Forklift Operator Job Description: Salary, Duties, Skills

When you apply for a job as a forklift operator, you'll be driving industrial trucks and specializing in warehouse transportation. Your primary responsibilities will include loading and unloading materials for warehouses, identifying damages to vehicles, and optimizing loads to ensure operational efficiency.

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Forklift Operator Job Description Sample

Our company is in search of several technically skilled candidates who have strong attention to detail to work for us as forklift operators. Your responsibilities will include scheduling maintenance and repairs, optimizing loads for optimal efficiency, using RF scanning equipment to manage inventory, and other various duties. Successful candidates will be transporting valuable items, using good hand-eye coordination, and requiring diligence.

Forklift Operator Salary

According to data collected in 2019 by PayScale, the national average salary for a forklift operator is $38,477.00 per year. That equates to $14.09 per hour. An entry-level forklift operator can expect to see an income of $12.79 per hour if they have less than one year of experience. Those who have been working in the field for twenty years or longer are reporting salaries of $15.66 per hour or higher.

Forklift Operator Job Description For The Resume (Resume Summary)

Forklift driver with over five years experience in warehouse general labor and forklift operation. Comfortable working within industrial environments. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. I can work efficiently with a variety of team members with diverse backgrounds and personalities. Hardworking, motivated, and can perform substantial work, routinely lifting between 25 and 80 pounds.

Forklift Operator Skills

A forklift operator’s soft skills are just as essential as their education and background. If they’re not physically fit, dependable, or can work as a team player, then this individual may not be an ideal candidate. Therefore, you must include soft skills in a job description to ensure candidates understand their expectations for this role.

Forklift Operator Duties & Responsibilities

Because forklifts are used in a broad range of indoor and outdoor facilities, it isn't uncommon to see a significant number of differences in job descriptions from one company to the next. Despite these varied work environments, specific duties and responsibilities remain constant.

Forklift Operator Requirements

Enrolling in a forklift certificate program will give you a general idea of what to expect regarding the requirements and skills employers expect. Keep in mind, though; employees have more or fewer responsibilities and expectations depending on the company or organization. Qualified candidates should have the following:

Forklift Operator Job Description

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