hour.

For younger kids that want to create clothes, be a car snow remover, or be entrepreneurial kids—consider ensuring that they earn this amount per hour or from you.

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