Security Officer Job Description Sample

Pursuing a job as a security officer means you're working to ensure the safety and security of assets, designated properties, visitors, and personnel. When you work as a security officer, you're investigating and reporting irregularities and guarding against unlawful behavior.

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Security Officer Job Description Sample

Here’s an example of a good Security Officer job description:

Our company is searching for a dedicated security officer to join our team. Qualified candidates will work to ensure the safety and security of our assets, premises, staff, and visitors. It will be your responsibility to enforce company policies, investigate suspicious behavior, patrol the premises, and set up security controls. Successful candidates can objectively assess the severity of a situation and are highly observant. Outstanding security officer candidates can remain calm and decisive, no matter the case.

Security Officer Salary

The Bureau of Labor & Statistics, which is provided by the United States Department of Labor, gathers data for the national salary average for security officers. According to this data, the average median pay for a security officer in 2018 was $28,530.00 per year. That meant a security officer was earning $13.72, on average, per hour that year.

Security Officer Job Description For Resume

A Security Officer position may have a description similar to this one in an executive summary, professional summary, or resume:

A certified security officer with over five years of experience in safety compliance and property patrol during public events. For my previous employer, I reduced safety incidents by 75% and ensured there were no material losses. Seeking to provide crime prevention practices and leverage my problem-solving skills thanks to excellent knowledge of security systems.

Security Officer Skills

Even though the duties and responsibilities will differ, the skills are a constant. That means a security officer must have the same skills no matter what job their holding. In this section, you’re detailing the capabilities you expect for the role within your organization.

Security Officer Duties & Responsibilities

Every security situation differs from one organization to another. For example, you may be looking for a security officer to patrol an event while another company might be in search of one to keep their grounds secure. Therefore, the duties and responsibilities will differ from one job description to the next. Here are some examples of what a security officer's duties and responsibilities could look like:

Security Officer Requirements

In this section, you’re diving into more specific detail regarding the security guard candidate’s requirements. Here, you’ll outline more skills, expectations, and background information every candidate should have when applying for this role.

Security Officer Job Description

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