How to Accept An Internship Offer (With Example Email)

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First things first, celebrate the fact that you got an internship offer. This is the start of your career and you’re well on your way! You put in the hard work and now you’re getting the offer you always wanted.

Second, let’s accept the offer you got. You might have received an email with a formal letter from the HR (Human Resources) department outlining your offer. Sometimes it’s paid, other times it is not. In any event, they’ll help to ensure that you get trained and brought into the company appropriately on your first day. This includes a discussion of compensation and how you’ll like to be paid. Or how they track the school credit you might receive.

Basic Steps To Accepting Your Internship Offer

Here are the basic steps you'll want to take to accept your new internship offer:

  • Ensure the HR manager who is emailing you your offer clearly understands that you're interested in the offer and have every intention of taking the offer (respond quickly).
  • Make it clear that you are excited about the opportunity and are willing to fill out any HR forms that they might have before your start date.
  • If you didn't discuss your start date, be sure you include your availability with school or travel. Then agree upon a clear start date (your first day).
  • Ask if there's anything you should bring with you on your first day or anything that you should come prepared with.

Accepting The Internship Offer By Email (Example)

Accepting the internship offer is pretty straight forward. But there are a few things we want to make sure we do. First, be sure you bring up the start date once more. That way they don’t get confused about your availability. Second, be sure that you keep your tone of the email happy and delightful at all times. Be appreciative for this opportunity.

Here’s what your email should look like:

Dear Sarah,

I’m very pleased to be accepting this internship offer. I wanted to remind you that my availability for this internship begins on May 15th. I’ll be happy to fill out any information that you need regarding my internship/employment as soon as you need it.

I’ll also be sure to see you the moment I enter the building on my first day.

I’m very much so looking forward to this opportunity.

Thank you so much Sarah,

After Your Internship Is Complete

When your internship is complete, you’ll want to send a thank you letter (for the internship) to your supervisor or manager that you worked with the most. This will be a formal letter, similar to a letter of recommendation. Which includes a handwritten signature. The second type of thank you that you’ll want to provide is an email to your colleagues once you’re finished.

We’ve created a whole guide to help you with this process right here.

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