Teacher Job Description: Salary, Duties, Skills

For those who would have an interest in pursuing a rewarding career as a teacher, that means you'll be responsible for ensuring the education of our youth. You will be responsible for the educational development of children in grades K-12. A teacher is a professional who can understand curriculum needs and design in-classroom educational activities to allow children of all ages to educate themselves. Teachers can instruct on a variety of subject matter. From history to math. Or from social studies to science.

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Teacher Job Description Sample

Our company is in search of a diligent and energetic teacher who is passionate about education. Our ideal teacher is someone who sees themselves as an educator, counselor, and advisor. Teachers should embody the passion for education on a personal level and in a group setting. Our ideal candidate is a professional who can make education a fun learning experience. We want children to be excited about their education and future.

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Teacher Salary

According to data collected by PayScale in 2019, the national average salary for a teacher is $49,300.00 per year. That equates to a median wage of $13.23 per hour. Entry-level teachers with less than one year of experience can expect to see earnings of $9.14 per hour. Those who have been working as teachers for twenty years or longer are reporting wages of at least $23.78 per hour or higher.

Teacher Job Description For The Resume (Resume Summary)

Versatile and detail-oriented teacher with over five years of experience in the K-12 education system. Comfortable with preparing children of all ages for standardized testing. Comfortable with curriculum building and ensuring that students are being properly educated through testing and homework assignments.

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Teacher Skills

A Teacher spends the majority of their day interacting with guests and customers. Therefore, these examples of skills must be a priority:

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Teacher Duties & Responsibilities

Under most circumstances, you'll see a Teacher stationed in an airport, hotel, seaport, or train station. They're available for assisting guests with their luggage and escorting them to a destination within a facility. However, there are other responsibilities, and they include these examples:

Teacher Requirements

In order for someone to teach professionally, they will have to have their degree in teaching. It is recommended that the teacher have at least 2 years of prior experience in a classroom setting.

Teacher Job Description
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