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What's your ideal job? Interviewers ask a variety of questions to ascertain your identity, the value you will offer to the company, and if your qualifications and abilities have adequately prepared you for the position. They frequently inquire about candidates' ideal or dream jobs across a variety of sectors. Your response to this question can assist determine how effectively you'll perform your tasks and fit into the company's culture.

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Why hiring managers ask about your ideal job

The question, "What is your dream job?" can be phrased in a variety of ways by interviewers:

  • "How would you spend your time if you didn't require income?"
  • "What is your favorite aspect of your work?"
  • "How would you describe the job of your dreams?"
  • "What is your long-term career goal?"
  • "Describe your ideal job."

Regardless of how the question is phrased, the interviewer is attempting to glean some information about you. This question can assist interviewers in determining your interests and long-term objectives. Your response will also assist them in determining how to encourage you on the job and whether or not your objectives fit with the position's daily responsibilities.

Almost invariably, interviewers will assume that your response does not precisely define the position for which you are seeking. They will anticipate some overlap between the objectives and abilities you offer and those required for the position.

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What to mention in your answer

Consider integrating these aspects into your interview question answer:

  • A place that focuses on excellent customer service and customer experience.
  • A company with ideal workplace culture centered around collaboration.
  • An ideal work environment centered around customer experience.
  • A place that's challenging industries with leading-edge technology.

Always answer the question honestly. And describe why your perfect job contains some of these criteria.

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ideal job

How to answer, "What's your ideal job?"

Use the following stages to craft a creative and sincere response to the question, "What is your dream job?"

Find your skills, interests, and career goals

Begin by determining your skillset, job interests, and career objectives. Examine your list and the job's qualifications, tasks, and expectations to see where the two intersect. Make a final list of the talents, interests, and objectives that you believe you might readily apply to the position.

Apply an element of them

Consider your area of expertise, whether professional or personal. Consider whether any aspect of the job for which you are applying corresponds to your passion. Examine the company's everyday work tasks or objectives to ascertain any overlap.

Find the connection

Evaluate your long-term professional path. Consider whether this position is a good starting point for your ideal career search. If there is a direct path to your ideal career, make a note of it and tie it to your response.

Integrate qualities and competencies

If you're still unsure of what your exact ideal job is, consider the characteristics you expect to find in it. Consider if you prefer to work individually or in a team, or whether you prefer to deal directly with customers or in a support role. Consider whether any of these characteristics are relevant to the position for which you are interviewing.

Describe the work environment

Make a list of the traits you desire in an ideal job. Consider factors such as location, the ability to work in a variety of locations, open floor layouts, and office or work-site facilities. Determine whether any of these products are compatible with the company's work environment.

Craft an answer

Make strong links between your specific dream job and the position for which you are applying using the facts and ideas you explored in the preceding phases. Ensure that you clearly describe how the position for which you are seeking relates to your ideal employment.

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Example answers for, "What's your ideal job?"

Here are a few sample responses to assist you in structuring your own response when asked what your ideal job is:

Human resources

"My dream position is that of a full-time human resources trainer. I had the opportunity to give a few training sessions for new colleagues in my previous role, and I enjoyed preparing the content, arranging the event, and doing the training. This employment appears to provide some training possibilities, which I would like the opportunity to participate in."


"I aim to eventually shift into curriculum design after gaining significant classroom experience. I've always enjoyed the process of developing lesson plans and determining the best approach to connect students' interests and modern culture to state requirements. This role will allow me to continue honing my lesson authoring abilities."


"Eventually, I aim to return to school and obtain my JD, which will enable me to practice law. As I am aware that research is a critical component of the job for both paralegals and attorneys, I look forward to developing my research abilities in this role. Additionally, as a paralegal, I will receive hands-on experience preparing for court, conducting client interviews, and assisting attorneys with various duties and obligations."

Entry-level administrative assistant

"My ideal career would require me to utilize my exceptional customer service and communication abilities. I'd want to work directly with customers in some way, assisting them in resolving issues and enhancing their overall experience with the company. This employment will allow me to hone my problem-solving abilities and communicate effectively."


"Eventually, I'd like to work for an educational institution. I loved collaborating with academics outside of the classroom in their professional capacities, and I'd want to do so as a professional rather than a student. This lab will aid in the development of my research abilities and provide me with the opportunity to acquire best practices from a highly qualified mentor."

ideal job

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