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A letter of interest (or sometimes referred to as an interest letter, prospecting letter, or inquiry letter) is a formal letter written by a job seeker to a company or business that doesn’t have a job posting or job advertisement listed. Meaning, the letter of interest is to tell the employer that the job seeker is hoping to secure a future position within the company when one either opens or could be opened for the job seeker.

The letter of interest is a great way to propose a potential employer with an opportunity to hire a great job applicant (yourself) when there is no job opening listed. It shows your passion and intent to be hired within the company and repeated follow-up to the letter of interest can show continued interest to the employer, which can be a strong way to show resilience and desire to be hired. This can make it a strong method and technique to utilize in the job search process.

Commonly Mistaken As

A letter of interest is a business letter that is commonly mistaken for:

An interest letter is a proposition to your potential employer regarding yourself as a potential employee.

Who to Send Your Letter To

When sending an interest letter or letter of interest, you have the option of sending it to the following people within the prospective employer you’d like to show interest to:

You can certainly write an email letter versus writing a formal letter and including it as a PDF when you reach out to one of the above professionals. In fact, writing your letter as an email may be more effective than including an attachment.

Tip: Writing your letter to someone within the company and asking for an informational interview can be very helpful. This can be a method of networking your way into a target company that you’d like to work at. An informational interview is not a formal job interview. It is a method of asking an already employed person a series of questions that can help to get you employed.

How to Write a Letter of Interest

Below are the guidelines for writing an effective letter of interest.

Speak to a specific position and specific person: As you address your letter and write “dear”, you should speak to the person you’re sending the letter to. This starts your conversation in a very personalized and tailored manner. It indicates to the reader that you aren’t sending this letter to anyone who will open it. But that particular company only.

First paragraph: Open your letter by mentioning something relevant to the company and why you’re reaching out. For example, you may say that you aren’t emailing them regarding a specific job posting but wanting to learn more about future opportunities and why you’re interested in that. This can be a relevant piece of news, latest development, new hire, cultural innovation, or something else that really stands out to you. Share why the environment is your “dream job” environment. This supports the reason you’re reaching out.

Second paragraph: In your second paragraph, tell the person why you’re a good fit for the company. You don’t have to mention a particular job title you want. But you should mention what you can bring to the company. Use previous work accomplishments to support this. For example, “Raising 32% of net revenues, on average, across the companies you were previously employed at.”

Final paragraph: End the letter by making the person want to reach out to you. You can be very informal here and simply ask for a phone call to discuss the company and see if there’s an opportunity for you. This is great for those who are seeking an internship opportunity. Make the reader want to reach out to you. And include your contact information once more.

A good letter is tailored and targeted to the company and displays previous work accomplishments or a unique skill set that help you to stand out from other employees.

Letter of Interest Format

Your letter of interest format should be the following:

Sample Letter of Interest

Below is a letter of interest sample to use a guide when writing your own letter.

John Luis

May 1, 2020

Dear Mr. Anderson:

I’m reaching out to you because I’ve been a huge fan of Apple for a number of years. From having the first iPhone to now seeing the latest technology put into the iPhone 11 that is world-class. I’m familiar with your work environment, culture, and the discipline of the work. And I’d like to tell you some about myself in case there are future opportunities that are about to open.

A few things I’ve been able to do as a Product Designer:
  • Reached 30M people through the work I’ve done on The Washington Post and their editorial UI.
  • Redesigned and updated The Daily Beast iOS application, resulting in a 38% increase in engagement and total downloads.
And those are just a few. I’d love to talk with you, share more of my work, and generally hear about the work environment or any upcoming opportunities that might exist within Apple. Do you have time this week?

Thank you so much,
John Luis

This letter example is great for the following use cases:

Tip: It can be helpful to include relevant links to previous work examples or experiences. Include a link to your LinkedIn profile if you’ve spent time posting your previous work and work accomplishments. Or attach your resume for the reader to scan if you don't have a professional website or presence online.

letter of interest template

Letter of Interest Template Download

Download a letter of interest template to use. Can be imported as a Google Doc. Instant download. No email required.

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