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An administrative assistant is someone who plays a flexible role inside of an office to ensure the success of the working environment. An administrative assistant could be someone who helps executive team members through miscellaneous small tasks that would otherwise distract them from larger, core objectives. Down to administrative assistants helping to ensure that office guests are checked in and existing employees have all their needs met in the working environments.

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Administrative assistants are deployed and employed in a wide variety of industries or fields. They are multidisciplinary players within the corporate structure. An administrative assistant has a varying workload. They are someone who can carry out tasks for an individual within a specific department to someone who can lead team needs in order to facilitate overall company success. The tasks performed by an administrative assistant can vary depending on who they are assigned to assist. For example, if they are assisting an executive they may have to carry out personal tasks. Or if they are assisting a team, they may be carrying out communication or correspondence takes that would otherwise slow down that team's delivery times.

Administrative assistants play a very specialized role. They are able to communicate and work closely with all teams within the organization including finance, accounting, marketing, sales, product, and operations. They may have frequent and close contact with executive leadership, as well.

Administrative Assistant Resume Summary

This is how you might describe your position as an administrative assistant in a resume summary, executive summary or professional summary:

Strong interpersonal skills, experienced in a wide variety of functional areas, able to drive success on behalf of the leader who assigned it. Capable of comprehending all department needs and using problem-solving skills in order to meet leaderships expectations.

Administrative Assistant National Average Salary

National average salary for administrative assistants is provided by The U.S. Department of Labor. National averages are a cumulative total average as seen by a non-specific geographic mean average. That means this is the average salary that you might expect to have (regardless of geographic region) when entering into this job function.

National average salary: $12/hr - $21.90/hr

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