75 Pop Culture Trivia Questions & Answers (Hard/Easy for 2023)

Think you know pop culture? Try these pop culture trivia questions to make your trivia nights extra fun. These pop culture questions should be easy to answer for your trivia night with friends. Pop culture refers to any recent events or media events in the United States that are fairly widely known.

How to Play

To play these trivia questions simply print the list of questions included in the PDF resource at the end of this article. Pick anywhere from 11 to 20 questions. Choose questions that will stump your friends. Ask each trivia question to the group. And have each player respond with their answer. The player who responds with the most correct answers wins the game. Play up to three rounds in round table format.

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The best list of pop culture trivia questions and answers.

Pop Culture Trivia Questions and Answers

Trivia Question: "Cody Ko" is the name of what personality?

Answer: A YouTube star.

Trivia Question: Who is the "Tiger King?"

Answer: Joe Exotic.

Trivia Question: Name the cities where the movie "Home Alone" took place?

Answer: New York City and Chicago.

Trivia Question: What was Britney Spears doing in one of the most popular viral photographs of her?

Answer: A photograph of her buzzing her hair.

Trivia Question: How many Spice Girls were there?

Answer: 5.

Trivia Question: Who was the self-made billionaire who made the first social network?

Answer: Mark Zuckerberg.

Trivia Question: What creepy TV show took over Netflix between 2010 and 2017?

Answer: Stranger Things.

Trivia Question: Name one of the most popular streaming services to watch movies and TV shows?

Answer: Netflix or Hulu.

Trivia Question: What Black Panther star died at an early age?

Answer: Chadwick Boseman.

Trivia Question: Hilary Duff first appeared on what TV Show?

Answer: Lizzie McGuire.

Trivia Question: Jeffree Starr is the name of what personality?

Answer: A YouTube personality and vlogger.

Trivia Question: Miley Cyrus is related to which pop star?

Answer: Billy Ray Cyrus.

Trivia Question: Which star famously divorced musical artist Kanye West in 2021?

Answer: Kim Kardashian.

Trivia Question: How many Harry Potter movies are there?

Answer: 7.

Trivia Question: What was the last Harry Potter movie created?

Answer: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Trivia Question: What TV show from the 1990s has been turned into sweatshirts and pop-up shops?

Answer: Friends.

Trivia Question: What actor starred as "Freddie Mercury" in the movie Bohemian Rhapsody?

Answer: Rami Malek.

Trivia Question: Who was the actress Brad Pitt famously divorced from?

Answer: Angelina Jolie.

Trivia Question: Which "That 70's Show" actor was accused of rape?

Answer: Danny Masterson.

Trivia Question: What is the name of the character played by Julia Roberts in Notting Hill?

Answer: Anna Scott.

Trivia Question: What famous steamy sexually explicit book was turned into a movie?

Answer: Fifty Shades of Grey.

Trivia Question: What is the most popular Christmas movie of all time?

Answer: Charlie Brown Christmas.

Trivia Question: Which superstar sang at the 2021 Superbowl?

Answer: The Weeknd.

Trivia Question: Who was named the best actor in 2020?

Answer: Joaquin Phoenix.

Trivia Question: Who was named the best director in 2020?

Answer: Bong Joon-ho.

Trivia Question: Which movie won the best picture award at the academy awards show in 2020?

Answer: Parasite.

Trivia Question: How many times has Mariah Carey been married?

Answer: 2.

Trivia Question: How many children does Eddie Murphy have?


Trivia Question: How many siblings does Kim Kardashian have?

Answer: 9.

Trivia Question: Kim Kardashian has a transgender step-parent that goes by the name of what?

Answer: Caitlyn Jenner.

Trivia Question: Brody Jenner is an actor on what popular TV show?

Answer: The Hills.

Trivia Question: Kristin Cavallari has a jewelry line named what?

Answer: Uncommon James.

Trivia Question: Kristin Cavallari, from the hit TV Show "The Hills" divorced her famous NFL player husband. What was his name?

Answer: Jay Cutler.

Trivia Question: Who was the top musical artist in 2020?

Answer: Doja Cat.

Trivia Question: Post Malone is the name of what pop-culture personality?

Answer: Austin Post.

Trivia Question: What is Lady Gaga's real name?

Answer: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.

Trivia Question: Who is the most famous Spice Girl?

Answer: Victoria Beckham.

Trivia Question: Who was originally cast as Shrek before Mike Meyers took the role?

Answer: Christ Farley.

Trivia Question: What MTV reality show was one of the first to air on the network?

Answer: Laguna Beach.

Trivia Question: Hailey Baldwin is the daughter of which actor and movie star?

Answer: Stephen Baldwin.

Trivia Question: Keanu Reeves is best known for a movie where he played a surfer, what was the name of the movie?

Answer: Point Break.

Trivia Question: Justin Timberlake married which actress?

Answer: Jessica Biel.

Trivia Question: What is the name of the Full House reboot on Netflix?

Answer: Fuller House.

Trivia Question: What is the longest-running TV series?

Answer: The Simpsons.

Trivia Question: How many seasons did the TV Show "Friends" have?

Answer: 10.

Trivia Question: In the TV Show "That 70's Show" the dad's nickname was what?

Answer: Red.

Trivia Question: What two actors married each other from "That 70's Show?"

Answer: Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis.

Trivia Question: Ashton Kutcher made most of his money from doing what?

Answer: Investing in technology startups.

Trivia Question: What was the name of the CEO and founder of Playboy?

Answer: Hugh Hefner.

Trivia Question: Adam Levine is the singer of which music group?

Answer: Maroon 5.

Trivia Question: Blake Shelton is engaged to which co-star of the TV Show, "The Voice?"

Answer: Gwen Stefani.

Trivia Question: How many seasons did the TV Show "American Idol" have?

Answer: 19.

Trivia Question: Who was the host of the TV Show, "American Idol?"

Answer: Ryan Seacrest.

Trivia Question: What famous actor became the 38th Governor of California?

Answer: Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Trivia Question: What was the TV show that Donald Trump first appeared on?

Answer: The Apprentice.

Trivia Question: Seth McFarlan became famous for what animated TV series?

Answer: Family Guy.

Trivia Question: Who is considered to be the king of rock and roll?

Answer: Elvis Presley.

Trivia Question: How many albums did The Beetles have?

Answer: 23.

Trivia Question: Pam Anderson was famously married to which bad boy music artist?

Answer: Tommy Lee.

Trivia Question: "As if!" Is a statement that appears on what famous movie from the 1990s?

Answer: Clueless.

Trivia Question: The word "lit" is an urban phrase that means what?

Answer: A party or a good time.

Trivia Question: What dirty card game became famous in the 2000s?

Answer: Cards Against Humanity.

Trivia Question: Nick Cannon famously played in what high school movie?

Answer: Drumline.

Trivia Question: What was the name of Zac Efron's first musical movie?

Answer: High School Musical.

Trivia Question: Pete Davidson famously married which musical artist?

Answer: Ariana Grande.

Trivia Question: Mark Wahlberg and Donnie Wahlberg's mother are named what?

Answer: Alma.

Trivia Question: What suburb of Illinois did Donnie Wahlberg move to?

Answer: St. Charles, Illinois.

Trivia Question: Justin Bieber's 2021 hit is named by what fruit?

Answer: Peaches.

Trivia Question: What famous YouTube star has become a boxing/fighting star?

Answer: Jake Paul and Logan Paul.

Trivia Question: What was Ross Gellar's pet monkey name on the TV Show "Friends?"

Answer: Marcel.

Trivia Question: What movement struck America as a fight for racial injustice in 2020?

Answer: Black Lives Matter.

Trivia Question: Taylor Swift's biggest album name is called what?

Answer: Fearless.

Trivia Question: Who made history by being the first male to appear solo on the cover of Vogue, the magazine?

Answer: Harry Styles.

Trivia Question: What "Sex and the City" star ran for political office in New York?

Answer: Cynthia Nixon.

Trivia Question: What film is quoted saying, "Mess with the bull, you get the horns."

Answer: The Breakfast Club.

Trivia Question: Who is the youngest billionaire?

Answer: Kevin Lehmann.

Trivia Question: What is the name of Elon Musk and Grime's baby?

Answer: X Æ A-12

Trivia Question: Zac Brown Band plays what genre of music?

Answer: Country music.

Trivia Question: What Fleetwood Mac song became popular due to a TikTok video?

Answer: Dreams.

Trivia Question: Chrissy Teigan met her husband while filming what music video?

Answer: Stereo.

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