Top Teamwork Performance Review Phrases (2022)

Teamwork is a vital part of the work environment. When conducting a performance review, teamwork phrases might get used to describe the strengths and weaknesses of the employee. Use these performance review phrases to evaluate and write feedback for teamwork performance.

performance review phrases teamwork

What Are Employee Evaluations and Why Are They Important?

Employee evaluations are performance appraisals used by employees to provide feedback to coworkers and management. These evaluations look at an employee's work ethic and productivity and set clear professional growth goals. Receiving constant feedback can also help an individual stay committed to their career.

Employee Evaluation Phrases Examples:

The following is a list of terms you may use in an employee review, organized by category:

  • Collaboration and assistance
  • Competence and obligation
  • Attitude and demeanor
  • Flexibility, efficiency, and quality of work
  • Interpersonal and communication abilities
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Attendance
  • Customer service is essential.
  • Dependability
  • Leadership

A Few Words on How to Conduct the Performance Appraisal

Performance assessments may be complex, especially when you know you'll be giving an employee a less-than-stellar report.

The first thing to remember is that you want to improve, not destroy, the working environment. As a result, anything you say to your employee should be professional, and the meeting should begin on a positive note. At the same time, your employee needs to know how they're performing in the company and receive feedback if they need to improve. After all, no one enjoys receiving negative feedback, even if it is given constructively.

Giving your staff SMART goals for progress is one method to achieve this.

Why Team Work is Important

A performance evaluation is a two-sided conversation rather than a one-sided lecture. Employees should be given feedback that will help them execute their jobs better.

Your primary priority as a business owner is that your crew is as productive as possible. You must be able to put your faith in your team to execute their jobs to the best of their abilities while also working as a team. Because that's what you hired them for, and you don't get to leave the business at 5 p.m. as the owner or manager.

Here are some words for evaluating cooperation performance:

Characteristics of a Team Player

With workers, use the following phrase stems and qualities:

"I've seen your demeanor —"

  • Bringing forward new ideas and participating in all tasks
  • Taking on more jobs in order to attain your professional objectives
  • Willingness to assist new team members.
  • Interested in learning new skills.
  • Listens to other team members accepts comments on their work, and understands and executes their responsibility.
  • Knows how to compromise, even when it's difficult.
  • Ability to work on a project with others.
  • Continually reliable

A Team Player's Weaknesses

Use these attributes to talk to your employee about any areas where they may improve:

"It appears to me that a problem you're encountering is related to —"

  • Inability to collaborate with others, making it harder for other team members to do their jobs.
  • When they make a mistake, they don't accept responsibility.
  • The squad is deeply split, which produces dissatisfaction.
  • Makes rude remarks to other members on a regular basis.
  • They believe they are better than their coworkers.
  • Doesn't want to collaborate with the rest of the team.
  • Arrives with a poor disposition.

Any company's success depends on its ability to function as a team. Working effectively together ensures that the assignment gets completed on time and has high standards. Knowing what kind of feedback to provide your coworkers and employees may go a long way toward maintaining a healthy work environment.

performance review phrases teamwork

Exceeds Expectations Expectations for Teamwork in the Workplace

Tara is always a team player who gets along with everybody ensures that everyone is comfortable working on the project.

Jan does an excellent job of enlisting the help of her coworkers before reaching a choice.

Gianna listens to what each team member has to say without interrupting them with her own opinions.

Before making a decision, John makes sure that everyone on the team is on the same page and that there are no queries or worries.

Bella makes sure that everyone in the team benefits from the current condition, and if they don't, she works to remedy the problem so that everyone benefits.

Anthony always respects every team member's comments and ideas.

Amy has a positive attitude that helps to stimulate even the most apathetic team members.

Jack is always gracious in accepting team members' suggestions for modifications and is always eager to consider them when making judgments.

Jennifer constantly has a positive attitude that lifts the entire team's spirits. She can deal with even the most apprehensive employees and make them feel at ease.

Annie has a significant effect on the rest of the squad. When she steps into the room, the entire team's attitude brightens.

John will communicate effectively with all team members. As a result, he delivers his work promptly.

Brian conducts himself in a professional manner with the team. And delivers work in a timely manner.

Erin resolves team conflicts and professionally resolves customer complaints. She collaborates with team members to get this work completed.

Sara possesses exceptional leadership abilities that enable her to steer the group on the right path for each assignment.

Ella works with any team member who appears to be having difficulty or is falling behind. She goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Marcia understands how to assemble a team that works well together and can complete tasks quickly.

performance review phrases teamwork

Andrea constantly asks if any of her coworkers require assistance, even if it is not a duty she regularly performs.

Colin makes sure that each team member has a job that they enjoy and are capable of performing.

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Provides Great Team Work and Work With the Team Effectively

Maddie is a dependable team member that always arrives on time and collaborates effectively with the rest of the team on all tasks.

Anne has a knack for inspiring her team members to do their best work.

Josh maintains good connections with all team members, even if they don't agree on everything.

Greg maintains the privacy of all team members while ensuring that everyone gets along.

Brian works effectively with each employee to assist them to see the other's views, promptly resolving any concerns.

Aaron has difficulty working with reluctant team members. And struggles to change their perception of work.

George understands how to deliver constructive feedback without hurting other team members' feelings.

When it comes to presenting ideas to the team, Lexi exudes excitement and confidence.

Nicole makes every effort to make each team member feel at ease and accepted in the group.

Before concluding a project, Sean always makes sure that each team member gets the opportunity to express himself.

Jason constantly offers his ideas in a well-mannered manner, ensuring that no one in the group feels "less than."

Even when emotions are high and specific team members are dissatisfied, Beth maintains a neutral tone while dealing with them.

Scott is an excellent team leader who can identify each team member's duties are most suited for each project.

Peyton always makes an effort to ensure that everyone gets along, even if they disagree.

Cody is a team player who can work effectively with his coworkers while assisting others with their jobs.

When working, Jane constantly considers the sentiments of each team member.

When working in a group, every team member knows they can rely on Michael.

Frank keeps everyone focused on the work at hand, ensuring that the job gets completed on time.

Paula has a beautiful way of making everyone feel confident in their ability to accomplish their work and contribute to the team.

Ralph always values everyone's input and makes every effort to include it in the final product.

Meets the Expected Team Work Job Performance

Jake is constantly aware when the group is tense and understands how to diffuse the situation.

Jackson is always willing to assist any team member who requires assistance in completing the job on schedule.

Joe is always straightforward in communicating his thoughts to the rest of the team and ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Mike holds each team member in high regard, even when they hold opposing viewpoints.

Hank understands how to communicate successfully with all team members, including those who have opposing viewpoints or techniques.

Hailey consistently completes her task and then assesses which team members may require assistance to complete the assignment.

Cindy has a lovely demeanor that makes working with her on projects a breeze.

Steve makes each employee feel valued by thanking them for their contribution to the group's work.

When working on team projects, Ashley is always cooperative and attempts to persuade everyone else to do the same.

Teresa works hard to keep the team's moods upbeat, doing whatever it takes to get things back on track when things appear to be coming apart.

When specific team members don't appear to agree on an issue, Pam always makes sure that tensions get eased.

Matt is unconcerned about receiving credit for the work; instead, he ensures that the team completes the task, assuring a job well done.

Could Benefit From Improving Teamwork

Dave might be a little more cooperative when dealing with those who disagree with him.

Brady does not inquire whether others want assistance with duties once he has completed his own.

Josh should seek assistance more frequently. Rather than asking for help, he prefers to disguise that he doesn't comprehend a task.

Joy does not always cooperate reasonably with others unless superiors speak to her.

Beverly doesn't always agree with her colleagues and clarifies when she doesn't, which can lead to conflict.

Tom is reticent to share knowledge with team members that might help them execute their jobs better.

Elizabeth prefers to focus on her role in the team, but she doesn't get along with the rest of the group, making it difficult for everyone to be on the same page.

Carrie is unconcerned about what her coworkers think or care about; she goes about her job.

Rob isn't very good at delegating tasks. He tends to take on everything himself, leading to him becoming quickly overwhelmed.

Because Nolan lacks excellent communication skills, his team colleagues are frequently unaware of what he requires, resulting in late or inadequate work.

Eve doesn't always consider the final aim when working with the team. She is hyper-focused on the work at hand rather than the larger picture.

Ryan doesn't consider the larger picture; instead, he focuses on his personal goal, oblivious to the organization's needs.

So that everyone is on the same page, team members often have to remind Rachel to provide them with updates on her part of the task.

Tara isn't fond of her teammates. If someone does not agree with her, she is unconcerned about attempting to reach a compromise.

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Teamwork Needs to Get Improved

Others' views don't readily persuade Ed, and he frequently becomes enraged when someone offers anything to him.

Jim's teammates don't know where he is on his work since he doesn't communicate adequately.

Because Jack never completes his tasks on time, he needs to rely on others to take up the slack.

Anthony is adamant about not wanting to collaborate with anyone.

Evan is notorious for being late to team meetings, causing everyone to fall behind.

Dylan never goes above and beyond; even if the team is still working, he leaves when it's time to leave.

Drew is primarily concerned with himself, and he does not function well with others.

Gabriella is uncooperative when it comes to different team members' requirements. She is often irritated and may even backtalk others.

Robin despises working with others, and she clarifies when she needs to meet with her team, even uttering the words out.

Pat is primarily concerned with his task and does not look for opportunities to assist other team members, even when he completes his work early.

When team members speak, Brad frequently interrupts them, especially if he disagrees with what they have to say.

When Simon disagrees with what other workers say or do, he openly criticizes them. It may be humiliating and degrading.

Bridget is prone to starting fights with other team members, which may wreak havoc on the entire atmosphere.

Emily doesn't come up with fresh ideas for the group; she merely goes with the flow, even with excellent views.

Ava has a hard time accepting criticism from others. She has a tendency to become enraged, which causes others to avoid her.

These sample questions are an excellent approach to start an employee's evaluation or to evaluate a team's performance. Knowing how to influence your staff favorably will benefit your company's bottom line and increase its chances of success.

performance review phrases teamwork

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