Top Communication Interview Questions and Answers

Here are communication skills interview questions and sample answers. Communication skills are required in almost every career. Being able to communicate ensures that the new employee is competent in their role and has a beneficial impact on the company. 

Potential employers can discover if a candidate can communicate effectively in various contexts and styles by asking the correct interview questions.

communication interview questions

Interviewers search for a variety of communication abilities.

Communication skills interview questions are questions that are asked during a job interview to assess and evaluate a candidate's ability to communicate in various situations and styles. These sorts of inquiries are especially critical when interviewing applicants for a communications-related career that will need them to work as part of a team.

Interviewers can evaluate if someone has basic language understanding, can communicate both vocally and nonverbally, and can interact with various individuals in diverse contexts by asking communication skills interview questions (e.g., in meetings, via email).

Interviewers seek the following communication qualities in potential candidates:

  • Skills in nonverbal communication
  • Ability to communicate verbally
  • Friendliness, conciseness, respect, empathy, and listening abilities
  • Confidence

Definitions and Examples of Communication Skills

Interviewers assess communication abilities for a variety of reasons.

In a productive and healthy work environment, clear communication is critical. Employees with strong communication skills may boost their productivity and their job happiness. 

Interviewers who test for communication abilities before employing someone have the added benefit of being able to:

  • Determine whether a candidate will properly handle disgruntled customers in an empathic manner. Determine if a possible employee will successfully represent your brand and favorably raise knowledge of your business.
  • Determine if someone will be able to work effectively in a team.

communication interview questions

Investing time and money into evaluating communication skills during the interview process may save a company time and money and potentially minimize turnover and employee discontent.

Positions that require communication skills interviews.

The following are just a handful of the numerous employment positions where a candidate's communication abilities often get tested during the interview process:

Legal assistant

Legal secretaries frequently deal with a lawyer's clients, disseminate case material, and perform other tasks that need good communication skills.

Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants are in charge of various communication activities, such as interacting by email and phone, taking notes during meetings, presenting, and answering inquiries.

HR Manager

HR professionals frequently manage employee relations and serve as a link between senior management and employees. 

Individuals in this role must be able to interact effectively with employees at all levels and resolve conflicts and maintain employee morale.


Greeting guests, monitoring the operation of an office, and other basic receptionist jobs all need excellent communication skills. Office responsibilities and other vital reception-related activities might be missed or miscommunicated without adequate communication, resulting in an inefficient and ineffective office atmosphere.

communication interview questions

Customer Service Representative

These individuals are in charge of working directly with consumers to understand their needs and handle and resolve any issues that may arise. Customer service employees must successfully comprehend and convey a customer's demands to guarantee that they get met.

Five interview questions on communication abilities and how they reflect a person's capacity to communicate.

During an interview, the following questions can get used to assess someone's communication abilities:

1. Tell me about your most significant achievement.

Interviewers can learn what a potential employee considers an achievement and how they attain it by asking this behavioral question. The answer offered is frequently connected to the job getting applied for. 

It will almost certainly include personal details that will assist a hiring manager get to know the candidate better.

Example answer

"As the communications and event coordinator at a local homeless shelter, I volunteer. This past year, I collaborated with numerous contributors to collect more than $10,000 for the homeless shelter, which improved living conditions and food options. 

I believe that our donations to the shelter will provide the homeless people who utilize it a greater chance to find comfort and hope, as well as motivate them to look for long-term employment and get back on their feet."

2. Describe a moment when you got confronted with a disagreement and how you dealt with it.

This sort of inquiry helps interviewers gauge a candidate's ability to deal with disagreement and operate under duress. 

The answer a candidate offers will frequently reflect their ability to communicate in a problem-solving manner.

Example answer

"I was working with a coworker who had missed deadlines on at least three occasions, which had a significant influence on our team's ability to complete a project on time. 

We identified the root of this coworker's failure to complete assignments on time after meeting with them. We devised a solution that improved the coworker's workflow while also benefiting the team as a whole."

3. Do you get along well with others?

This question is significant since it indicates whether or not a candidate can function in groups and with others. Working with others necessitates excellent communication skills; thus, those who love working with others are more likely to communicate successfully.

Example answer

"My ability to communicate effectively has been crucial to my success as a social media manager. 

Working with other team members regularly and listening to the individuals I supervise has helped me keep my team motivated and increase overall performance. 

Our whole social media team has increased productivity as a result of regular communication and a commitment to ensure that staff are satisfied and understand their jobs."

4. How would you sum up your personality?

This question allows the candidate to demonstrate their capacity to perform effectively in a specific role and their understanding of their communication abilities.

Example answer

"I consider myself to be a fantastic team player who is dedicated to improving the workplace via good communication and listening abilities. My professional background has given me the ability to lead and listen in a way that guarantees I am on the same page as my team and that my colleagues feel heard and understood. 

I am a devoted manager who is committed to assisting my coworkers and employees in achieving their objectives and being as productive and happy as possible in the workplace."

5. Why do you think you'd be a good match for this job?

This question is an excellent technique to assess a candidate's ability to communicate their work-related talents and personal perspective on what is vital for the job they are looking for. 

It also helps interviewers to gauge a person's degree of confidence and if that confidence is boastful or helpful.

Example answer

"I believe I am a good fit for this position because I am confident in my ability to jump right in and deliver rapid results for your organization. I raised sales in my department by 40% at my previous work within the first 90 days of employment, and I am certain that I can achieve comparable results for this company. 

I am a strong candidate for this position because of my devotion to regular and effective communication with both clients and staff, as well as my commitment to achieving objectives."

What are the 5 primary communication skills?

There are the primary communication skills that hiring managers will be looking for:

Learn more about what a "communication style" gets defined as.

Is body language a communication style?

No. Body language is not. Although, non-verbal communication can be considered your confidence. And confidence can be related to body language.

How do I prepare for a communication skills interview?

Practice delivering your interview responses in a way that shows effective communication interview questions skills. Review the job description or job posting. And ensure that you're displaying the key skills required to succeed on the job.

Review common job interview questions and have sample answers prepared. Job seekers should practice at least one mock interview in advance of any interview.

What makes effective communication skills?

It's all about deciphering the emotion and motivations underlying the data. You must be able to clearly communicate a message as well as listen in such a manner that you grasp the entire meaning of what is being said and make the other person feel heard and understood.

communication interview questions

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