Answering "Why Should We Hire You" In a Job Interview

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Why should we hire you? Job seekers are more than likely going to receive this interview question from the hiring manager during their job search.

Every interview question is an attempt by the hiring manager to learn as much as possible about your abilities, expertise, and past experience. All of this information will aid them in determining whether you are the person they are looking for.

Many hiring managers will ask you one of the following questions to offer you an opportunity to market yourself:

  • Why should we recruit you (or, more specifically, why should I hire you)?
  • Why do you think you'd be a good match for this job?
  • What distinguishes you from others?
  • Why are you the best candidate for this position?
  • Explain why your qualifications and experience make you a suitable fit for this position.

why should we hire you

Why hiring managers ask this question

The interviewer's goal is to find the best candidate for the job. The majority of candidates that get to the interview stage are qualified for the position. So simply possessing the qualifications will not be enough to set you apart from the competition. Once you've been accepted to an interview, it's primarily a competition to see who can pitch themselves the best.

Keep in mind that every new hiring represents a risk for the firm. In suggesting a specific applicant for hiring, your interviewer will also be incurring a personal career risk. Mr. Interviewer looks great and receives a pat on the back if the applicant does well (and maybe a bigger annual bonus).

If the candidate is a dud (doesn't perform well, doesn't get along with the team, leaves the job early, etc. ), the interviewer comes across as an idiot, and his professional reputation suffers.

This is why one of their favorite queries is "why should we hire you." Your interviewer is asking you to promote yourself and your qualifications as the best candidate for the job with this question.

It's your responsibility to persuade them that:

  • You have the ability to complete the task and provide the organization with outstanding outcomes.
  • You will blend in seamlessly and make a valuable contribution to the team since you have a unique combination of talents and experience.
  • Hiring you will make him appear intelligent while while making his life simpler.

The better you are at persuasion (or selling yourself), the more likely you are to be chosen for the job. So, let's get you ready with some tried-and-true "why should we hire you" responses.

How to answer "why should we hire you?"

The best way to answer this question is to consider some of the following qualities that you might possess as a professional. They would be one or many of the following:

This is your opportunity to wow them with your highlight reel. So, let's begin from the beginning.

When crafting the ultimate response to the question "Why should we recruit you?" your response should highlight the top three (or four) most compelling reasons to hire you.

Take a piece of paper and jot down your most remarkable qualities. Make a list of 3-4 bullet points that contain any or all of the following:

  • Industry experience. Relates to the number of years you've worked in your field rather than the individual positions you've done. For example, the entire amount of experience you have in Education, Finance, Customer Service, or any other sector.
  • Experience doing certain activities or duties/obligations. These might be things that aren't typically part of your job description but that you've done before. For example, if you are a graphic designer who is also a trained photographer, you may provide bespoke photos as well as custom design to your future employer, putting you ahead of the competition.
  • Technical abilities. These are the “on-the-job” talents you'll need to succeed in your position. For example, learning how to diagnose an engine problem or accounting with QuickBooks.
  • Organization, conflict resolution, and communication skills are examples of soft skills. Prepare to offer instances of how you've demonstrated these skills in previous employment.
  • Big projects, new clientele, system creation, or just comprehensive, everyday efficiency are all examples of key successes. Mention what you've accomplished in previous positions since these are the sorts of accomplishments that will help you stand out.
  • Awards/accolades. Receiving an award for exceptional performance shows potential employers that you go above and beyond and provide excellent results. Any particular accolades you've earned can be incorporated into your response.
  • Make a note of any noteworthy educational or training achievements. Especially if you've gone above and beyond to maintain your industry-related skills and certifications.
  • Accomplishments and success stories. Usually solid bets, especially if you can illustrate how a major achievement (such as a great marketing campaign) indicates a desirable competence (creativity, results-orientation).

Pro tip: If this is your first job, you may find it difficult to respond to this question, particularly since you will be asked to base your argument on past work experience. Take a look at this post we created especially for you.

Abilities and experience

The best way to answer this question is to focus on a mix of your abilities and experience. You could win the case fast if you can think of the abilities you have that your interview competitors may lack.

If you're looking for an IT job, for example, you're undoubtedly aware that your competitors will have a wide range of programming abilities, but they'll likely be lacking in project management and team leadership. This is your gold mine if you have programming experience and these other abilities. Make a compelling answer based on your entire set of abilities by writing down these talents.

Alternatively, if you're looking for a teaching position, you may emphasize creative thinking and classroom innovation rather than just stating that you're good with kids. (After all, you wouldn't be in your job if this wasn't the case.)

why should we hire you

Continue reading if you still need help coming up with the finest "why should we hire you" response. We'll walk you through each stage of the procedure.

A "perfect" answer to this interview question utilizes a few of these bullet points to tell a story. Utilizing prior work accomplishments is the best to highlight. Since employers and managers are more inclined to hire those who can execute.

If you're a new graduate or lack experience from a previous job, using key qualifications is another way to answer this question. As an example, speaking about certifications, hard skills, and soft skills in order to be a qualified candidate for the job.

Read the job description/job posting

Before the job interview, read the job description. A job posting can provide multiple insights that can help to not only answer this question, but many others as well.

Look for keywords or key functions that the role requires. Here are some example of what you might see:

  • Ability to manage a P&L.
  • Capable of handling multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Comfortable managing a team.
  • Able to move the needle on administrative tasks.

Wording like this can provide a job seeker with the right skills, prior work experiences, or education to highlight.

Start brainstorming

From the company's perspective, what are the most significant qualifications for this position? These abilities should be highlighted in particular.

Which of these areas do I excel at the most?

First, look over the highlighted list and circle the talents that you have the most of. Then look over the remainder of the list and circle any skills you have that aren't on the highlighted list of corporate desired abilities. These are your hidden weapon skills that you may utilize to set yourself apart from the competition.

What are my most noteworthy achievements?

Concentrate on your most remarkable achievements, such as times where you demonstrated the abilities underlined and circled on your list.

What distinguishes me from the average candidate?

This is your chance to stand out from the crowd. What talents do you have that aren't listed in the job description but will be extremely useful to the employer?

Structure your answer

It's time to give your ideal response a body and make it attractive now that you've got the core.

Choose the three to four bullet points that make the strongest case for you. Organize your sales message around those bullet points.

You don't need to remember a screenplay; simply jot down the key points you wish to express. Each bullet will discuss the selling point in detail, including a brief explanation and/or an example to provide context.

why should we hire you

Pro tip: Keep it short – you just have 1-2 minutes to provide your answer, so you won't be able to reel off every skill and accomplishment on your CV.

This is your opportunity to show them what you can contribute to the job. However, you must consider what distinguishes you from the competition and explain why your history and expertise make you a suitable match for this position.

Practice your delivery

It's time to practice after you're certain of the points you want to convey. Again, memorizing a script is not a smart idea; you may wind up sounding robotic or become more nervous as a result of the need to recall precise phrases.

It's best to write down your bullet points, analyze them, and then practice until you're confident speaking about them spontaneously. Each time you provide a response, it should be slightly different, but it should always address the points you wish to convey.

Key takeaway

You're more likely to make a great impression if you exude confidence (even if you have to fake it a bit). When it comes to excitement, bear in mind that genuine enthusiasm for the task at hand is a powerful selling factor.

Yes, experience and skills are essential, but having the proper attitude may set you apart from others with comparable backgrounds.

After many years of recruiting and hiring experience, I'd rather employ someone with a bit less experience but a strong desire to learn and achieve.

Sample Answers to "Why should we hire you?"

Best sample answers to the question, "Why should we hire you?"

Best Answer Sample

“Well, I have all of the abilities and experience you're seeking for, and I'm certain that in this project management job, I'd be a rock star. It's not only my experience managing successful projects for Fortune 500 organizations — or my people skills, which have helped me form strong bonds with engineers, vendors, and senior executives. But I'm also enthusiastic about this field, and I'm driven to produce high-quality work.”

Example Answer #1

Project Manager/Software Engineer

“It's almost as if the job description was designed specifically for me. I have 6 years of programming experience, a track record of successful projects, and shown proficiency in agile development techniques. At the same time, working directly with top managers has improved my communication abilities, so I am well equipped to work on high-profile, cross-departmental initiatives. I'm certain that I'll be able to contribute right away, and I'm looking forward to getting started.”

Example Answer #2

Production Assistant

why should we hire you

“In this production assistant role, I have the experience and attitude to succeed. I've worked in television production for over two years, including two summers working at The Ellen Show, where I was exposed to all elements of the industry and worked so hard the first year that they welcomed me back for a second summer and increased my duties. I've been working part-time at a production business throughout my senior year at UC San Diego, where I've worked as an assistant but have recently helped edit many episodes. I have a reputation for getting things done quickly and cheerfully.

That's because I adore working in television and am eager to learn and get experience in whatever manner I can.”

Example Answer with No Experience

Great for a recent college graduate. Or those entering the workforce after time off.

Best sample answer for a Sales Manager/Administrative Assistant:

"I am the ideal candidate for the position since I have a strong desire to work in this field and the necessary abilities to do so. I believe job happiness stems from two factors: first, working in a role that is a good fit for your skills, and second, working for a caring, passionate, and forward-thinking employer like yourself.

I keep coming across your creative and exciting future plans when investigating your firm, and I very much want to be a part of them. For example, I discovered through reading your website that one of your recent new product launches was a huge hit with your consumers. Working as part of a team that consistently provides exceptional customer service while striving to fulfill your company's objectives would give me a great feeling of pride."

Mistakes to Avoid

Common mistakes to avoid.

Mistake 1: Insufficient preparedness

Don't attempt to make it up as you go along. Take the time to prepare your three to four bullet points and search for ways to modify them for every new situation. Then you must practice presenting your sales presentation until you are confident in your ability to do so.

It's better to practice this in front of a mirror or with someone you trust who won't hesitate to bring out areas where you can improve.

Mistake 2: Being overly modest

This is not the time to be humble or dismissive of yourself. You must be able to articulate what makes you special. If you're naturally humble, this will take some work.

You don't have to be as self-assured as the applicant in the video above. You are free to utilize your own personal style. If you don't want to make value claims about yourself (e.g., "I am the ideal candidate"), stick to facts ("I have ten years of experience, was promoted, broke the sales record, won the award, delivered on time and on budget, earned compliments from my manager/client, etc.).

Another method to use facts to “sell” oneself is to use other people's views. "My manager informed me that he's never seen someone with more advanced Excel abilities," you can say. You might also mention your general reputation: "I have a reputation for always closing the transaction" or "I have a history of always finishing my tasks on time."

Mistake 3: Providing a broad response

Make an effort to inject some individuality into your response. Do not just recite the bullet points from the job description. Consider what makes you special and convey it in your own words.

Mistake 4: Excessive talking

Remember the golden rule of answering interview questions: each answer should be no more than 1-2 minutes long (not counting any follow-up questions or requests for additional detail).

When answering this question, if you try to go through your entire CV, the interviewer is likely to tune you out.

why should we hire you

Concentrate on your most persuasive selling arguments. Keep in mind that focusing on a few talents rather than claiming to be a master of every business skill possible will make you more credible.

Mistake 5: Being overly confident

If you're uniquely qualified for the position, confidence could exude itself. When the interviewer asks, "Why should we hire you" it's best to answer in a confident fashion. Though, keep your answer to merely having a positive attitude about the question. Rather than too much confidence.

General answer tips for "why should we hire you"

General answer tips when developing an answer to this question.

Consider other candidates

Consider what types of skills and experience other candidates could be using in their job interviews for this position. Your ability to deliver high quality work is only as good as the capacity to convince the hiring manager of your capabilities.

How are you going to stand out? And what methods are other candidates using to present themselves?

Follow up about the interview process

Make sure to follow up about the hiring process. It's best to ask this question right after the interview is complete. If on a phone interview, it could be best to ask about the interview process immediately after completing the sales pitch and answer to the interview question.

Be the best person for the job

It requires a significant amount of time and company research to ensure you're truly the best fit for the company. Include your skills to make up a great answer. Interpersonal skills, leadership experience, or strong achievements.

Review the job responsibilities

Have a unique perspective on this new job. Consider how other applicants are answering. The way to ensure you're going to get a job offer is if you go above and beyond being a "hard worker." Speak about the job duties, responsibilities, and use your previous professional experience to support your capabilities.

For example, if the job is in management, mention your leadership abilities.

Present all the skills you have to offer

The best answers present achievements, skills, and uniquely position why you're a great fit for the job. When the hiring manager asks, "why should we hire you" always consider the relevant skills that you have to offer.

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