Best Data Analyst Job Description Sample (+ Free Template Download)

A data analyst is a professional who transforms and models data and information with the goal of discovering useful business information and conclusions that can help support decision-making within a business. In this sense, a data analyst is someone who performs business analysis using data models and data transformations.

A data analyst is sometimes referred to as a business analyst, data scientist, senior data analyst, junior data analyst, operations analyst, market research analyst, marketing analyst, or data scientist depending on the business and industry.

Data Analyst Job Description Sample

Our business is seeking a data analyst who can help to perform predictive analysis against our business. We rely heavily on the data analyst role to utilize machine learning, data mining, cognitive computing, data sets, statistical analysis, data analytics, and other business data to gather and determine business intelligence and actionable insights. As a data analyst, you’ll be practicing computer science and big data analytics to create predictive models and predictive analytics for our business teams.

Data Analyst Duties and Responsibilities

Below are data analyst responsibilities and job duties.

Data Analyst Requirements

Qualified candidates should have the following:

Data Analyst Salary

According to, a data analyst earns anywhere from $66,700 to $85,600 per year, on average.

data analyst job decription free template and download

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