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Under most circumstances, working as a machine operator means you'll be dealing with heavy machinery. These workers assist with the installation of equipment and help with its maintenance. They achieve that goal by performing periodic checks and conducting repairs. You'll often find listings for these job positions as Tool and Die Makers or Machinists. Machine operators may also work with mechanical equipment or computer-operated equipment. They're responsible for installing machines, operating them, and performing routine maintenance checks. These workers are team members who are self-motivated and have an aptitude for mechanics and computers.

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Machine Operator Job Description Sample

Here’s an example of a good Machine Operator job description:

Our organization is searching for a machine operator who will be in charge of installing, maintaining, and operating machinery. Candidates fulfilling this position must possess a strong understanding of the machines with which they're working. In preparation for their daily duties, it may be required for candidates to participate in in-depth training. Working as a machine operator may require you to work with computer-oriented or mechanical equipment. Therefore, you must be able to properly utilize tools and be technically inclined. All machine operators must be able to analyze situations and determine solutions because problems with machinery may arise. Candidates want to learn and be detail-oriented.

Machine Operator Salary

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics provides the data for the national average salary for a machine operator, which is collected by the United States Department of Labor. According to 2018's data, the median pay for a machine worker was $44,950 annually. That translates to machine workers earning $21.61 per hour that year.

Machine Operator Job Description For Resume

A Machine Operator position may have a description similar to this one in an executive summary, professional summary, or resume:

Energetic and dependable machine operator with over five years of experience. Seeking to support your company with proven skills. At my previous employer, I worked as a big rig mechanic. Commended five times by management for the ability to stick to a tight schedule and follow instructions.

Machine Operator Skills

Just like the duties and responsibilities, skills, and qualifications are also going to vary based on the machine operator’s job. Here are some examples:

Machine Operator Duties & Responsibilities

Depending on the machine operator job, duties and responsibilities will change slightly. Here are some examples of what these duties could look like on your job description:

Machine Operator Requirements

Here are some examples of how you’ll break down the machine operator’s requirements:

Machine Operator Job Description

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