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A Sales Associate is a business representative who interacts with customers on a sales floor or other retail setting to help address customer needs and ensure that the transaction between business and customer occurs in a friendly, professional, and high-quality way. They are considered retail salespersons, sales representatives, and associates who greet customers and address their concerns over products, services, or other retail offerings.

Are you hiring for the position of Sales Associate? Or maybe you are currently looking for a sales associate position? Working in sales can be quite rewarding and there is often an abundance of open positions available at any given time. However, sales associate positions aren’t always the easiest positions to fill. It’s very important to build up a resume that looks excellent, complete with an accurate job description.

We’re going to take a look at example job descriptions for Sales Associates, so you can perfect your resume ahead of time. We’ll also look at some key information you should know before applying or posting a job for any sales associate role, such as salary, responsibilities, education, etc.

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Sales Associate Job Description Sample

A sales associate is responsible for any and all sales activities that take place on a sales floor or digitally-- including greeting customers, providing support, offering support, suggesting products, lending personal opinions, and providing in-depth product information. A sales associate may also need to provide cashier services as well, especially in retail. Many tend to associate sales associate positions exclusively with retail, but sales associates are employed in a variety of industries, from e-commerce to cuisine to SaaS.

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Sales Associate Job Description For Resume (Resume Summary)

If you’ve almost exclusively worked as a sales associate in your professional career, a good way to show off your expertise in the role would be to include a quick but informative job description at the top of your resume, shortly before your list of employers. For example:

A sales associate is typically employed by businesses and brands in different industries in order to sell products and services while maximizing revenue. An excellent sales associate will be able to detect possible clients or customers, demonstrate product features, make offers to clients, negotiate, and close sales. A sales associate is essentially the “face” of the brand when it comes to the first interaction clients and customers will have with the product. As such, a sales associate needs to be friendly, informative, and great at selling products.

If sales is a fairly new industry for you or you’ve worked in positions other than a sales associate, you may want to consider including a very short job description next to the appropriate employer entries in your resume. For example:

Company A - Communications Coordinator Sales Associate - Managed all levels of product timeline for a skincare company, from initial evaluation to thank your emails for purchasing.

Company B - Sales Associate - Administered support for various products within the store and operated cashier stands, maintained a clean department, and achieve success with meeting sales goals.

Sales Associate National Average Salary

The national average salary for a Sales Associate is provided by The U.S. Department of Labor Statistics. National averages are a cumulative total average as seen by a non-specific geographic mean average. That means this is the average salary that you might expect to have (regardless of geographic region) when entering into this job function.

Currently, the average hourly rate for a sales associate is approximately $13.94, plus $7,5000 commission annually in the United States.

Sales Associate Duties & Responsibilities

Sales Associate Skills

Sales Associate Requirements

A high school diploma, GED, or general on-the-job training is generally required for sales associate positions. This makes the sales associate position very easy for young people and people without access to higher education to find employment. In some cases, a Bachelor’s degree in marketing may be preferred.

Walmart Sales Associate Job Description

If you're curious how Walmart describes their Sales Associates in job listings, here's an example from their careers portal:

Do you enjoy helping customers figure out and find what they need? From every day needs to special occasions, customers need you to take them to that special product. As a sales associate in Apparel, Entertainment, Toys, Sporting Goods -- or any one of our dozens of departments -- you have the opportunity to make someone's day better.

You'll find that being a sales associate will keep you moving. It's up to you to keep your aisles neat and clean, work with multiple supervisors and fellow associates, stock shelves, and answer tricky questions -- you may even have to pitch in to help check out customers. The more you know about the store, the more successful you'll be.

Kohls Sales Associate Job Description

If you're curious how Kohls describes their Sales Associates in job listings, here's an example from their careers portal:

Creates a friendly and welcoming environment by greeting and offering assistance to customers. You are the face to the customer ensuring they remain the top priority while balancing tasks and routines. Work with the latest technology and innovative solutions. Kohl’s offers flexible scheduling and we train and develop the most talented, motivated teams around.

DSW Sales Associate Job Description

If you're curious how DSW describes their Sales Associates in job listings, here's an example from their careers portal:

Sales Associates provide friendly service by actively seeking out customers to assess their needs and provide assistance. Sales Associates execute the company’s customer service model while always putting the customer before any task. Sales Associates will perform the following functions: customer service, signing up new Rewards members, cashiering, store operations, and merchandising. Sales Associates must demonstrate behaviors that align with the company values of Accountability, Collaboration, Humility, and Passion. Sales Associates must comply with all policies and procedures associated with the position, including maintaining at least a 95% attendance record.

Sales Associate FAQ's

Common questions from job seekers and hiring managers.

Is this a job description for a retail sales associate?

Yes. You should use this job description for a retail sales associate who you expect to perform retail sales for your retail store.

Should I mention needing to have product knowledge as part of the job requirements?

It will certainly help in your hiring process to mention this. You may want to mention having familiarity with your merchandise, product knowledge, or the company's products.

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