10 Alternatives to “Please Find Attached My Resume”

please find attached my resume

If you’re using this term in your email, it means that you are most likely applying for a job. More frequently now than before, employers are asking applicants to send their resume, cover letter, and application details through a corporate email address.

It can be hr@company.com or something like devteam@company.com. When you’re putting together your email to send in your application, you want to let them know that you’ve attached your resume.

How do you do that? Most frequently, we see the term “please find attached my resume” — but that sounds like improper English, right? It is.

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Why We Use This Term

It sounds like it might be the right way to end your email submitting your resume, but it’s not. This term sounds like Old English. Or what you might read if you were to pick up a Shakespeare play.

For you, the writer of the email, you are thinking to yourself, “this makes me sound professional”. But it doesn’t. In reality, it makes the email sound like it may have been written by someone who has English as a second language (which is absolutely fine if that’s the case for you).

How to Improve Your Ending

All you want to do with this term is to make sure that the reader knows you attached your resume. This is important to note because if their email client for some reason doesn’t show the attachment, they can follow up with you about the issue.

Not having the email attachment show up for the receivers email client is a common problem. By indicating you have done so, they can mitigate that problem and you can increase the chances the reader will be looking at your application or resume.

Common Sayings Job Seekers Use

There are two other phrases that job seekers often use. They are:

When reading these, you can feel that they don’t sound right. Use one of the professional alternatives from the list below to ensure that you keep professional and business etiquette with your email and sound personable at the same time.

10 Alternatives to “Please Find Attached My Resume”

Using a closing phrase that contains a phrase similar to this shows that you are sincere with what you have written inside of your email, that you know how business professionalism and etiquette is performed and can mitigate the chances of the resume not being delivered to the receiver.

If you can, it’s always nice to include a small additional phrase asking if they don’t see the attachment. This will absolutely ensure that if they don’t see your attached documents that they reach back out to you.

Here are ten better alternatives to this phrase:

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