Top Communication Performance Review Phrases (2022)

Communication is an important area to cover when conducting a performance review. It's critical to assess your employees' communication abilities to know where they stand. A thriving business relies on effective communication. Allowing your staff to understand what they do well and where they can improve might benefit your company's bottom line.

performance review phrases communication

Areas to Focus on During Employee Performance Reviews

There are a few things to pay attention to in employee performance evaluations.

Undertaking a meaningful performance evaluation may be challenging, especially for an inexperienced manager (or employee conducting a self-assessment). As a result, giving examples of sentences might be a valuable source of motivation. When delivering feedback to your staff to enhance their performance, a few frequent topics are covered.

However, remember that you should use this list as a guideline and tailor these evaluation terms to each team member. You don't want your employees to think their performance reports are all the same. Generic evaluations might convey the idea that you didn't care enough to take the time to provide them customized critical comments, which can hurt their involvement.

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Your performance evaluation should include the following topics:

  • Achievements.
  • Productivity.
  • Communication and collaboration skills Creativity and innovation.
  • Problem-solving and adaptability.
  • Ability to take constructive feedback.

Why is communication important in the workplace?

It's critical to recognize that the success criteria you've used in the past aren't the same as last year, and your assessment should reflect that.

Touching on how an employee's accomplishments contribute to the team's and organization's performance, according to Savji Dholakia, is good. "When a person improves the work of their teammates, they provide value to the organization as a whole," he stated. "Make a point of mentioning it."

Phrases That Indicate a Coworker Is Meeting or Exceeding Expectations

  • Improves the effectiveness and productivity of their team through [insert one or two concrete examples]
  • Encourages individual people to participate and collaborate in teams.
  • It helps team members play to their strengths, resulting in more effective teams.
  • Encourages personal buy-in and aids the group in achieving its common objective by fostering a feeling of oneness on teams.
  • When resolving interpersonal difficulties or obstacles, insists on mutually polite communication.
  • Balances constructive criticism with positive reinforcement and support.

Phrases That Indicate Employee Communication Needs to Improve

  • Fails to offer emotional support or practical assistance to team members experiencing difficulties.
  • By interrupting others in team meetings, he discourages employees from offering suggestions.
  • When their authority gets questioned, they react angrily.

Exceeding at Verbal Communication in the Workplace

Danny keeps everyone on his team and other teams up to date on what's going on.

During a project, Ally makes meticulously written notes of all processes and queries so that she may present the material at all staff meetings.

Jennifer isn't scared to ask inquiries about the company's projects to anybody. She will go above and above to obtain answers to ensure that she produces high-quality work.

performance review phrases communication

Ava has a strong rapport with everyone in the workplace. Everyone wants to talk to her when she enters the room, making her a valuable corporate resource.

Tom communicates effectively with each of his subordinates, ensuring that they are constantly aware of what is expected of them and, as a consequence, produce high-quality work.

Taryn excels in communicating with consumers and identifying the source of the problem, even when the client cannot express the problem effectively.

Steve assists all employees, including those not on his team, in identifying and communicating the problem, which increases the company's productivity.

Maddie makes sure that every employee knows the project's goals, responds to queries, and makes sure that everyone is still on the same page.

Emily constantly follows up with clients to ensure that they are delighted with the product or service and see if she can do anything to improve things.

John doesn't simply talk; he also listens, which is essential for a great communicator. John takes the time to listen to the other person and considers how he might assist them.

Tara has a knack for getting through even the most challenging concepts. When they cannot express the message clearly, many employees resort to her. She either assists them in delivering it or does it herself.

Bryan has a natural ability to communicate. We never have to ask him more questions since he always knows what we need to know the first time.

Janice excels in facilitating team meetings that bring forth new ideas and even difficulties that need to get resolved. She was born to lead.

Mike is unfazed by any hostile dialogue. He is unfazed by the situation and can quickly ease the other person's worries, facilitating a friendly interaction.

Harry has a knack for expressing even the most complex subjects so that everyone can grasp them.

performance review phrases communication

Exceeds the Company's Expectations

Pam gets along with everyone on the squad, including those from rival teams. She interacts effectively with them, guaranteeing a job well done across the board.

It's simple to communicate with Angie. She has a lovely grin even in stressful conditions, making it simple to go through the challenge.

During meetings, Emily explains down even the most complicated technical discussions into layman's terms so that everyone understands and is on the same page.

Even though they would all prefer Isabella to do it herself, Isabella encourages her team members to offer their ideas during staff meetings. She wants everyone on the team to be a part of it.

Jake always greets new staff with open arms, taking them under his wing and teaching them the ropes. He wants to make sure that every employee feels at ease when interacting.

Kate has always been a natural leader. She organizes and leads team meetings regularly so that everyone feels like they have a say in what is going on.

Larry is a natural communicator in writing. His clients and merchants often compliment him on his communication skills and his ability to put people at ease with his words.

London is constantly on top of vendor communication, anticipating issues and sharing solutions as they arise.

Kari excels in writing reports and presenting them to her colleagues. Her reports are brief yet informative, ensuring that everyone knows what is going on.

Patty is the point of contact for all workers. She makes sure everyone is up to date on what's going on and explains anything that isn't clear.

Jodi is the company's go-to person who always understands what other workers are thinking or need to know, and she is excellent at articulating it.

Kevin has no trouble standing in front of the crew and reporting what is going on and answering questions.

Steven has no qualms about approaching management, asking questions, or responding to the issues they raise, even in front of others.

Jen gets along with everyone on the team, including those who disagree with her opinions.

Whether it's staff, employees, or vendors, Justin understands how to keep a crowd involved.

Doesn't Live Up To The Company's Communication Expectations

Jack has a hard time taking criticism, and it shows in his interactions (or lack thereof) with others.

Amy prefers to remain to herself and avoids social situations, making collaboration difficult.

Nick despises conversing with strangers. He will only talk to his superiors.

Emily doesn't tell her teammates enough about what's going on with her project.

Pat does not communicate with people since he does not believe it is essential as long as he performs his duties.

Rob assumes full responsibility and refuses to seek assistance.

Mary refuses to accept aid from others, claiming that she would instead do everything alone than engage in discussion.

Nolan overburdened himself because he doesn't know how to ask for aid.

Elizabeth isn't particularly good at communicating her needs to the rest of the team.

Dan has no idea how to communicate with unhappy consumers or have an issue.

Pam needs to improve her public speaking skills during team meetings.

Bryan needs to improve his written report communication because it is frequently difficult to comprehend.

Anna needs to include her teammates in more decisions. She has a habit of keeping knowledge to herself.

Jake dislikes interacting with his coworkers, which hurts the company's bottom line.

Hank does not get along with others.

The company's productivity and bottom line suffer due to poor communication skills.

John does not get along with others because he cannot communicate well.

Jack is unable to present his ideas in front of the team, which hinders the team's ability to fulfill the task.

Mary is obnoxious in her refusal to interact or collaborate with others.

When other people's ideas get brought to her, Kathy dismisses them.

Steven is unwilling to collaborate with others, as seen by his demeanor.

Karrie's written communication skills need to be improved. They are overly brief and frequently miss the mark.

Jen needs to improve her questioning skills when she is unsure about a project.

Brandon refuses to collaborate with others, focused solely on his task, and failing to communicate his progress.

William only communicates with others when absolutely necessary; otherwise, the company's productivity suffers.

Sherry likes to work alone, which doesn't fit well with the company's culture.

When it comes to communicating with employees, Jack is impatient.

Jane must make an effort to converse with people. Instead, she hurries through her task to finish it.

No one knows Justin's situation because he doesn't speak up at team meetings.

Caryn refuses to seek help when she needs it and instead submits subpar work.

David is rude to his coworkers and management.

Use these terms in your reviews to help your staff see where they may improve. No one is flawless, and positively hearing this can help your team improve their performance.

Does What's Expected Regarding Communication at Work

Jen keeps everyone on the team up to date on relevant information and asks questions as appropriate.

Mark interacts effectively with all employees, including those with whom he may not get along. He always conveys the required information.

Brianna is a great communicator with all of her coworkers. She gives them the knowledge they need without taking up too much of their time.

Mike has worked hard to improve his communication skills, focusing on the areas that required improvement, and can now communicate properly with anybody in the firm about corporate goals.

Anna gets along well with individuals from all divisions and communicates successfully when appropriate.

Angie is a natural icebreaker in meetings, especially when there are a lot of new suppliers or clients in the room.

Instead of being the spokesman for everyone, Bella encourages all workers to voice their thoughts during staff meetings.

Claire gets along with everyone on her team and interacts effectively with them, even if she doesn't always agree.

Dan has a positive attitude that makes it simple to speak with him about anything.

For worker and customer meetings, David creates straightforward presentations.

Harry has a natural ability to talk clearly and fluently in front of people, which is ideal for team meetings.

Mary is always kind to all of the company's employees.

Mark always has a friendly demeanor when representing the company, whether inside our corporate walls or outside when meeting with individuals.

Pat makes even the most complex subjects understandable when teaching them to coworkers or staff meetings.

Sammy has excellent written and vocal communication skills.

performance review phrases communication

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