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Executive Assistants are personal assistants for executive leadership. They are tasked with administrative duties that would otherwise slow down executive leaders from being able to perform. These duties could be scheduling, planning, coordinating, and ensuring time-management has been appropriately budgeted throughout the day.

Job Description Sample

We are seeking an Executive Assistant who can help ensure that one of our executive leaders is able to focus on larger company objectives. As an Executive Assistant, you should feel that no task is too small. From helping with retrieving lunches or coffee. To coordinating travel and ensuring that all upcoming transportation has been accounted for.

Executive Assistant Salary

In the U.S., the average Executive Assistant earns anywhere from $42,000 annually to $78,000 annually. It may vary depending on the executive that the assistant is working with and what industry they are in.


Executive Assistant Responsibilities

Below are examples of the job duties or general responsibility for an executive assistant job:

Executive Assistant Requirements

A qualified candidate should have one or more of the following:

Executive Assistant FAQ's

Common questions by those hiring executive assistants

How should I determine our executive assistant duties?

Meet with the senior level executives and determine what their needs are. Then compose those into actionable insights for the job description.

What job boards are good for executive assistant roles?

Indeed.com is a great place to post this type of a role.

How should we determine our executive assistant responsibilities?

Meet with the executive staff and find which functions might be able to help save them time. From there, compose that into actionable insights for the job posting and job description.

Is this a good senior executive assistant job description?

It certainly can be. You may want to customize the job description further to make the role more suitable to an executive assistant position.

Where can I find more assistant job description templates?

We have many job description templates in our database.

Is this a good job description for an administrative assistant?

No, you should use the administrative assistant job description separately.

Is this a good job description for administrative support?

No, you should use the administrative support job description separately.

Is this a good job description for executive secretaries?

It certainly can be a good job description template for executive secretaries. It requires you to customize the duties and the requirements according to your needs.

How should we determine salary?

You can find average salary information from PayScale.

executive assistant job description

executive assistant job decription free template and download

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