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A housekeeper is a professional who works within a family residence or hotel staff. They are more than simply someone who looks after the sanitation and hygiene of the home or hotel. They look after the needs of the pantry as well as the children inside the home or hotel at times as well. A housekeeper is someone who looks after a home or hotel in a way that is similar to if the homeowner or hotel owner themselves.

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Housekeeper Job Description Sample

We are seeking a professional and passionate housekeeper to help us with the daily operations of the home. The perfect housekeeper is someone who has respect for the home and looks for the details that make a home in clear operational order. The housekeeper will look after all kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and more. The needs of the house might entail the bedding being washed to the dishes being done to the children being taken to school.

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The national average salary is provided by The Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is a division of the U.S. Department of Labor. In 2018, the median pay for a Housekeeper position in the U.S. was $10.85/hr on average.

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2 prior years working as a housekeeper for a private family. I was primarily responsible for looking after the master bedrooms and bathrooms. As well as all the family room areas. These were frequently visited by guests and business colleagues, meaning I was ensuring that all spaces were functional, clean and in working order.

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Housekeeper Job Description

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