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Free marketing director job description. A marketing director is a professional who oversees a company’s general marketing strategy, marketing campaigns, and initiatives. The marketing director may oversee marketing the policies, goals, and practices of the marketing department. Marketing directors oversee the initial marketing research and development plans for campaigns.

A marketing director can have various job titles including marketing manager, digital marketing manager, marketing executive, and more.

marketing director job description

What is a Marketing Director

A marketing director can be found in agencies or inside digital brands, assisting with the direction of the marketing team and marketing associates. Marketing directors are directly responsible for the company's marketing and communications strategy. In addition, they oversee the branding and brand image (how customer's "see" the brand). The marketing director guides the marketing department, which includes the work of marketing associates, marketing managers, marketing account managers, and more.

Marketing Director Job Description Sample

Our company is seeking a talented marketing director to assist with integrated marketing, public relations, content marketing, our digital marketing strategy. And oversee the general marketing activity of the marketing team. The ideal candidate and marketing director will be tasked with increasing brand awareness. Deciding the pricing strategy of products and services. Developing marketing initiatives by quarterly goals. And ensuring each marketing campaign is designed to achieve success. In this exciting opportunity, the marketing director will oversee an annual marketing budget. And direct our marketing staff through the allocation of advertising and digital marketing campaigns.

Marketing Director Duties and Responsibilities

Sample job duties and marketing director responsibilities are as follows:

  • Oversee our team of marketers and track the company’s marketing efforts.
  • Develop the company’s marketing strategy and general policies.
  • Stay on top of market trends and how our company should be evolving to meet those trends.
  • Develop brand strategy guidelines and techniques.
  • Create advertising and marketing campaigns that attract our target audience through paid channels and organic marketing channels.
  • Educate staffed marketing professionals on effective marketing strategies.
  • Oversee brand communication and ensure it is consistent with brand strategy and messaging.
  • Develop social media marketing strategies, including the use of influencer marketing and paid social media advertising.
  • Work closely with a brand manager, social media manager, and associate director of marketing. And other marketing job titles to ensure the marketing plan is being followed by each channel.

Strategic Marketing Director Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Serves as a consultative marketing partner to designated department leaders or discipline leader. Coordinate with someone who works with divisional and regional marketing teams to develop and manage practice marketing programs to generate leads. Aligns sales and marketing strategy for maximum impact and effectiveness.
  • Leads annual marketing planning process with the senior executive team.
  • Coordinates practice marketing programs. Including an editorial calendar (webinars, white papers, conference speaking submission deadlines and engagements, client seminars, etc.), press releases, and media pitches.
  • Owns project plans, timing, and budgeting.
  • Balances value proposition and positioning for the business and brand inside consulting solutions.
  • Supports transition and full integration of legacy brands into one unified brand. Focused on delivering benefits and HR solutions as part of the business's holistic, consulting approach.

Head of Marketing Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Developing the global corporate marketing plan in support of the company vision. A vision that reinforces and builds upon their positioning in different markets and maximizes owned and paid-for channels.
  • Leading product marketing, reporting, and general ROI – ensuring the right balance of marketing mix and global vs. local approach. Developing a core value proposition against product groupings and development and management of all collateral planning and associated activities (events, sponsorship, media).
  • Building a robust global digital footprint through the development of a digital-first strategy. This includes content and optimization for product-related content on social channels, web, etc.
  • Designing omnichannel campaigns that drive preference for the client – setting clear objectives and manage, monitor and report against effectiveness and ROI.

Digital Marketing Director Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with the sales team and sales workforce in the development and implementation of top of the funnel marketing strategies. And automated lead nurturing systems, scoring, and general management.
  • Gather competitive intelligence and put together competitive reports for the marketing department and executive leadership.
  • Use the collected competitive intelligence to help sales content creation.
  • Strengthen the email strategy and email asset design for marketing campaigns.
  • Manage automated email campaigns, create landing pages and associated campaigns, handle lead imports, and monitor campaign results.
  • Analyze and track key metrics like CTR (click-through-rate) and conversions rates on all email campaigns.
  • Collaborate with the team on product or services launches and become an expert on product offerings and pricing.
  • Develop and maintain the brand voice through all channels and communications.
  • Work closely with our product team and sales team on content and communications to maximize the effectiveness of each program or marketing campaign.
  • Track, report, and analyze marketing analytics from PPC initiatives and campaigns.
  • Be responsible for improving the overall SEO/SEM direction of the marketing department.

Senior Director of Marketing Job Duties and Responsibilities:

Sometimes referred to a senior marketing director.

  • Develop and deploy marketing plans and campaigns for specific focus products with elements including launch, promotion, trial, adoption, and renewal.
  • Collaborate with executive leadership to develop and execute strategies to boost the affinity of the brand with current and potential customers.
  • In collaboration with other functional teams, direct the development of content marketing strategies engineered to drive customer acquisition and retention.
  • Evaluate the overall brand awareness and consistency of the brand by providing, then implementing, recommendations for improvements.
  • Develop and deploy a customer community strategy increasing affiliation through and with the brand and the customer base.
  • Build and maintain the brand's marketing analysis capabilities. Analyzing, evaluating, and reporting on all marketing tactics and strategies, ensuring marketing decisions are rooted in data-driven outcomes.
  • Focus heavily on customer acquisition and customer retention.

Marketing Director Requirements

Qualified candidates should have the following:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • A minimum of 8-10 years' experience in a previous marketing management position.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Communications, or Business Administration.
  • Previous experience in a marketing job title preferred.
  • Previous experience as a marketing director preferred.
  • A strong portfolio of accomplishments and marketing experience.

Marketing Director Certifications

While certifications are not required for this position, certifications can increase a candidate's worth in the market. Certifications show a willingness to adapt to market changes, technology changes, and a desire to continue education beyond a bachelor's degree or MBA.

Top marketing director certifications

Marketing Director Salary

There are multiple sources to find the median annual salary of a marketing director or head of marketing. Below are a few sources that provide salary information on job titles across the United States. And what their research has proven to show regarding compensation for this role:

  • Salary.com: Mentions $113,578 per year on average. With the top percentile of workers earning $149, 933 per year. And entry-level workers (with no experience) earning $82,180 per year.
  • PayScale: Mentions the median average salary for this position is $88,575 per year. With the top percentile of workers earning roughly $150,000 per year. And entry-level workers earning $49,000 per year.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that median pay for all management-level marketing professionals is $133,000 per year.

Based on this wide array of data. We can see that a marketing director and head of marketing has a compensation gap. Depending on the industry, focus area, and experience of the candidate.

Marketing Director Education Requirements

Traditionally, a marketing director will need a bachelor's degree in advertising, marketing, business administration, business management, or communications. The marketing function within a business can be entered through all types of avenues. And as long as the professional has the proper work experience related to the job duties.

Extracurriculuar courses can certainly help the career advancement of the marketing professional. For example, taking courses in business law, management, economics, finance, computer science, mathematics, and statistics is advantageous for marketing professionals. Another relevant example is taking courses in computer science. Computer science courses are helpful in developing an approach to maximize organic traffic. By utilizing consumer search results. Because maximizing traffic is critical for the success of digital advertisements and promotions.

Marketing Director Job Boards

Job seekers and employers looking to fill this position may want to search smaller job boards where marketing professionals tend to browse. There are a number of associations that marketing professionals can belong to. These associations offer benefits to a job seeker and employer.

When on a job search or when placing a job advertisement, consider the following job boards.

Top marketing director job boards

Marketing Director Skills

This position is a management position that directs a marketing group. Key skills of this role would include the ability to lead a team, influence others, and ensure that campaign standards are being met. Doing so across all marketing initiatives.

Relevant key skills would include the following:

  • Project management and coordination skills: The ability to directly manage a group of marketers. And ensure that their work is leading to successful places for both clients and the internal teams.
  • Leadership skills and influence skills: Being able to motivate a group of young marketers. And ensure that their work is being influenced by the successes of the business. Influencing employees is more than simply directing them, it's about establishing trust, being a mentor, and providing guidance about work.
  • Quantative skills: Being able to look at large data sets and determine "what's working" and "what's not working" when looking at active campaigns. Marketing professionals need to have a quantitative approach to their work, reducing the budget on campaigns that aren't working as well as planned.
  • Adaptability skills: When things "aren't going as expected" it's important not to become emotional about the losses. Instead, be adaptable and make quick changes. This can happen through changes in market conditions, business conditions, or when marketing and advertising campaigns stop working.
marketing director job description

Marketing Director Job Outlook

Overall employment of the marketing and advertising industry is expected to grow by roughly 6% between 2019 and 2029. This a faster pace of growth than many other occupations. Employment of marketing management position is expected to grow alongside that forecast, with a 7% projected growth opportunity for job seekers. There are roughly 333,700 employees in the United States that classify themselves as marketing directors of the head of marketing.

Key reasons for this projected job growth is the difficulty of pricing products and services. And earning market share against competitors. Or maintaining market share against innovations in technology. As these threats become more prevalent, marketing direction becomes a bigger necessity within corporations and new businesses.

More information on the projected job growth of marketing managers can be found at this resource.

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Download the free marketing director job description PDF template. And use the sample marketing director job description provided to make an efficient job posting for your company. For more information please visit the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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