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You’re about to apply for an internship and you know that you need a cover letter to attach with you resume. What should it say? You don’t have any prior experience and so everything you’re reading online about an ideal cover letter seems inapplicable to you, right? We have you covered.

Let’s go through what an ideal cover letter looks like if you don’t have any prior experience and you’re applying for an internship.

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Your Basic Cover Letter Needs

Your basic cover letter should always include the following items:

If you’re a recent graduate or maybe you’re currently in school, a good trick is to include what your major is as well as your current GPA. Sometimes, a high GPA can make you stand out.

It will look something like this:

Majoring in Computer Science (Graduating 2024)
Current GPA: 3.8

Your cover letter should always include a body, greeting (such as “To Whom It May Concern”) and end to the letter which shows appreciation to the reader.

You Don’t Have Any Prior Experience, What Should You Say

Here’s the real problem, you don’t have any prior experience. Great cover letters list accomplishments that are applicable to the job or internship you’re applying for. So how might you be able to stand out amongst the other applicants?

The best way to stand out is to tell a story. Tell a story about why the business resonates with you personally. This could be a story about your upbringing. Or maybe about how the company changed your life.

For example, if you’re applying for an internship at Apple Computers, there are clearly some ways that you’ll be able to relate the impact technology had on you to the reason for your desire to have an internship with them.

Think about how you might have written your college application letter, and how you used storytelling to sound compelling in that situation. Use a similar format here.

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Best Example Cover Letter For Applying To Internships

Here is the best example cover letter for those who are applying to internships can use. Remember to tell your story. Take a moment to sit down and think through your past. What makes you deeply connected to the business you're trying to get an internship from.

John Smith
123 Road Lane, New York NY 11211
Masters in Computer Science 2024
Current GPA: 3.6

Dear Hiring Manager,

I’d love to tell you why I need this internship. Growing up, technology had a huge impact on me. I found it compelling to be able to create something and then tell a friend down the block to access it through the computer. It was this amazing experience of being able to have creativity but then see the reactions of others when they saw it.

That idea became addicting. That I could create something impactful and give access to those from around the world. It made the world feel small, feel like anything was possible. This was all due to Apple Computers. I feel my journey needs to begin with you. And I’d play nearly any role as long as I get to learn and see how Apple Computers works.

I currently have a 3.6 GPA at Stanford University, which puts me on the list for Alpha Cum Lade. I’d love to speak with you regarding my resume, prior experience and why I might be the best candidate at your earliest convenience.

Thank you so much for this opportunity,
John Smith

What Roles Is This Cover Letter Technique A Fit For

Here's the great part about this style of a cover letter when you're a recent graduate, it fits nearly any type of role. Because you are using your own personal story to connect with the business, it allows you to avoid having to explain your prior experience and simply lean into your passion for the position and the company. That can go a long way!

Here are just a few types of roles this is a fit for:

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