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Free creative director job description. A creative director is a professional who oversees the creative process and creative execution of a creative department. Depending on the industry or focus, the creative director’s role and responsibilities may shift. A creative director oversees the early stages of projects and initiatives and helps to cast a vision for the design philosophy.

Creative directors can keep track of industry trends, technology trends, and lead a team of creative staff members. The creative director is a dynamic role in an agency or directly for a brand. A creative director must coach, lead, and educate staff members on client work (graphic design, brand design, web design, and other creative executions).

creative director job description

Creative Director Job Description Sample

Our business seeks a creative director who can oversee our creative staff. And assist in the creative lead of all initiatives, projects, brand development, visual communication, and more. As a creative director, you’ll be working closely with the associate creative director and graphic designer. And other staff to plot creative work and creative vision with the creative team. Previous experience as a creative director in the graphic design industry is preferred.

Creative Director Duties and Responsibilities

Below are sample job duties and responsibilities of a creative director.

  • Oversee the early-stage creative direction of all initiatives.
  • Handle multiple projects simultaneously and assist with their creative concept development.
  • Assist with general art direction and provide creative guidance.
  • Oversee marketing campaigns and assist with their creative strategy and marketing strategy.
  • Provide ongoing support to creative team members.
  • Understand advertising trends and how to compete in the advertising space.
  • Cultivate creative solutions from concept to reality.
  • Nurture every creative idea from the team. From the copywriter to the graphic artists.
  • Assist with copywriting, brand standards, and all brand-related communications for each advertising campaign.
  • Provide insights and reporting to the executive creative director.
  • Provide social media brand direction to the digital teams managing content marketing and other customer-focused profiles.
  • Assist with translating marketing objectives into creative strategies.
  • Work closely with clients to understand business objectives, feedback on creative work, and more.
  • Develop copy that impresses customers. Help with design direction. Allocate creative resources. Make sure clients and customers are happy with our work.
  • Provide creative direction and leadership to art directors and other creative professionals.
  • As an experienced creative director, take ideas into the market and launch new ideas.

Job duties and responsibilities may vary depending on the type of creative director.

In-House Creative Director

  • Keep track of the brands creative direction.
  • Work closely with the Chief Marketing Officer on all marketing initiatives.
  • Have a great level of control of the graphic design team, creative team, and compete in the marketplace against other brands.

Digital Creative Director and Agency Creative Director

  • Lead a large team of creative team members and dedicated marketers.
  • Coordinate meetings with clients to adjust their creative guidance and learn about new quarterly objectives.
  • Turn concepts into creative executions for customers.
  • Work closely with clients Chief Marketing Officers and other executive staff members.

Fashion Creative Director

  • Oversee fall, winter, spring, and summer fashion lines.
  • Oversee the overall brand cohesiveness.
  • Review fabric samples, garment samples, and order samples from manufacturing companies.

Social Media Creative Director

  • Oversee all brand directions on Snapchat, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.
  • Work closely with videographers, graphic designers, and influencers to produce content for social media accounts.
  • Ensure that customers are seeing products, services, and cohesiveness of the brand voice.

Creative Director Requirements

Qualified candidates will have the following:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Arts, Marketing, or Business Communications.
  • Proficiency with the Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Previous experience at an advertising agency (ad agency) preferred.
  • At least 5+ years of experience in the creative field.
  • Previous experience as a senior art director or in a previous creative director position preferred.
  • Proficiency with web design, HTML, CSS, and other programming languages is a plus.

Creative Director Salary

According to PayScale, a creative director earns $123,600 per year, on average. With a lower percentile earning $84,500 per year, on average. And the upper percentile earnings $168,400 per year, on average.

Creative Director Skills

Top candidates in the creative director field have the following job skills:

  • Organizational skills.
  • Comprehension skills.
  • Presentation skills.
  • Verbal communication skills.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Copywriting skills.
  • Brand direction skills.
  • Brand building skills.
  • Project management skills.

Creative Director Job Boards

Employers looking to post a creative director job or job advertisement should post on these top industry job boards for creative direction. It's advised that an employer post on a "niche" job board before posting to a major job board like Indeed, Monster, or Dice.com.

Posting on a "niche" job board can attract several candidates who have a strong passion for advancing their creative careers.

Top creative director job boards for job seekers

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Download the free creative director job description PDF template. And use the sample creative director job description provided to make an efficient job posting for your company. For more information please visit the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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