120 Uniquely Hard Trivia Questions and Answers

Want the hardest trivia questions that are going to stump you and your friends or family? These hard trivia questions are only for the genius of the family or friend group. Get together, ensure everyone has their thinking caps on, and have fun trying to solve these brain teasers!

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The best list of hard trivia questions and answers.

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How to Play

Here's how to play. Gather friends together for the ultimate trivia night. Be sure to inform each player that only hard trivia questions are going to get presented to the group. Make sure everyone has drank their coffee and is ready for the ultimate trivia game.

Each player should have a pencil and paper.

Choose one player to be the "game head." This player is the person who is going to read the trivia questions to the group. Each question that gets presented the group earns one point for every correct answer.

Ask anywhere from 25 to 50 questions. The player with the most correct answers at the end of the round or the game is the winner.

Play over text messages, too! Simply start a group chat and ask the questions to the group.

Hard Trivia Questions and Answers

Quiz experts should be afraid of these trivia questions. Play this game with friends, family, or other genius'. Challenge your brain with this game!

Space Questions

Trivia Question: What two planets in our solar system have no moons?

Answer: Mercury and Venus.

Trivia Question: What can happen if a star passes too close to a black hole?

Answer: It can get torn apart.

Trivia Question: How old is our solar system?

Answer: 4.57 billion years old.

Trivia Question: What is the highest mountain ever discovered?

Answer: Olympus Mons.

Trivia Question: What celestial object was identified as being spiral?

Answer: M51 or The Whirlpool Galaxy.

Trivia Question: At what velocity does light move?

Answer: 186,411 miles per second.

Trivia Question: About how wide is The Milky Way galaxy?

Answer: 105,700 light-years wide.

Trivia Question: How much more in weight does the sun weigh than Earth?

Answer: 330,000 times more.

Trivia Question: How many moons are currently orbiting Jupiter?

Answer: 79.

Trivia Question: Someone weighing 220lbs on Earth would weigh about how much on Mars?

Answer: 84lbs.

Trivia Question: About how many times does the Earth make a rotation every 25 to 35 days?

Answer: One.

Trivia Question: What is the Old English meaning of the word "Earth?"

Answer: Ground.

Trivia Question: The United States is larger than what planet?

Answer: Pluto.

Trivia Question: What are the four planets that are known as "Gas Giants?"

Answer: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

Trivia Question: About how many moons does Uranus have?

Answer: 27.

Trivia Question: What's one of the most ancient known stars that has a life-span of over 13.5 billion years old?

Answer: Methuselah.

Trivia Question: How many stars are in the Milky Way galaxy?

Answer: 100,000 million stars.

Trivia Question: How many Earths can fit inside the sun?

Answer: 1.3 million Earths.

Trivia Question: The Sun's mass takes up how much of the solar system?

Answer: 99.86%.

Trivia Question: What's the temperature of the hottest planet in the solar system?

Answer: 450 degrees celsius.

Sports Questions

Trivia Question: Where did the first football world cup take place?

Answer: Uruguay.

Trivia Question: Who is the great-great-great-grandson of Brigham Young?

Answer: Steve Young.

Trivia Question: How much money did Scottie Pippen blow through?

Answer: $120 million.

Trivia Question: How many days of the year have no professional sports games playing?

Answer: 2 days.

Trivia Question: What city has all the same sports team colors?

Answer: Pittsburgh.

Trivia Question: What color are professional baseball umpires required to wear?

Answer: Black.

Trivia Question: Who is the silhouette in the NBA logo?

Answer: Jerry West.

Trivia Question: What team lost the most amount of players to WWII in the 1943 season?

Answer: Pittsburg Steelers.

Trivia Question: What favorite past-time activity in the United States is considered a professional sport in Thailand?

Answer: Kite flying.

Trivia Question: Why are the colors of the Olympic Rings yellow, green, red, black, and blue?

Answer: To celebrate every flag in the world.

Trivia Question: What year did the longest tennis match take place at Wimbledon?

Answer: 2010.

Trivia Question: What basketball legend never fouled out of a game?

Answer: Wilt Chamberlain.

Trivia Question: In what year did the Dallas Cowboys hire the NFL's first professional cheerleading squad?

Answer: 1972.

Trivia Question: What is the only sport that was played on the moon?

Answer: Golf.

Trivia Question: How many footballs must be provided to the referee in each game?

Answer: 36.

Trivia Question: What's the average lifespan of a major league baseball?

Answer: 5-7 pitches.

Trivia Question: Who was the last NHL player to choose not to wear a helmet?

Answer: Craig MacTavish.

Trivia Question: What was named the "deadliest football match in history?"

Answer: Peru vs. Argentina's 1964 game.

Trivia Question: Who set the record for "most strokes" in a PGA tour open?

Answer: Kevin Na.

Trivia Question: What country has the world's largest bowling alley?

Answer: Japan.

Geography Questions

Trivia Question: What two primary colors is China's national flag?

Answer: Red and yellow.

Trivia Question: What's the original name of New York City?

Answer: New Amsterdam.

Trivia Question: Which two countries share the longest border?

Answer: Canada and the United States.

Trivia Question: What English city was known as Duroliponte at one time?

Answer: Cambridge.

Trivia Question: Continents shift at the same rate as what?

Answer: Growing fingernails.

Trivia Question: Where has the Earth's greatest sheer vertical drop?

Answer: Mount Thor.

Trivia Question: The Dead Sea is currently sinking at what rate per year?

Answer: 1 meter per year.

Trivia Question: What United States state has more people than all of Canada?

Answer: California.

Trivia Question: What country is wider than the moon?

Answer: Australia.

Trivia Question: Which country spans 11 time zones?

Answer: Russia.

Trivia Question: What is the smallest country in the world?

Answer: Vatican City.

Trivia Question: What is the only continent that covers four hemispheres?

Answer: Africa.

Trivia Question: Which mountain can fit inside Marianas Trench, the deepest part of the ocean?

Answer: Mount Everest.

Trivia Question: What percentage of the Earth's population lives in the Northern Hemisphere?

Answer: 90%.

Trivia Question: What country has the most lakes?

Answer: Canada.

Trivia Question: France shares its longest border with which country?

Answer: Brazil.

Trivia Question: What state is simultaneously the furthest west, east, and north?

Answer: Alaska.

Trivia Question: What country has more surface area than Pluto?

Answer: Russia.

Trivia Question: Which United States state is the closest point to Africa?

Answer: Maine.

Trivia Question: About how much world's population lives within 2,500 miles of Mong Khet, Myanmar?

Answer: 50% or greater.

History Questions

Trivia Question: Who was the youngest British prime minister?

Answer: William Pitt.

Trivia Question: What animal feathers were used to create the first artificial Christmas trees?

Answer: Goose.

Trivia Question: The battle of midway was known as what during World War II?

Answer: The turning points of the Pacific Ocean Theater.

Trivia Question: What was the first animated movie from Disney?

Answer: Sleeping Beauty.

Trivia Question: What movie grossed the most in the box office?

Answer: Avatar.

Trivia Question: Hispania was given to the Roman Republic in what year?

Answer: 42BC.

Trivia Question: What type of melon is also referred to during an American holiday?

Answer: The Santa Claus melon.

Trivia Question: What year did Benjamin Franklin first appear on the $100 United States note?

Answer: 1914.

Trivia Question: What year was the Eiffel Tower finished?

Answer: 1889.

Trivia Question: David Bowie once wrote a song for Elvis Presley, what was the name of the song?

Answer: Golden Years.

Trivia Question: What's the name of a female gladiator in Ancient Rome?

Answer: Gladiatrix.

Trivia Question: What years did the Olympic Games hold competitions in fine art?

Answer: 1912 to 1948.

Trivia Question: What's the name of the world's most successful pirate?

Answer: Ching Shih.

Trivia Question: What ethnicity was Cleopatra?

Answer: Greek.

Trivia Question: After his presidency, what type of business did George Washington open?

Answer: A whiskey distillery.

Trivia Question: President Zachary Taylor died from what type of overdose?

Answer: A cherry overdose.

Trivia Question: What's the original name for the alcoholic drink a "bloody mary?"

Answer: A bucket of blood.

Trivia Question: What's the length of the shortest war in history?

Answer: 38 minutes.

Trivia Question: What unique activity used to be an Olympic Sport between 1900 and 1920?

Answer: Tug of War.

Trivia Question: During 18th century England, what fruit was considered to be a status symbol?

Answer: Pineapples.

Animal Questions

Trivia Question: What sea animal sleeps with one eye open?

Answer: Dolphins.

Trivia Question: What animal doesn't sweat?

Answer: Pigs.

Trivia Question: How many legs does a lobster have?

Answer: 10.

Trivia Question: What is the only known animal that can catch a human cold?

Answer: Gorilla.

Trivia Question: What's the average amount of prey that a lion eat per year?

Answer: 20.

Trivia Question: What percent of the hunting does the female lion perform?

Answer: 90% of the hunting.

Trivia Question: What's the weight of the world's smallest dog?

Answer: 4 ounces.

Trivia Question: What common animal in the United States has no gall bladder?

Answer: A deer.

Trivia Question: Half of the world's pigs are kept by farmers in what country/nation?

Answer: China.

Trivia Question: About how many spiders can be found per acre of green area?

Answer: 50,000.

Trivia Question: What is the only mammal that can fly?

Answer: A bat.

Trivia Question: A male song bird creates about how many songs per day?

Answer: 2,000.

Trivia Question: What spider can survive for almost two years without food?

Answer: A tarantula.

Trivia Question: What is the average weight of a fox found in the United States?

Answer: 14 pounds.

Trivia Question: A humming housefly hums to the key of what?

Answer: F.

Trivia Question: What animal was attempted to be trained to drop bombs during WWII?

Answer: Bats.

Trivia Question: What bugs never sleep and have no lungs?

Answer: Ants.

Trivia Question: A group of owls is called what?

Answer: A parliament.

Trivia Question: At birth, how big is a baby kangaroo?

Answer: One inch long.

Trivia Question: How long as the honey bee been in existence?

Answer: 30 million years.

General Questions

Trivia Question: Who wrote the book, "Around the World in Eighty Days?"

Answer: Jules Verne.

Trivia Question: What type of dog is names "Handsome Dan," and is the mascot of Yale?

Answer: A bulldog.

Trivia Question: What well known island country is known for starting the music genre "reggae?"

Answer: Jamaica.

Trivia Question: Goose feathers were dyed green in order to celebrate what holiday?

Answer: Christmas.

Trivia Question: What's the location for the headquarters of "Panda Express?"

Answer: Rosemead, California.

Trivia Question: What food company tried to create chicken-flavored nail polish?

Answer: KFC.

Trivia Question: Which U.S. President was known for being a great piano player?

Answer: Richard Nixon.

Trivia Question: Nephelococcygia is a name for doing what act?

Answer: Finding shapes in clouds.

Trivia Question: If you have Alektorophobia, you are afraid of what?

Answer: Chickens.

Trivia Question: What rocky region spans the Eastern side of Canada?

Answer: The Canada Shield.

Trivia Question: What is Pluto's largest moon named?

Answer: Charon.

Trivia Question: How much does the largest padlock in the world weigh?

Answer: 916 pounds.

Trivia Question: Why did McDonald's first introduce the drive-through service?

Answer: To service the military.

Trivia Question: Alfred Hitchcock was frightened of what household food?

Answer: Eggs.

Trivia Question: Where is the LEGO bridge located?

Answer: Wupperttal, Germany.

Trivia Question: What fashion house is behind the perfume line, "Light Blue?"

Answer: Dolce & Gabbana.

Trivia Question: As of June 2021, who has the most Instagram followers?

Answer: Christiano Ronaldo.

Trivia Question: How many bones are in the human body?

Answer: 206 bones.

Trivia Question: The world's oldest instrument was made from what two materials?

Answer: Bird bone and mammoth ivory.

Trivia Question: What Disney princess received the least amount of screen time?

Answer: Sleeping Beauty.

Trivia Question: What's Sleeping Beauty's real name?

Answer: Aurora.

Trivia Question: "Qamar" is a romanized Arabic word that means what?

Answer: Moon.

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