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A resume summary statement is a one or two-sentence professional introduction that you may include at the beginning of your resume to emphasize your most important abilities and experiences. By reading the resume summary, employers can quickly determine whether you possess the necessary skills and experience levels.

resume summary examples

What is the definition of a professional resume summary?

A resume summary, also known as a professional summary or summary statement, is a brief overview of your experience, traits, and talents located at the top of your resume. You can immediately highlight your most exemplary abilities by using a resume summary.

What is a professional resume summary?

Consider a resume summary as a response to the inquiry, "How would you sum up your job experience in one sentence?" Creating a summary that highlights the most pertinent, critical elements for a particular position and employer quickly provides a good image of your qualifications. For instance, if you have ten years of experience as a registered nurse, your resume/CV will likely have a lengthy list of accomplishments.

Here are a few other reasons why including a resume summary can be beneficial.

resume summary examples

When is it appropriate to add a resume summary?

If you have more than three years of professional experience, you should provide a resume summary. Your achievements throughout that period should enable you to craft an effective and powerful message. If you have less than three years of experience, such as newly graduated students or job changers, a resume objective may be a better choice.

The advantages of using a resume summary statement

When determining what to include on your resume. Or what to have on a summary statement, examine the position you're applying to. Then review the business and the industry in which the company operates.

Several advantages of providing a resume summary include the following:

resume summary examples

Increase your visibility.

Employers will likely read your resume the first time they view it to see whether your profile is a suitable match for the position. Using a resume summary implies that you want to make it simple to locate your most relevant talents and expertise. 

A compelling summary statement at the beginning of your resume might boost the likelihood that they will immediately notice what you have to offer.

resume summary examples

Prioritize your critical abilities and experiences.

Your resume should be straightforward to read. If you have a lot of experience, your resume may appear bloated or complicated. A summary section can assist people with a broader range of expertise distilling the complexity down to the most pertinent, significant elements. 

Additionally, it may urge the hiring manager to pay closer attention to your resume if they discover what they're seeking in your resume summary.

Use keywords in your resume summary.

Incorporating a resume summary enables you to swiftly address keywords in a job description. Read the job descriptions for the occupations that interest you very carefully. You should check sections labeled "Requirements," "Experience," and "Education" to choose which abilities and experiences to include in your report.

For instance, a job advertisement for a nurse may state that the business is looking for someone with ten years of advanced patient care experience. If you meet those qualifications, you may choose to mention your years of experience and particular technical expertise in the summary area.

resume summary examples

For example, the summary of credentials for a registered nurse would read as follows:

BSN with over ten years of experience. Qualifications in newborn resuscitation and assaultive behavior treatment.

The resume/CV writer adds a soft talent ("compassionate") and some of their most essential technical skills, such as a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and other in-demand certifications.

resume summary examples

What you choose to emphasize in your resume summary will differ depending on your degree of experience and the positions you're applying for.

Resume summary vs. resume objective vs. professional summary.

While a resume summary emphasizes essential experiences and talents, a resume objective declares your professional goals. You may choose to add either one or both. Your decision may get influenced by the position, organization, or industry. And your previous experience.

A resume objective may be beneficial if you are a recent high school or college graduate with little job experience. A resume summary is more acceptable if you have some job experience and a variety of extraordinary abilities and job experiences.

resume summary examples

For instance, a recent high school graduate applying to nursing school may choose to include a resume aim, but an experienced registered nurse might use a summary statement.

A recent graduate starting a nursing program may write the following objective statement:

Nursing student with a strong desire to gain further experience dealing with elderly patients.

While the experienced nurse may write a summary that reads as follows: 

An attentive nurse practitioner with three years of experience in diagnosing and managing patient diseases.

An objective statement expresses your desired outcome, whereas a summary statement highlights your present accomplishments.

resume summary examples

How to write a resume summary or career summary.

Creating an excellent resume summary is a breeze if you've taken the time to consider your relevant talents and accomplishments and their relevance to the position. 

Three straightforward stages can help you create your summary statement:

  • Consider and document your most critical experiences and abilities. Creating a resume summary includes but is not limited to certificates, soft skills, technical skills, accolades, and other accomplishments.
  • Conduct a thorough examination of job descriptions. Explore employment you're interested in applying for and keep an eye out for prerequisites that align with your own.
  • Create a one or two-sentence summary that briefly highlights their abilities. Your statement should begin with a strong personal descriptor, utilize the active voice, and contain essential action phrases to explain your experience.

For instance, your resume summary may read as follows:

resume summary examples

Five years of expertise as a creative graphic artist working with major companies. Comfortable utilizing Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and other Adobe Suite products.

The applicant begins by describing themselves as "creative" and then details their years of experience and pertinent technical abilities.

Examples of effective resume summaries

Here are a few extra resume summary examples for individuals with various job experiences and credentials. Remember, focus on the job title and job description requirements when writing a resume summary.

Utilize the following examples to assist you in creating your summary statement:

College student resume summary example:

  • English major committed to excellence with great research and writing ability. Multiple merit-based distinctions and on track to graduate from Illinois State University in June 2022. Tutored freshman and increased their writing scores by 40%.

resume summary examples

Examples of a data analyst resume summary:

  • Extensive and rigorous Data analyst dedicated to assisting businesses to achieve their success. Former small company entrepreneur and MBA graduate. Possessing great technical abilities based on extensive engineering schooling.

Example of a project management resume summary:

  • A seasoned PMP with a law degree and over a decade of experience developing revenue for a Silicon Valley-based online banking company. Seeking to use leadership experience as a PayCity project manager.
  • Marketing graduate with demonstrated communication and planning abilities. Seeking a position as a junior project manager at ABC Inc., where I can use my organizational and leadership abilities to the execution of the company's local digital marketing strategy.

resume summary examples

Examples of a front-desk receptionist resume summary statement:

  • Enthusiastic Front Desk Receptionist capable of providing efficient, organized, and personable secretarial assistance. Competent in inventory management and supply management, phone answering tasks, corporate communication, and appointment scheduling. Specializes in fostering a welcoming and responsive work atmosphere.
  • Enthusiastic receptionist with four years of hands-on experience working in a large corporation's front desk. Multitasker with a strong personality capable of answering phones, escorting guests, and ensuring general office security according to established standards.

resume summary examples

Examples of an executive assistant resume summary:

  • Talented and self-sufficient Executive Assistant with a proven track record of providing administrative support to managers at all levels. Practical experience planning meetings, liaising with stakeholders, and managing executive calendars. Known as an enthusiastic individual who is open to new challenges.
  • Individual who is diligent and adaptable, with 17 years of administrative experience. Detailed understanding of business terms and processes and a strong ability to provide one-on-one help to assigned executives. Particularly adept in preparing financial paperwork, reports, notes, and letters and performing essential bookkeeping functions.
  • Executive Assistant has 18 years of diversified experience in general office administration, receptionist duties, and appointment scheduling. Appropriate for organizing trip arrangements, recording minutes, and managing communications. Innate capacity to manage numerous things concurrently. A results-oriented professional capable of making proper judgments about priorities.
  • Executive Assistant with extensive experience and a proven track record of achievement. Appointment scheduling, front desk management, and formal communication are all areas of expertise. A team player capable of adhering to the office's norms and regulations. English/Spanish bilingual.
  • Executive Assistant with 11 years of practical experience working in high-volume office environments. Recognized for good communication at all levels and for serving as a link between managers and employees. Successful track record of fulfilling objectives and deadlines on time. Capable of implementing office policies and procedures to ensure a seamless operation.
  • Executive Assistant with over ten years of experience assisting senior executives with administrative, logistical, and communications support. Proficient at handling business-related duties such as report creation and travel organization. Excellent communication and customer service abilities.
  • Professional Executive Assistant with over 13 years of experience. Relevant expertise involves planning, organizing, and problem-solving to guarantee that time-sensitive tasks get completed on time. When effectively applied in preparation for internal and external liaison with persons and individuals, excellent communication abilities.

Examples of recent graduate resume summary statement:

  • Recent university graduate with a degree in computer science and a minor in data science. Data scientist certified by IBM Watson with eight months of expertise gained through a data science internship at a private investment banking firm. Achieved 135% investment returns by developing a novel strategy for extracting alpha and modeling relevant financial parameters.
  • Created a class project that used artificial intelligence to outperform 500+ classmates in predicting champions across several sports disciplines. Pursuing a junior data scientist employment at Illinois Tech using a 3.9 GPA and 80 data science-related school hours.

Examples of executive resume summary statements:

  • Community outreach manager with extensive expertise developing and implementing outreach initiatives in urban settings.
  • With three years of supervisory experience and Certified Property Manager certifications, this well-spoken property manager is an excellent communicator.
  • Organized dental office assistant with seven years of experience managing client scheduling, billing procedures, and office operations effectively.
  • Complete sales cycle focused on the customer SMB Account Executive with a minimum of three years' experience increasing sales, crushing targets, and developing trusted, loyal relationships with high-profile customers.
  • Consultant with a minimum of three years' experience aiding the Sales Manager in developing unique solutions to retain existing client relationships and ideas for working with future customers. Satisfying workforce development demands possesses exceptional customer communication abilities between business and technical teams.
  • Office Manager with advanced training and 3+ years of experience. Responsible for the whole daily operations of an office setting, including employee management, development, and customer service.
  • A qualified warehouse manager with 15 years of experience. Comfort with planning, organizing, and directing a complete warehouse's shipping and receiving activities in a high-volume manufacturing setting.
  • Operations Analyst with over three years of expertise in order processing, business management, and information technology. Collaborated closely with the business team and oversaw the correctness of business process orders from development to execution.

resume summary examples

Examples of customer service resume summary statements:

  • Customer service expert dedicated to balancing business objectives while assisting customers in resolving issues satisfactorily.
  • A responsive problem-solver. Focused on increasing customer satisfaction. Capable of maintaining composure under pressure.
  • A friendly and meticulous hairstylist with over three years of expertise delivering consistent, stunning outcomes to customers. Attends to individual needs, increases salon revenue, and develops solid connections.
  • Vigilant Security Guard with over three years of experience maintaining public and property safety by attentively monitoring all activities and responding to security breaches pro-actively while exemplifying professionalism and honesty.
  • Construction project manager with three years of experience. Comfortable with creating detailed plans and implementing efficient ways to complete large-scale projects.
  • Cosmetologist with 3+ years of expertise giving unique, tailored experiences. Thrives on producing stunning haircuts, generating earnings through well-executed initiatives, and delighting visitors. I am organized and creative.
  • Massage Therapist with a strong client focus who has over three years of experience delivering soothing and rehabilitative massage services with various methods and materials. Anticipates clients' requirements to create a warm atmosphere.
  • Professional shuttle driver with 15 years of expertise in public and private contexts. Knowledge of safety regulations and driving tactics at a high level. Seeking employment where new shuttle service training programs can get developed and routes can get improved.

resume summary examples

Examples of an education resume summary statement

  • Self-motivated graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education. Essential experience in technology education.
  • Compassionate and methodical Caregiver with at least three years of experience providing skilled care to children ages 0-5 who speak both English and Spanish. I have extensive experience dealing with children with exceptional needs and ensuring their emotional well-being and safety.
  • Patient-specific education teacher with three years of experience concentrating on achieving children's IEP (Individualized Education Program) goals. Focus on special educational, behavioral, and mental health needs.
  • Dedicated tutor with over three years of expertise increasing student grades via customized sessions in various academic areas. Individualizes activities for students based on their learning patterns.
  • Motivated Teaching Assistant with a minimum of three years' experience supporting teamwork with the lead teacher to meet students' educational requirements.
  • Conscientious Counselor with more than three years of expertise balancing the needs of children, students, and parents while maintaining a warm, trusting atmosphere. Enjoys developing tailored educational and emotional growth plans or activities.

Examples of foodservice resume summary statements

  • Barista with 3+ years of experience providing high-quality espresso and brewed coffee in a fast-paced coffee shop atmosphere. Customer-oriented and pleasant to work with. I am passionate about offering the ideal café experience for clients.
  • Cook with over 15 years of experience working in high-volume casual and fine-dining restaurants. Committed to boosting kitchen efficiency and satisfying consumers while continuously improving culinary skills.
  • Punctual Delivery Driver with a minimum of three years' experience meeting tight deadlines in fast-paced situations while boosting efficiency to increase brand loyalty.
  • Prep Cook has fifteen years of food handling expertise. Expert at slicing, stocking merchandise and keeping kitchen countertops and tools clean.
  • Adaptable Hostess with at least three years of experience maintaining high levels of customer service during lunch and supper service. Bookings are meticulously organized to optimize restaurant efficiency.
  • Organized and affable Restaurant Team Member with superior organizational skills and three years of expertise in customer service, sales, inventory management, stocking, cleaning, and store compliance.

resume summary examples

Examples of marketing resume summary statements

  • Effective and considerate content writer with scores of bylined articles published in significant print and online journals.
  • Digital marketing specialist with a data-driven approach and 3+ years of expertise specialized in inbound marketing. I utilize dynamic marketing techniques and campaigns to increase traffic and audience engagement.
  • Active, tech-savvy marketing coordinator with over 15 years of experience growing large social media fan networks from the beginning, collaborating cross-functionally to accomplish company goals, and designing print and digital marketing collateral for B2B and B2C clients.
  • Specialist in social media analytics. I have a strong background in Google Analytics, internet marketing, and social media analytics. I have over three years of expertise in online marketing, PPC, and SEO, demonstrating the ability to investigate the pertinent industry and market changes.
  • A producer with more than three decades of experience in the production sector. I have managed the whole project cycle, including post-production maintenance of all domestic and international marketing while liaising between the web production group and the online marketing managers.
  • With over 15 years of expertise connecting clients with homes that meet all of their needs and expediting the negotiating and closing process via excellent communication, I am an intuitive and devoted Real Estate Agent.
  • Telemarketer with over 15 years of expertise influencing client purchasing decisions. I am comfortable building trusted working relationships and processing and validating consumer data.

Examples of retail resume summary statements

  • Assistant Store Manager with extensive leadership, problem-solving, time management, and organizational abilities. I am capable of developing a customer-focused retail environment.
  • Extremely organized and inventive Buyer with over 15 years of expertise. I have discovered possibilities for enhanced inventory management and cost savings to maximize revenue. Customer service is a passion for me; providing quality items on schedule is necessary.
  • Inventive 3+ year veteran merchandiser increases sales and foot traffic by intelligently grouping things according to pricing, popularity, and style.
  • Efficient and enthusiastic retail manager with over 15 years of expertise increasing customer traffic and sales via creating a welcoming shopping environment. Extensive training and incentive programs effectively instill customer service abilities in all workers.
  • Stock Associate has over three years of experience processing store shipments, arranging the stock room, and labeling and scanning items.
  • Cashier with three years of experience delivering prompt and effective service to clients and a demonstrated track record of professionalism and fostering an inviting workplace.

resume summary examples

Common questions

Common questions from job seekers.

Do hiring managers read resumes?

Employers spend an average of six to seven seconds perusing resumes. However, the amount of time an employer spends reviewing resumes differs per organization. Certain companies will review a resume extensively, while others will scan it for only a few seconds.

Do hiring managers read the professional resume summary?

Yes. Instead of reading each resume line by line, hiring managers frequently check for the career summary, also known as a personal resume statement or resume summary, to decide whether or not you have the necessary qualifications.

What is a resume objective statement?

An objective statement is a concise, position-based statement that summarizes the value you can offer and the requirements you can meet. A concise explanation of the abilities and qualifications you will offer to a position may be included in a goal. A professional summary is more detailed than an objective statement and is lengthier.

What makes a good resume summary?

In a phrase or two, a solid resume summary emphasizes some of your most significant accomplishments to date, acknowledges your occupation, and contains 1-2 of your top abilities. However, for your resume summary to truly stand out, it should get customized to the company's requirements and company culture.

Do I need a professional resume summary statement if I have a cover letter?

Many individuals wonder if a cover letter opener and a resume summary are synonymous. In a nutshell, the answer is no. You should begin your cover letter in the first person and in a style that entices the reader to meet with you.

Is a professional summary the same as a cover letter?

The summary statement should concisely replicate what you express in your cover letter from a branding standpoint. While the cover letter may contain more personal information and details about the position you're applying for, both are merely branding tools.

Where should I put the resume summary on my resume?

A resume summary is a brief professional statement that appears at the top of a resume. It summarizes the candidate's relevant experience, abilities, and accomplishments. The objective of this career summary is to briefly describe your qualifications for the position and persuade the manager to study the entire resume document.

Is there a resume summary generator I can use?

The best resume summary generator is here.

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