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Free cashier job description. A cashier is a retail sales professional that handles the transactions of merchandise using a cash register. They assist in accepting payments from customers using money, credit cards, checks, traveler's checks, and other payment forms. Also, cashiers often serve as customer service representatives, helping with returns or broken merchandise.

Cashiers can be found from grocery stores as a retail cashier to hotels as a hotel cashier. Or at gas stations. In all circumstances, the duties of a cashier are similar. From greeting customers to handling money transactions in the hotel establishment or retail establishment.

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Cashier Job Description Template/Sample

Cashier job description sample:

Our establishment is seeking a cashier to oversee the checkout area and assist customers with their purchases at our store. The cashier will greet customers, handle cash transactions, complaints, and other essential functions related to the cashier duties. The cashier will oversee the store checkout area, cash drawer, and parts of the sales floor.

Cashier Job Duties and Responsibilities

Below are cashier responsibilities. The following duties are perfect for a general cashier, supermarket cashier, or retail cashier.

  • Ensure customer satisfaction by greeting customers and creating a healthy work environment near the checkout area.
  • Process credit card, cash, automatic debits, charge payments, and other forms of payment.
  • Ensure each transaction is completed before the customer leaves the store.
  • Work closely with other team members on the sales floor to assist customers with merchandise questions and selection.
  • Be a multidisciplinary team member and assist customers and colleagues with various needs.
  • Ensure a balanced till and register at the end of each workday.
  • Strive to become a great cashier and provide excellent customer service at all times.
  • Handle returns and ensure customers receive receipts on all return transactions.
  • Assist with questions regarding each customers' purchases.
  • Count money in cash registers and cash drawers. Ensure money in cash drawers is correct at the end of the shift. And cash registers or drawers at the beginning of the shift are correct.
  • Ensure that amounts are correct when scanning items. Collect payments from customers. And ensure adequate change is provided.

Automotive cashiers may have varying duties than a retail cashier. A hiring manager or dealership manager hiring for a cashier position should speak with each manager. And collect the desired job duties and requirements of the role before writing a job description.

Automotive Cashier Duties and Responsibilities

Below are variations of the cashier position for an automotive dealership.

  • Calculate customers' bills using dealerships' computer systems.
  • Receive cash, checks, and credit card payments from customers and record the amount received on the repair order or counter ticket.
  • Reconcile credit card deposits for the dealership.
  • Operate switchboard telephone systems.
  • Assist the managers with various clerical duties as needed.
  • Be friendly, professional, courteous, and efficient when working with customers and employees.
  • Make changes and issue receipts.
  • Handle complaints, answer phones, and direct callers to the proper departments.
  • Create bank deposits and handle bank deposit runs.
  • Follow all company safety procedures and policies.
  • Handle general filling of repair orders, counter tickets, and car deal bags.
  • Ability to count and balance drawer and till at the end of every shift.

Restaurant Cashier and Fast Food Cashier Duties and Responsibilities

  • Welcome guests upon arrival and process their orders.
  • Record orders using the restaurant's system, recording them in the database.
  • Relay orders to kitchen staff.
  • Ensure timely delivery of orders.
  • Handle cash and return the correct amount of change.
  • Tally money in the register at the beginning and end of every shift.
  • Complete cash and credit transactions for patrons.

Supermarket Cashier Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide excellent service and address customers' needs in a timely and effective manner.
  • Surprise and delight the patrons with excellent service at all times.
  • Assist supervisors, floor personnel, and associates in controlling customer flow and backed up lines; help to reduce waiting time for patrons.
  • Follow the proper store procedures for customer check out. Including the handling of tenders, use of tares, and the sales of alcoholic beverages (21 years or older to checkout customers). And the use of PLUs and UPCs.
  • Follow all cash handling procedures.
  • Understand, meet, and exceed the regional and store cashier variance policy (CVP).
  • Maintain a safe, clean, and well-organized working and shopping environment by changing tapes and ribbon as needed, sweeping floors, and completing sweep logs.

Cashier Requirements

Below is a sample list of job requirements. Qualified candidates must have the following:

  • High school diploma or equivalent preferred.
  • Retail store experience preferred.
  • Previous experience as a cashier preferred.
  • Ability to learn cashier skills (such as cash handling and cash management) over time.
  • Ability to complete "on-the-job" training.
  • Physical stamina, near vision, attention to detail, and exceptional communication skills. And math skills.
  • Friendly attitude. A high degree of integrity.
  • Excellent/strong customer service skills. Previous experience in retail shops and helping to resolve customer complaints a plus.

Cashier Salary

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a cashier earns $11.37 per hour, on average. Equalling $23,650 per year in median salary.

Based on the data obtained by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The job outlook for cashiers is projected to decline by 7% between 2019 and 2029.

Cashier Training

Based on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics website, training is most commonly "on-the-job training, which may last a few weeks. An experienced worker typically helps new cashiers learn how to operate equipment such as scanners or registers."

Education requirements are nominal for the cashier position, as this is usually constituted as an "entry-level" position in the job market. Cashiers often go on to become bartenders, retail sales workers, bank tellers, and waiters or waitresses in their career path.

Cashier Skills

Liz Isenburg at Shift Processing describes that a great cashier "greets customers and makes eye contact. Is an active listener and anticipates customer's needs. Is polite and maintains composure with each customer, especially if the customer is angry or disgruntled."

Important qualities of a cashier include "communication skills, customer service skills, dexterity, near vision, patience, and physical stamina." For example, a great cashier needs to be able to scan items and process transactions accurately. Which means using a scanner and point of sale system.

Additional skills and proficiencies include:

  • Friendliness
  • Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Business Etiquette
  • Phone Etiquette
  • Time Management
  • Dependability
  • Punctuality
  • Positive Attitude
  • Math Skills

According to Hubspot, key skills of any cashier include “communication skills, interpersonal skills, experience with a CRM or POS system. Having a customer-centric mindset, deep knowledge of the product or inventory, genuine enthusiasm for the company, and products. And creative problem solving and decision-making skills. Having an empathetic attitude and adaptability skills when tasked with multiple projects or unexpected situations.”

Additionally, Capterra adds that any great cashier “listens to their customers. Understands what they need and what they want. And puts themselves in the customer’s shoes to come up with the perfect solution for the customer’s problem.”

Cashier Job Boards

Cashier positions can be filled on a local level. Employers are recommended to list available jobs on community bulletin boards, local Facebook groups, village Facebook groups, and more. Many cashier positions are filled with entry-level associates enrolled in school.

When posting a job description or job advertisement for a cashier position, consider posting the job to smaller job boards. Try smaller job boards before opening the job up to national job boards like Indeed, Dice.com, Monster, and more.

Top job boards for cashier job advertisements

It's best to use a smaller job board or local listing on Facebook, if possible. A job seeker is more likely to have experienced the retail store. Providing the interviewer with a more capable candidate who is familiar with store operations from a customer point of view.

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Download the free cashier job description PDF template. And use the sample cashier job description provided to make an efficient job posting for your company. For more information please visit the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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