5+ Best Answers to "Why Should We Hire You" in an Interview [2020]

why should we hire you

It’s a unique interview question: why should we hire you? And is one that prompts a sales pitch type response from you, the interviewer. It requires preparation, like knowing details about the company and details about the job description that help you to structure your answer. And a simple format for positioning yourself to align with the desired qualities the hiring manager or employer is looking for in an ideal job candidate.

Preparing to Answer this Interview Question

As a job seeker, one of the most important parts of preparing for your job interview and answering any common interview question like this one is to perform research on the company. Here is what you should know about the company you’re in an interview with:

You can find healthy amounts of information about a company through their website, recent press releases through Google, and public information when the business is publicly traded on finviz.com.

Knowing this information in advance will help you to structure your sales pitch and answer this question as a job applicant. For example, it’s not important to talk about technical skills if the company is really focused on sales this year. Or if you do talk about technical skills, maybe they are positioned as sales technology skills versus simply talking about your ability to operate a computer.

Additionally, you can position your answer to sound as though you’d be a cultural fit to the position to your potential employer. Because your answer will be structured in a fashion that embraces what the employer values. For example, you can position your resume and qualifications around quantitative skills if the company believes heavily in the use of data to make business decisions as part of their culture.

Tip: It can be helpful to perform an informational interview with a company you’re truly passionate about. This is where you interview a person who is currently working within the business and ask them career advice style questions. It can be helpful to learn what the hiring manager is looking for in a candidate or what the interview process is like through this employed professional.

Ask yourself the following questions to make sure you fully comprehend what the interviewer might be looking for:

Professional Qualities to Focus On

Now that you have an idea of what the company is looking for in a perfect candidate, it is time to put effort into positioning yourself as a good fit for both the requirements of the position (the job role) and the company.

Take time to analyze your abilities. Ask a previous colleague what they feel your best qualities are if you can’t think of any yourself. Try to find at least one of the following:

These are strengths or qualities that you’ll use to formulate your answer. As you begin to think about what the job requires and the company requires, you can use these strengths to align yourself with the desired outcomes, qualifications, or abilities that the employer is desiring.

Tip: Job candidates should keep their interview answers to no more than 90-seconds. While you don’t need to recite a script. A great answer to an interview question is one that’s simple to comprehend and keeps the interviewer’s attention. As a byproduct, this shows keen communication skills that make you a desirable candidate. Practicing your interview answers before your next interview can be impactful for the success of your job search. If you feel like you are very unprepared for your interview, you can seek the help of a career coach who can work with you to practice your interviewing skills.

How to Answer “Why Should We Hire You?”

If you followed the steps above, you should have a fairly good idea of what the company might be looking for and what qualities you’d like to present to your recruiter or hiring manager.

Here is what a bad answer to this interview question looks like:

I think I’m a great fit for this role because it’s looking for someone who is a hard worker, which I am. And this is certainly my dream job. I’d love to work here.

This doesn’t sell the candidate. Nor does it make them stand out amongst the other job candidates.

Before you answer this question, check your body language. This could be over a Zoom interview, video interview, in-person interview, or other. Be sure you are:

Following these steps will ensure that your answer comes across with confidence, clarity, and professionalism.

When you answer this interview question, structure your interview answer like so:

By answering in this format, you will have created a sales pitch style answer that your interviewer can both relate to as well as be impressed by.

Sample Answers

Each example answer below is using a job title or internship interview as an example scenario.

Engineer or Programmer

Sample answer:

I’ve done early research on Apple, Inc. and it appears that a few qualities are required in an ideal candidate. The first is someone who embraces collaboration, innovation, and team player mentality. The second is someone who can bring a key analytical skill to the team’s DNA. In my last job, we spent around 75% of our time performing market research. We used geographic data and insights from tools like Zillow to make our software more intelligent. I noticed that the more time we spent on research, the more accurate our work was and more efficient it became. I’d like to bring this with me to this role. Is that assumption correct? If not, please let me know and I can modify my answer.

Internship Position (New Graduate)

Sample answer:

In my early research on Apple, Inc. it appears this internship opportunity is one that requires a heavy amount of experience in data analysis and quantitative analysis. On top of that, fitting in with the Apple culture means exploring innovations in a collaborative fashion. During my tenure at school, my final research project was to develop a series of Instagram accounts that had a high chance of going viral by analyzing previous data sets of video views and engagement metrics. I’d like to bring that same style of creative thinking and analysis to this opportunity. Is my assumption correct on what the internship role requires? If not, please let me know and I can modify my answer.

Healthcare Position

Sample answer:

In my early research on St. Johns Hospital, I noticed that patient care is more than simply a marketing tactic. There are tools, systems, and processes in place to make patients feel comfortable. As well as the latest technology that separates the hospital from other institutions. Aside from having my NLEX and RN certifications, I’m adept in operating new technologies and have a keen skill for learning new systems quickly. As the hospital evolves, I will be able to adapt and ensure patient care is heavily considered as part of the HIPAA and standard process issued by the hospital administrator.
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