Top Fun Jobs for 12-Year-Olds (2022)

Here are the best jobs for 12-year-olds. Children around the age of 12 may be ready to accept new responsibilities before maturing into adolescents. If your 12-year-old child is interested in earning spending money and acquiring work experience, assisting them in finding a part-time job outside of school hours may be a fantastic idea. There are numerous chances for 12-year-olds to make a difference in their community while also developing valuable skills.

jobs for 12 year olds

What are the child labor laws for 12-year-old workers?

If you're now in the 11-to-13 age bracket but are curious about the opportunities available to you in a few years, you can also read our post on occupations for 14- and 15-year-olds.

Recognize Labor Laws

The US Department of Labor is responsible for enforcing child labor laws. The regulation that has had the most impact on child labor is the Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA), limiting the age at which minors can be hired and the amount of time they can work.

Young adults can earn extra money around the neighborhood and house. Though, they cannot receive gainful employment from establishments like McDonald's or Target.

jobs for 12 year olds

Top fun jobs for 12-year-olds that pay

12-year-olds may discover a variety of employment in their neighborhood. Local governments frequently establish a minimum amount of labor hours per day for children. As a parent, it may be prudent to verify the work limits in your state or territory.

Certain states require employers to supervise youngsters on the job. Employees under the age of 12 are typically paid hourly, which varies according to position and region.

Delivering newspapers, operating a yard sale, and selling sweet treats are only a few of the ideas for young adults to earn their own money.

jobs for 12 year olds

Eight of the best jobs for 12-year-olds include the following:

Paper route helper

National average hourly wage: $20.43

Primary responsibilities: A paper round is a typical 12-year-old job. It enables children to keep active, work outside, and earn money. A paper delivery person's primary responsibility is to pick up newspapers and magazines from a distribution center and deliver them to the correct destination. A paper round may distribute flyers, brochures, or other print material to neighborhood members. Paper rounds are frequently associated with early mornings and weekend hours. Twelve-year-olds can learn how to navigate a region efficiently in this function.

jobs for 12 year olds


The average hourly wage in the United States: $30.04

Primary responsibilities: Babysitters supervise little children while their parents or guardians are away. Babysitters can interact with children, assist them with homework, and feed them. Additionally, they may ensure that youngsters go to bed at a specific time. Babysitters can improve their interpersonal skills by communicating with younger children. Maintaining a timetable can also assist 12-year-olds in developing practical time management skills.

jobs for 12 year olds


The average hourly wage in the United States is $25.34.

Pet sitters' primary responsibilities include minding pets while their owners are gone. This could be for a few evenings per week or for an extended length of time while the owners are away on vacation. Pet caretakers may feed cats, dogs, and fish. Additionally, they may ensure that pets receive any essential medication. Further, pet sitters may walk pets or allow them to exercise outside. Twelve-year-olds can learn how to follow recommendations to keep dogs safe and healthy in this job. This can assist children in developing skills such as accountability and attention to detail.

Dog walker

The average hourly wage in the United States: $24.83

Primary responsibilities: Dog walking frequently entails bringing pet dogs for regular walks while their owners are away on business or vacation. Dog walking can be a physically demanding and outside job. It frequently needs the dog walker to transport pet dogs to nearby parks, beaches, or approved dog walking places. Dog walkers may dress the animal appropriately for walking, including a harness and lead.

Car washer

The average hourly wage in the United States: $24.33

Primary responsibilities: Car washing includes 12-year-olds cleaning automobiles and other motor vehicles to a predetermined level. Car washers are responsible for cleaning the exterior of a car using cleaning equipment such as buckets, sponges, or pressure hoses. Car washers may also polish or wax vehicles after they are washed. Car cleaners may also clean the interior of a car in this capacity. They may vacuum up dirt or wipe down the inside of the glass with towels and cleaning spray.


The average hourly wage in the United States: $28.13

Gardeners are frequently tasked with performing upkeep and gardening tasks in outdoor locations. Gardeners can either mow their lawns or water their plants. Often, 12-year-olds are hired to do these services by neighbors, family, or friends. Gardening can help 12-year-olds develop resilience by requiring them to work outside in all weather conditions. By pruning plants, planting seeds, and applying weed killers, children can learn gardening experience and agricultural knowledge.


The average hourly wage in the United States: $27.14

Cleaners' primary responsibilities include washing down surfaces, vacuuming floors, and performing basic tidying activities. Cleaners may clean the kitchens or living areas of a home, utilizing standard cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaners and mops. A 12-year-family old's or friends may engage them to perform modest cleaning around their house or company. Children can develop close attention to detail in this function.

Sports coach

National average hourly wage: $30.81

Sports coaching frequently needs coaches to use their physical abilities to teach younger children how to play football, cricket, or tennis. Coaches of sports may assist in supervising younger groups of youngsters participating in sports such as soccer or rugby. They may facilitate warm-up rituals, clarify sports rules, or help with one-on-one teaching. Sports coaches may also work for schools or community sports teams in the evenings or on weekends, assisting with refereeing or umpiring games. Sports coaching can assist 12-year-olds in developing leadership skills while also gaining sports or refereeing credentials.

Other jobs for 12-year-olds

Here are other job ideas for 12-year-olds:


A babysitting job is a great way to learn valuable skills. Children who have their first job working as babysitters often learn responsibility and accountability. Both are critical characteristics of leaders.

Babysitter Tutor

Offer to teach babysitter classes online for those looking to get into the babysitting business. The Red Cross is one of several organizations that offer babysitter workshops to prepare children ages 11 to 15, teaching them CPR and first aid. Children who learn these skills can transfer them to others.

Lemonade stand owner

Operating a local lemonade stand can earn extra spending money. And assist in learning valuable skills that create an entrepreneurial mindset.

Wreath maker

It is also permissible for your 12-year-old to build and sell evergreen wreaths during the Christmas season. Employed at a family company. As long as your family business does not involve hazardous work, it is allowed to hire your 12-year-old to assist.

Online jobs

Writing reviews, tutoring, becoming an influencer, YouTuber, or blogger is only a few ideas for young children who want to work online.

Newspaper delivery person

Rather than a paper route, offer to bring in family members' mail or neighbors' mail when it's available.

Snow shoveler

An excellent winter job. Ask neighbors who need assistance during the winter season. Using a shovel, the 12-year-old can work safely and in plain sight of adults.

Mother's Helper

This employment is ideal for younger children who are not yet ready to take on the duty of alone babysitting. A mother's assistant entertains more minor children while the mother attends to other duties. A mother's helper is excellent preparation for babysitting and an excellent first job for twelve-year-olds.

Yard Work Helper

Many homeowners want assistance with a variety of yard duties throughout the year. Raking leaves, shoveling snow, weeding, and planting flowers are simple tasks. These professions allow your youngster to get some exercise and spend time outside while earning money.

Employment in a Family Business

If you run your own business, you may allow your youngster to assist you with simple tasks. They can file paperwork, mail letters, make photocopies, and even answer the phone if you own an office. Working in a family restaurant and taking orders from clients teaches your youngster responsibility as well.

One of the benefits of working in a family business is determining your own work schedule. After school and on weekends, your youngster can work for a few hours. However, their labor should be overseen at all times by a family member, and they are not permitted to perform risky duties.


If your child is an exceptional student, tutoring other children may be the ideal method for you to earn money. They can assist other pupils in disciplines such as science and mathematics. If your child is musical, he or she might also be able to help other pupils in learning to play the piano or another instrument.

Cleaner (Cleaning services)

Many folks simply don't have the time or energy to conduct chores after a long day at work. Dusting, vacuuming, and other light housework are excellent ways for your youngster to earn money. Assure that they complete their own responsibilities at home before approaching friends and neighbors for assistance.

Elderly Aide

If you have senior neighbors, they may require some assistance around the house. An elderly aide could include light housework, pet care, and grocery shopping. Additionally, some elderly folks enjoy having a younger person in the house to keep them company.


Simple jobs such as painting fences and gates might be an additional source of income for your youngster. After gaining proficiency and expertise, they can progress to painting walls, cabinets, and baseboards. This work is ideal for children with an artistic flair and can help prepare them for a future career in painting.

Candy salesman

If your child has an interest in baking, this might be an excellent opportunity for them to earn some additional money. They can manufacture and sell delicious goodies to their friends and neighbors. Individuals with a sweet tooth will be unable to resist cakes and other delights delivered directly to their door.

Neighbors who are elderly may also appreciate some modest, nourishing meals. When your child is just starting out, it is a good idea to accompany them door to door. You may be able to establish recurring orders and teach your youngster new recipes.

Craft maker

If your child enjoys crafts, he or she can convert their passion into a source of income. Assist your child in determining what they want to sell and in creating an Etsy account. Demonstrate to them how to photograph their wares and write innovative descriptions that will capture customers' attention.

The majority of crafts are highly time demanding, and the earning potential from sales is low. The only disadvantage of selling crafts online is that vendors must be eighteen years of age. You will need to assist your youngster in posting their artwork and communicating with clients.


Is your home overflowing with your child's artwork? They can sell their painted prints, sculptures, or ceramics online if they have a little talent. Additionally, they can photograph their works of art and sell the images online.

Of course, your youngster must possess genuine skill in order to get the attention of art enthusiasts. Depending on the type of art they enjoy, you may need to assist them in establishing a specialized art place for them. Additionally, you must ensure that their artwork is appropriately wrapped to avoid damage during shipment.

Jewelry designer

A jewelry designer is a straightforward profession for children with an interest in jewelry and fashion. They can begin by producing simple friendship bracelets and earrings. As your youngster gains experience, they can progress to more sophisticated jewelry.

Your child will need a keen eye for detail and plenty of patience to complete this task. It's relatively repetitious at times, and the small parts can be a little tricky. However, this is a worthwhile activity that your youngster might pursue in order to earn some additional money.

Clothing maker

If your child is passionate about passion, this job is sure to stoke the fires. Your youngster can begin by hand stitching simple outfits and accessories such as wallets, as well as mending vintage clothing. They may start designing and creating specialized garments and accessories as they gain experience and expertise.

Some pointers to assist you in locating jobs for 12-year-olds

Obtaining employment prior to reaching the age of adolescence may serve as a great introduction to the working world. In most states of Australia, there is no minimum age restriction for employment. Despite this, each state and territory has its own set of regulations designed to keep children in school and protect them at work. Employers, for example, cannot require any 12-year-old to labor during school hours. They are not permitted to begin an apprenticeship or engage in hazardous work. Before recruiting anyone under the age of 17, hiring supervisors are legally required to acquire a Child Employment Permit.

Finding jobs for 12-year-olds may entail networking within the local community, enquiring about the needs of relatives and friends, or encouraging your 12-year-old to establish their own business.

Here are a few of the most effective techniques to assist you in finding work for yourself or your 12-year-old:

  • Consider conducting an internet search to assist you in identifying suitable leads in your local area.
  • Post online: You can also appeal for work for 12-year-olds in local community groups on social media.
  • Consider asking your friends and relatives for leads on a 12-year-old. Additionally, you might inquire about any part-time employment they may have around the house or at their business, such as a cleaning position.
  • Create your own role: If you're looking for a position for a 12-year-old, consider hiring them to assist you with domestic or garden tasks.
  • Children may also establish their own modest businesses, such as vehicle washing or grass mowing.

The advantages of working as a 12-year-old

Finding a job as a 12-year-old can be difficult, but it can also be quite rewarding. Children who work for others or successfully establish their own small business develop an early capacity for responsibility. Additionally, students may gain business and communication skills that will benefit them as they mature. The following are some advantages of finding work at the age of 12:

  • They can help you earn money to save or spend.
  • They may experience empowerment due to their contributions to their household or local community.
  • They can develop the ability to manage their obligations and adhere to deadlines.
  • They might have the opportunity to develop important customer service, interpersonal, and communication skills.
  • They can increase their exposure to a broader range of people from various backgrounds.
  • They may develop confidence and independence.
  • They can use their experience on a résumé to assist them in obtaining another position.
  • They can build a professional network that can aid them in securing future opportunities.
  • They can learn what their ideal dream job could be in the future.

What's the average allowance for 12-year-olds?

If paying your younger children to perform any of these tasks, consider paying them an allowance. Here is the average amount based on age group:

  • 10-year-olds allowance: $9.49 per hour.
  • 11-year-olds allowance: $10.43 per hour.
  • 12-year-olds allowance: $11.91 per hour.
  • 13-year-olds allowance: $12.62 per hour.

For younger kids that want to create clothes, be a car snow remover, or be entrepreneurial kids—consider ensuring that they earn this amount per hour or from you.

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