Best Job Offer Thank You Email Or Letter (With Examples)

job offer thank you email letter

Sending a “thank you” letter after you receive a job offer can make you stand out as a professional. Sending these types of letters show that you know how to conduct yourself as a professional. Ideally, you’re sending this email or letter when you’re accepting your job.

Let’s go through what you’ll want to say in your “thank you” email when you’re ready to accept your job offer.

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What You Should Say In Your Email Or Letter

The purpose of your email or letter is to show gratitude. This starts your relationship with your new employer on the right foot. It shows that you appreciate all of the effort that the team put forward into interviewing you, answering any questions that you might have had, and getting you an offer you wanted.

Remember that all job offers deserve a “thank you” email. That’s because if you think about it, they’re offering you compensation. That’s something you should be grateful for.

When thinking about what goes into your email, it should contain:

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What Shouldn’t Go In Your Email

When you’re sending an email or letter thanking your employer and accepting your job offer, you shouldn’t intermingle any other details that you might have regarding your offer letter.

That would mean anything related to compensation, start date, calibrations to your job function or anything else that might be something better suited for having a direct conversation with your HR representative or manager who was part of hiring you.

Your Letter Format

When writing a formal business letter, be sure to include a business header. What goes inside your business header should be:

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Best Example Letter Thanking Your Employer For The Job Offer

John Smith
123 Test Road, St., New York NY 11211

May 1st, 2020

Dear team —

I wanted to send you this letter to show my appreciation for how much time, energy and thought you put behind my interview sessions and ultimately, my job offer.

I’m thrilled and excited to get the opportunity to work with you. It will be an absolute pleasure to be able to learn and work with you all on a daily basis.

I truly look forward to starting this journey with you.

Thank you so much,

Best Example Email Thanking Your Employer For The Job Offer

Subject line: A sincere thank you for this opportunity

Email body:

Dear team,

I wanted to send you this email to say thank you for all the of the time, energy and thought you put behind our interviews. It was a wonderful experience and I’m so happy to be able to accept your job offer and start this journey with you. Working with this team is an absolute honor.

Thank you so much,

Whenever Sending A Business Letter Or Email

If you can, take time to really think through what you want to say. Something genuine, that references the experiences that you’ve had through the interview sessions, is going to go a long way.

Be sure that you read through your letter and that it’s communicating exactly what you want it to be. Take time to proofread your letter or email and if you need it, have a friend check your work. See how your friend interprets the email and use that as feedback before you decide to send it.

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