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Writing a teacher cover letter is more unique than writing a traditional cover letter. There are a few job application assets that you should reference in your letter. And reassurance to the hiring manager or principal who's hiring that tells them you comprehend the school district requirements and faculty needs.

A cover letter for a teaching position not only refers to experiences you’ve had as a teacher but refers to accolades you’ve been able to unlock as an educator (your true teaching experience).

What to Write in a Teacher Cover Letter

Here are some examples of references and guidelines you can follow when writing your cover letter (sometimes referred to as an application letter) for a teaching position.

First paragraph: Your first paragraph should set up the body of your cover letter. The best way to do this is to reiterate to the reader what you’ve researched regarding the school district's needs and the needs of the teaching position. For example, as an elementary teacher, you should refer to the school districts' requirements, technology capabilities, and mention how that might impact your teaching methods. This will flow into the body of your cover letter, which should contain accomplishments that support you as the job seeker having the requirements for the position.

Student achievements: Your body paragraph should contain a healthy amount of achievements that help you stand out from the other job candidates. Referencing any type of student achievement can be your method of showing your teaching experience. For example, as an elementary school teacher, median standardized testing scores is something that might be useful to mention. The same goes for a high school teacher. Though, if your role is specific, like an English teacher, for example, you may want to mention parent or student feedback as part of your accolade.

Your philosophy of education or sample lesson plans: Referring to your philosophy of education can show your teaching experience. Doing so in your body paragraph can be impactful. And can allude to your teaching skills simply by stating how you have decided to educate. This is great for any teacher to mention. From a student teacher, substitute teacher, ESL teacher, and special education teacher. Faculty, principals, and hiring managers care about how you educate and what your methods are for doing so.

Your educational background: Unlike many other jobs, your educational background can signify how much you’ve spent toward your education as a teacher. Receiving special certifications toward your style of teaching and speaking to those certifications can present a very professional cover letter for a teacher.

Your last paragraph: The last paragraph of every cover letter should contain a call to action. Either a reference to your resume or other application assets. Something that helps the reader continue forward. A good cover letter should have at least one call to action if not multiple. The second call to action could be available times you can interview the following week, for example.

By thinking through what your principal or faculty member may want to see, you can target your letter to both the education system and the educator, turning a generic cover letter into a highly tailored and targeted one.

Optional Mentions in Your Cover Letter

You may want to mention either the presence of or some aspects of these assets in your teaching job application:

While it’s not required, it can tell your potential employer to refer to those assets if you mention an achievement, accolade, or professional story in your resume or cover letter.

Sample Teacher Cover Letter

Below is a sample elementary teacher cover letter and general teacher cover letter example. Use this cover letter sample to get an idea of what to write in yours. This style of cover letter can be used for specific teacher jobs and positions, like an art teacher or English teacher. Specific grade levels, like a 3rd-grade teacher. Or substitute positions like a student-teacher. Be sure to replace all information in this sample cover letter with your own based on the education system, hiring manager, principal, or faculty/staff.

Francis Bush
Elementary Education Teacher

May 1st, 2020

Principal Jefferson
Anderson Elementary School

Dear Principal Jefferson:

While reviewing what your district requires in terms of an educator, I noticed that your faculty were more than equipped with the latest teaching technology, including smartboards. This really excites me because I know students are far more engaged with technology than ever before. I started my career as a new teacher, gaining student teaching experience to later become a more seasoned educator.

Some things that I feel would compliment your school well is my strong track record of success amongst students and parents. I’ve received high ratings from faculty, students who have graduated, and their parents. As well as achieving a median 98% acceptance rate from standardized tests.

I’d love to learn more about how my teaching experience and methods (which is available in the enclosed resume and philosophy of education statement) can benefit your school.

Francis Bush

Below you'll find a teaching cover letter template for you to use in your job application.

Using a Teacher Cover Letter Template

Follow the instructions below to use the teacher cover letter template.

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Teacher Cover Letter Template

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