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administrative assistant cover letter

Writing an administrative assistant cover letter requires early research into the company you’re applying to so you can position yourself in accordance with the job description, job advertisement, and overall company culture. As an administrative assistant, your role is going to be multidisciplinary, helping to handle administrative tasks and other clerical duties that are essential to the business operations.

Previous experience can be critical in being placed for any administrative job. This helps you meet each qualification for the position and shows the appropriate work experience that makes your prospective employer feel comfortable with moving forward in the hiring process with you. Previous job experience as an executive assistant, receptionist, office manager, admin assistant, or any other type of administrative assistant position that handles administrative support and administrative duties is important to mention as a job seeker.

Before Writing Your Cover Letter

Before writing your cover letter, it’s important to recognize your situation and how the employer is going to measure that against the administrative assistant job that’s available. For example, did you pick a functional resume format for your resume? You may have done this because you have large gaps in your employment history and are going back into the workforce. If that’s the case, you should speak to your comprehension of what the company requires. And make a majority of your cover letter about your organizational skills, administrative skills, and a general understanding of their needs.

If you have a long history of working in an administrative role, like having an executive administrative assistant on your rume (or any other type of administrative role), you should speak more to your career achievements. For example, it may have been helping the CEO with company culture. Speaking to these career achievements is what will turn a good cover letter into a great cover letter.

Both of these strategies will speak to the job requirement needs that the hiring manager is looking for. Either through a display of a key skill by mentioning accomplishments (when you have extensive experience). Or by referring to what you comprehend the role requiring and how your skills can bring success to the position and company. Both of these strategies will surely help increase your odds of receiving a job interview and discussing your prior successes with the hiring manager in more detail.

Cover Letter Example

Below is a cover letter sample and cover letter example for the administrative assistant position. This sample cover letter is applicable for those looking to see an example of a:

Ryan Jeffrey
Administrative Assistant

May 1st, 2020

Beth Colts
Apple, Inc.
Hiring Manager

Dear Beth:

This role stuck out to me during my job search. I noticed that the role is looking for a professional who has extensive experience working with both administrative tasks and helping executive staff members with cultural development. I very much enjoy and value developing great internal culture and recognize how valuable it is to the outcomes of the company.

I have experience helping executive staff members with this. I have assisted both the HR teams and senior executives embrace and change company culture over time. One simple rule that we followed was embracing making mistakes. We hung signs across the office and trained employees regularly on what this meant, so they didn’t feel as though their job was at risk. We had great success with this. In addition, I was handling all regular clerical duties and administrative duties that each department requested (data entry, office management, filing organization, and more).

You can see more details of this success as well as other examples of what I can bring to the company in my enclosed resume. I’ve included the attached resume for your review. If there any other pieces of information that are required to fill out the job application, please let me know.

I’d love to interview with you as soon as next week if possible. I’m available at your convenience.

Thanks Beth,

Using a Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Template

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