How to End a Cover Letter (30+ Examples) [2020 Updated]

how to end a cover letter

Knowing how to properly end your cover letter will make all the time that you spent making your cover letter worth it. The feeling of really wanting the job you’re applying for, spending a significant amount of time your letter, only to not know how to end it is terrible.

But not to worry. In this guide we’re going to cover:

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What Makes a Great Cover Letter Ending

Before we jump into what makes a great cover letter closing phrase, it’s important that you have a great start to your cover letter as well.

A great starting statement for your cover letter should contain achievements, merits, and accomplishments which make you stand out to the hiring manager.

As long as you have that type of a cover letter, your closing phrase can be simple, yet powerful.

If you aren’t sure what constitutes a great cover letter, head over to our guide on starting your cover letter to learn how you might want to rethink what you wrote.

If you feel confident that your cover letter contains a healthy amount of accomplishments as well as unique insights for the reader, then ensuring that your closing phrase is powerful will make your cover letter reader feel like they want to move forward with asking you to interview.

Great cover letter closing phrases contain powerful statements which capitalize on your prior experience or what you can bring to the job.

If you don’t feel like that type of a closing phrase is right for you, then showing excitement and appreciation is a great way to go.

Keep your closing phrase formal. Keep it simple. Keep it impactful. Keep it under 200 words. And you’ll make a great closing phrase.

Keep reading to understand the cover letter closing phrase methods and determine which one might be best for your letter.

Best Closing Phrase Methods

There are a few methods you can use to close your cover letter. Each of these is considered written communication tactics that aim to bring some type of visceral experience out of the reader.

The Strong Ending

A strong ending is when you show some type of confidence. This would be classified as closing your letter and having body language speak for you through writing. Here’s what an example of that might like:

“Interviewing with me would be a wise choice for us both and I can’t wait until it happens.”

This is not an example that you should use for your cover letter. If you want an example, scroll down to our examples.

The Thankful Ending

By simply ending your cover letter with a closing phrase that thanks to the reader for their time and shows appreciation for the fact that they finished the letter, is a lot.

Most interviewers and HR representatives won’t finish your cover letter. That’s a fact. So if you have someone who did, it’s nice to give them kudos for doing so.

Here is what that might look like:

“Thank you so much for taking the time to read this cover letter. I look forward to speaking with you regarding this position and the opportunity to work together.”

This is not an example that you should use for your cover letter. If you want an example, scroll down to our examples.

The Reminder Ending

If your cover letter contains a storyline, then you might want to end your cover letter with a reminder of some of your achievements. This is similar to a resume summary in the sense that you are encapsulating years work of experience in one or two sentences.

Here is what that might look like:

“I look forward to speaking with you and talking through my prior experience increasing sales 23% and developing a CRM system for our sales team.”

This is not an example that you should use for your cover letter. If you want an example, scroll down to our examples.

The Very Short Ending

Your closing phrase doesn’t have to be lengthy. In fact, if you wrote a healthy cover letter body, you might simply want to close your cover letter in a minimal way. This will save on total word count and ensure that your cover letter is one-page in length.

Here is what that might look like:

“Thank you so much.”

That’s it!

30+ Examples of Cover Letter Phrases

Below are a few examples of closing phrases that you can use for your cover letter. Each phrase utilizes the above methods. And provides a few examples for each.

The Strong Ending Examples

“I look forward to us having a fruitful working relationship and building great things together. I’m happy to interview at any time.”

“I look forward to us creating great things together and building your business even bigger than it already is. Thank you so much for your time.”

“Let’s increase your revenue by 23% using my prior work experience and methods for building a sales team. I look forward to speaking with you regarding this opportunity.”

“I’m looking forward to increasing your engineer footprint and bringing world-class talent into your organization. Let’s sync up whenever you have a minute regarding this application.”

“I can’t wait to help contribute to the ethos your company provides. Let’s work together and build a world-class work environment and product.”

“If you want to increase your sales by 28% this year, then you may want to contact me. I have many ideas and methods regarding ways to do this within your organization.”

“If you’d like to increase efficiency in your organization, then I’m your professional. Go ahead and reach out whenever you get a moment and we can discuss by phone.”

“If you need someone who is a multidisciplinary team player, then you’ve found your professional. I look forward to bringing excellence into your work environment.”

The Thankful Ending Examples

“Thank you for taking the time to read this cover letter. I look forward to speaking with you when you have a moment.”

“I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read through my application. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask.”

“I appreciate your company and everything it provides. I look forward to speaking with you regarding my application.”

“I can’t wait to speak with you regarding this opportunity. I appreciate the fact that you read through my entire cover letter and I look forward to meeting you.”

“It would be an honor to have the opportunity to speak with you regarding this position.”

“I can’t wait to speak with you and show you that I’m the right high-caliber candidate for your organization.”

“Clearly your company is world-class, and I hope that I meet your expectations for a candidate. I would love nothing more than to be part of your company.”

“I want to thank you for taking the time to read through my application details. If you have questions or concerns, I am readily available to answer them at your disposal.”

The Reminder Ending Examples

“Thank you for reading through my cover letter. A few key statistics about me, I was able to increase sales 23% in Q1 of 2012 as well as develop a CRM system for our sales team. I look forward to speaking with you regarding that.”

“My prior experience contains major sales efforts, such as developing over 10,000 leads through a lead generation method I’ve developed as well as closing 28% of them.”

“Prior experiences that make me a fit for this position contain my ability to produce software as well as my ability to lead and develop a team.”

“I’ve hired more than 18 engineers and designers in my career. With training, development, and execution all part of the picture. I look forward to doing this for your company.”

“I’ve been able to hire more than 4 sales professionals and train them to be high producing associates. I look forward to being able to do that for your company.”

“My ability to grow an executive team and run a Human Resource department is bountiful. I look forward to speaking with you about what I’ve been able to accomplish in those prior work experiences.”

“If you need more information about me, I’d like to share that I was an ICIA winner and an AdAge 30 under 30 best graphic designer award recipient.”

“Net sales increase: 25%. Sales team hired: 18. Leads generated: 12,000.”

The Very Short Ending Examples

“Thank you for taking the time to read this cover letter.”

“I really look forward to speaking with you.”

“Thank you so much for your time.”

“I appreciate the time you took to read this letter.”

“I can’t wait to meet with you and your company.”

“I look forward to speaking with the team.”

“If you have other questions please don’t hesitate to ask.”

“If you need additional information about me, please ask!”

What Goes After Your Closing Phrase (Closing Salutation and Sign-Off)

After your closing phrase you should include a closing statement or sometimes referred to as a “closing salutation”. Even though a salutation is a greeting, which means it is at the start of your letter. A closing sign-off is something you should incorporate.

Here is what I’ve declared the best closing sign-offs that you can use for business letters (or cover letters) of this nature:

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Here are some examples of bad sign-offs that you should avoid. These will make you sound unprofessional and could diminish the work that you put into your cover letter:

Key Takeaways

Here are some key takeaways for your cover letter ending.

How to End a Cover Letter FAQ

Common questions asked by job seekers on how to end a cover letter in a way that helps them stand out to their future employer.

Why do employers care about how you end your cover letter?

It can show your ability to conduct yourself professionally. Knowing how to write a cover letter and have a cover letter conclusion that sounds professional can show you're someone who can speak on behalf of the business to customers, clients, and prospective customers.

Should I reinforce my skills in my closing paragraph?

No, you don't have to reinforce your skills in your closing paragraph. Just try to close the cover letter in a way that's going to allude to the hiring manager that you want to connect with them and speak more. Entice the hiring manager in the best way you can.

Should I say "thank you for your time and consideration"?

That's not a bad closing sentence. Though, I would say something like, "I appreciate the time that you took to read this cover letter. If you have any other questions please let me know." That will help to grab the reader's attention a little more since it's a unique statement that the recruiter or hiring manager might not be seeing from other applicants.

Do you have any cover letter examples?

Yes, we have plenty of cover letter templates in our database. These cover letter samples will help you to create a cover letter that is more accurate to the job description or job posting during your job search.

How can I write a strong cover letter with a strong ending?

It's always helpful to view the company's website and look over the company's mission, company's success, company's goals, the company's objectives and much more. It can provide you helpful insight to write a cover letter that shows you're a good fit for the job.

Why is it important to write a good closing paragraph? Why does it help my job application?

In the event your hiring manager or employer reads your cover letter, it can help you stand out. It supports your skills as a professional and shows you're invested in the hiring process. You would be surprised how writing a strong final paragraph in your cover letter can help with hiring. It really shows the applicant thought about what they wanted to say and thought about what to write. For the hiring manager, it could feel like you thought about what might be on the reader's mind as they consume your cover letter. And then close it in a way that produces action. It is the best way to make a close to perfect cover letter.

What are some simple ways to make a great cover letter closing paragraph?

Reinforce your knowledge of the organization's mission and the organization's success. And then apply yourself to it. That shows you have made a very targeted resume and cover letter that indicates the hiring manager should take the time to read through it. Writing this statement can be difficult. Take the time to think it through and proofread what you decided your cover letter closing paragraph to say.

How long should my paragraph be?

Ideally it's about three sentences, maybe two long ones. Don't try to write a paragraph that exceeds 250 words.

What does an employer want to see when you close a cover letter?

They want to see that you know how to conduct yourself professionally, know how to create a statement that aligns with the company's goals and that you indicate you are ready to embrace the hiring process and start your interview sessions.

Should I speak to my recommendation letters in my cover letter ending?

Yes. If you have recommendation letters that are strong, you should recommend the reader to consider taking the time to read those as well as your resume. That can be a strong way to close your cover letter.

What's the best career advice you have for someone writing a cover letter?

Be sure your first paragraph packs a punch. It needs to reinforce the reader or hiring manager that you comprehend what the company is looking for. Secondly, always proofread your cover letter. Grammatical errors can be a horrible way to start your professional relationship. And can accidentally show a lack of relevant skills for the job (like written communication skills). This can leave a poor impression on your prospective employer. Every job seeker should have at least two friends proofread their cover letter.

What's the best cover letter format?

Learn about creating the best cover letter format here.

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How to End a Letter (Example Closings, Sign Off's) [2020 Updated]
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