Games to Play on FaceTime (35+ for Friends and Couples in 2023)

Looking for the most fun FaceTime games to play with friends? Or maybe as a couple? Spending time over the phone (or on FaceTime) can be a great way to connect and build a stronger relationship.

What are fun games to play over FaceTime?

If you have any apple products, you can have fun with your friends and family no matter the distance.

FaceTime games are games you can play on any apple device like an iPhone, MacBook, or iPad and have fun. Such games connect you with your coworkers, friends, and family.

These games are also known as games to play on FT (video chat).

Games such as truth or dare and masked dancer are a subcategory of video call games and resemble the games you can play on zoom calls.

facetime games to play

Common FaceTime Games

How to play FaceTime games and the most common games to play.

Trivial pursuit (how to play)

Trivial pursuit is a fun board game, and you can play this game with friends on zoom or FaceTime.

To play this game, the host needs to have the Trivial Pursuit board game, and he will move everyone's pieces on their behalf.

When it's your chance, you need to roll a dice and move to the color you landed on.

You need to answer the question concerning that color, and if you correctly answer, you get the point.

Never have I ever (how to play)

"Never have I ever" is one of the most popular drinking games adults play at parties. Every player holds their ten fingers up, and one person starts the game by saying never have I ever done something.

If any player has done that thing before, he lowers one finger. The person who has lower all his ten fingers means wins the game.

You can make any statement like never have I kissed a girl or eaten a cockroach. Also, you can play this game with your partners and have some romantic moments.

Yahtzee (how to play)

Yahtzee is a dice game you can play on FaceTime with friends.

To play this game, you will need five dice, 1 Yahtzee dice cup, ten bonus chips, and 80 score cards.

The first person who gets the highest score on dice starts the game, and then the game continues clockwise.

You need to roll dice three times to get the best score, then decide the best combo.

After 13 rounds, the person who gets the best score wins the game.

facetime games to play

Twenty-one questions

21 question is all about guessing and can be played by everyone with no scoreboards required, which makes this game fun.

You can play with your partner or your friends and ask them 21 questions one by one.

You can ask your partner, "tell me what I am thinking right now."

If he can guess what you are thinking, he wins the game, but if not, he loses (or loses a point).

This game can help you know whether your partner understands you or not.

The other way to play is simply to ask the 21 questions and require the other person to answer honestly.

Questions to ask:

What's your favorite movie?

What school did you go to?

Which Disney character would you be if you had to choose?

Is your favorite holiday Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Halloween?

What's one woman who inspired your life the most?

What's one man who inspired your life the most?

Name a song you could listen to over and over.

What's your favorite color?

What food could you eat forever?

Here are more 21 questions to ask.

facetime games to play

Battleship (how to play)

The battleship game is all about strategy and planning.

To play this game, both the players need individual game boards.

The very purpose of this game is to sink your opponent's five ships before he sinks yours.

Both players secretly arrange their ships on the game board horizontally or vertically.

Now player one will take a shot by naming a square, then player two will look into the square, and if this is an empty square, he will say miss.

Now, player one will put a white peg on that named square.

Now player two will take a shot and name a square. If the square named by player 2 is not empty, then player one will say hit.

Then the game goes on till last, and the player who hits all the ships wins the game.

Read my lips (how to play)

Read my lips is simple and can be played by everyone of every age over zoom or FaceTime.

To play this game, you don’t need any game board (or scoreboard), which makes this game easy and exciting.

You just need to mute the call and make your friend guess what you say.

If he guesses what you are saying successfully, he wins (or wins a point).

Hangman (how to play)

Hangman is purely a word guessing game that you can play with your friends on zoom or facetime. To play this game, you don’t require anything except a piece of paper.

In this game, the players need to figure out a word by guessing the number of letters in a word.

If another player guesses enough letters of a word, you lose the game. You will be hanged.

Build a story (how to play)

Build a story is quick thinking and improvisation game where your creativity reflects.

This game requires no game board or scoreboard. And can be played by everyone. To play the "build a story" game, you need to say one word, and the game starts.

The other person will add another word to your word. Finally, you both collaborate to build a story in the end.

facetime games to play

Would you rather questions (how to play)

The game "would you rather" can be a great game to start an exciting discussion with your friends.

You can play this game to make others choose between two options and put your friend into a dilemma by making them choose between two complicated options.

You can ask some interesting questions, like would you rather visit Europe or south Asia?

Or trivial questions like would you rather eat a lizard or snake?

Here are more would you rather questions.

Pictionary (how to play)

The game of Pictionary resembles charades. To play this game, you need a dark-colored pencil so your partner can easily imagine what you are drawing.

First, you need to split up into two teams with at least two players on each team.

Now the game begins. one player will draw, and the other team player will guess what you are drawing within a limited time.

If the partner successfully finds out what his partner is drawing, then that team gets the point.

The team with more points wins the game at the end.

Two truths and a lie (how to play)

Two truths and a lie is a fun game and is a great way to learn something new or exciting about your friends.

To play this game, every player needs to make a list where they will list out two facts that will be true and one false statement.

Then one by one, you will start reading your list. If any person successfully guesses which is a lie and which two are true, he gets the point.

To make this more interesting, you can play as many rounds as possible and learn more about your dear ones.

facetime games to play

Truth or dare (how to play)

The "truth or dare" game can be a great way to know someone better.

In this game, the person has to answer the question or complete a dare you gave. You just need to ask a person whether he wants truth or dare.

If he asks for truth, then ask for something revealing. If he asks for a dare, give him something daring.

But remember to stay within the limit because soon you will be the one to choose truth or dare.

Questions to ask

What's the biggest pet peeve you have about your boyfriend/girlfriend?

How many people have you k#ssed?

What are you most attracted to in the opposite s#x?

What's the absolute worst thing you've ever done?

Who have you had a fantasy about that you've never mentioned?

Have you ever had a fantasy about a parent? Who was it?

Have you ever farted in front of your crush?

Get more truth or dare questions.

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Alphabet Game (how to play)

The alphabet game can be fun over FaceTime or on zoom calls and requires no materials.

In this game, you can choose a topic based on anything like countries, cities, and food names.

After selecting a topic, one person will start the game by naming a word that starts from the letter A from the chosen topic.

After that, another person will name a word that starts from the last letter of the first word named by the first person.

Clap the song (how to play)

The game "clap the song" is a fun challenge and is best suited to be played on FaceTime or zoom.

In this game, one player chooses a song and writes it down on a piece of paper after choosing a song.

Then your partner has to recognize the music on the rhythm of your clapping.

This game can be challenging, so choose a song based on your partner's playlist so that he easily recognize the song.

Rainbow race (how to play)

The game of rainbow race is especially for kids as it involves a lot of physical activity. To play this, you need some colors and a piece of paper.

On that paper, your kids or their friends will draw a rainbow with the colors of their choice.

After everyone draws their own color rainbow, they have to find the objects that match the color of the rainbow.

The player who finds all the objects that match the rainbow color wins the game.

facetime games to play

What's missing (how to play)

The game "what's missing" is a memory game where you get some small items from your house so the other player can see those on a screen.

Now you have to show these items to the other player for some time so that he can remember all the things, then ask him to close his eyes and remove one of the articles.

After opening the eyes, if the player remembers all the items, he gets the point.

Category race (how to play)

Category racing is one the best fun to do games that you can play on zoom or facetime with just some pieces of paper.

To play this game, first, you must select a category that can be anything like country names or actors' names.

Now everyone has to write down as many words in a one-minute time. If anyone has the exact words on their list, they must cross them off.

Each player will get the point for every original word, and the one with more words wins this game. 

Hide and seek (how to play)

You might be thinking about how one can play such a game over FaceTime. It's more of a physical game rather than a virtual one.

You don't need to hide but think of others as hiding and try guessing where your friend is hiding.

For instance, are you hiding in the bedroom? Answer yes or no.

Storyteller pass-along (how to play)

This game resembles the "build a story" game and is fun and improvisational, requiring no materials.

One player starts the game "Storyteller Pass Along" by making a story for one minute and stops exactly after one minute, regardless of whether he completed the story.

Then the next person should continue the story for the next minute, and the game continues.

It's fun, and you will surely end up with a wacky story.

facetime games to play

Last letter (how to play)

The game "last letter" can be played by almost anyone and is one of the most popular FaceTime games. To play this game, first, you need to select a category that can be anything, like fruit names, vegetable names, or country names.

After choosing the category, one player starts the game by saying a word from that category then the next person has to name a word that begins with the ending letter of the first word.

Suppose you selected the country as a category. The player will say "England," then the next person has to say Denmark because England ends with the letter "D."

Origami competition (how to play)

Origami competitions can be fun and helpful in learning new skills. This competition can be on FAceTime or zoom.

To play this game, first, you need to google some origami tutorials, and you should share the screen so that you can learn together.

After learning the skill, start the origami competition and make some third party a judge to decide one winner. No matter who wins but you will surely learn a new skill.

True or false (how to play)

The game of "True or false" is a fun game that every person of all ages can play. This game requires no materials and will help you know some great facts or secrets.

To play this game, one player starts the game by making a statement, and the other player has to answer whether it's true or false.

Here you can ask some factual questions or can even ask some personal questions.

The person who gets all the first five questions correct wins the game.

facetime games to play

FaceTime games to play with friends

Fun FaceTime games to play with friends:

Never have I ever (how to play)

"Never have I ever" is one of the most popular drinking games adults play at parties.

Every player holds their ten fingers up, and one person starts the game by saying never have I ever done something.

If any player has done that thing before, he lowers one finger.

The person who has lowered all his ten fingers wins the game. You can make any statement like never have I kissed a girl or eaten a cockroach.

Also, you can play this game with your partners and have some romantic moments.

Put a finger down if (how to play)

"Put a finger down" is a fun game where your five fingers represent your five lives.

Then someone will read out a sentence, and if this sentence applies to you, you need to put your one finger down.

Finally, the last player to lose all his life wins the game.

Here are more put a finder down if questions to ask.

facetime games to play

Trivia quiz questions (how to play)

You need a lot of friends to play this game as it’s a group game, making it perfect for playing on a social media platform.

You can either play one-on-one or can team up with your closest friends. You can name one of your friends as the emcee and ask him to give points to all the players or the team.

This emcee will ask questions on anything under the sun which you or your team need to answer. Remember to play with as many friends as possible as this game gets interesting with many people.

Finally, the one who answers the most questions wins this game.

Trivia Question: Who gave the Pacific Ocean its name?

Answer: Ferdinand Magellan.

Trivia Question: How many languages are written from right to left?

Answer: 12.

Trivia Question: Which four countries still use the Shilling as currency?

Answer: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Somalia.

Trivia Question: Who launched eBay?

Answer: Pierre Omidyar.

Trivia Question: What animal is featured on the Porsche logo?

Answer: A horse.

Trivia Question: Who wrote the dictionary?

Answer: Robert Cawdrey.

Trivia Question: Who was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic?

Answer: Amelia Earhart.

Get a list of great trivia questions.

FaceTime games to play for couples (boyfriend and girlfriend)

Here are games to play with a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Family feud questions (how to play)

Family feud questions are a fun game where people ask questions about everything. To play this game, you must pick the questions and get divided into the team.

Remember that every team must have at least three players.

The player who gives the more answer wins the game.

1. Name something you might do when you wake up in the morning.

  • Brush your teeth — 32
  • Make coffee — 30
  • Brush your hair — 20
  • Take the kids to school — 10
  • Take out the garbage — 8

2. Name a food that you might lick.

  • Ice cream — 40
  • Lollipop — 25
  • Stamp — 16
  • Popsicle — 11
  • Envelope — 8

3. Name something you'd do in front of a mirror.

  • Brush teeth — 26
  • Brush hair — 23
  • Pop a pimple/zit — 19
  • Check your outfit — 17
  • Practice dance moves — 15

4. Name a popular Comedy TV Show.

  • Seinfeld — 26
  • Modern Family — 23
  • That 70's Show — 19
  • The Simpsons — 17
  • Futurama — 15

Learn more about playing Family Feud.

Scavenger hunt (how to play)

To play this game, you first need to create a list of things your children need to discover. You can also make this game bit difficult by lowering the time limit.

Then give your children the list of things to scavenge.

The player or the team who first finds out all the items before the time goes out wins the game.

Newlywed game (how to play)

This game is for newlywed couples living in different cities, boyfriends, and girlfriends in long-distance relationships.

In this game, the newlyweds or the love birds can ask each other questions like do you remember when we first met or our first date night?

A partner who gives the most correct, emotional, or romantic answer wins the game.

 This or that (how to play)

 "This or that" is an easy and simple game you can play with your friends and family on FaceTime or Zoom.

To play this game, one person has to start by saying pick this one or that one.

No matter what he chooses, you can ask him any questions you want, which makes this game a fun way to know someone better.

Charades (how to play)

Charades is one of the classic games that is played by all almost once in a lifetime. This game requires no materials like scoreboards, making it easy to play virtually.

To play this game, you must first select a category like books, movies, or animals.

When it's your turn, you can use some universal charades gesture or choose a category your partner can easily find out. The team who answers more gestures correctly wins the game.

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