5+ Best Brand Ambassador Interview Questions & Answers

brand ambassador interview questions

We’ve compiled the absolute best brand ambassador interview questions and answers to help you secure your next job as a brand ambassador. The role of the brand ambassador is to help in the brand awareness of the company you are working with. Thanks to Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and social media in general, the ambassador position has seemingly grown. More companies are leaning on those who have an audience to help them spread the awareness for their brand, their opinions, their perspectives, what they stand for and the products or solutions they offer.

Brand Ambassador Interview Questions & Answers

1. How would you use Instagram to promote our brand?

Instagram stories are really powerful these days. You can tell a very powerful message inside of Instagram stories relatively easily. Either with a large series of images, all stitching together a common thread of ethos you are trying to resonate against. Or by having some at-home custom video where you can speak to the brand.

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2. What are some of the top platforms for ambassadors?

The top platforms right now are Instagram and YouTube. YouTube requires a large amount of video production as you want to have a fairly high-quality video execution alongside it. That’s because as competition becomes steeper, so too does the amount of work you have to put into your work.

3. How would you do a video execution?

If there’s no one helping me with the video execution, using the iPhone is enough. The iPhone along with music, editing, coloring, and effects can deliver something really impactful for Instagram or for potentially a 15-second video ad. The elements of the video is what makes it great, not just the equipment.

4. What are ways ambassadors can go above and beyond?

Frequent discussions, engaging the community, finding communities to engage and generally being very proactive about the message of the brand.

5. What types of tools do ambassadors use?

Ambassadors should use a variety of third-party engagement tools for Instagram, Twitter and all social networks which they are posting on. They should use a variety of photo and video editors, both for the Mac as well as for the iPhone. And should have a general knowledge of being able to post assets on all of the platforms.

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