Cat Puns (120+ Furr-iously Seriously Funny for 2023)

Do you love cats? Do you love puns? If so, this post is for you! We've collected some of the best cat puns out there to make you laugh your whiskers off. Whether you're a cat lover or just looking for a good chuckle, these jokes will leave you meowing with delight.

So without further ado, let's get started with the funniest cat puns around!

funny cat puns

Birthday cat puns

Happiest Purr-Day 

Have a Purr-Fect Day

Happy birthday my Best Fur-End 

Purr-haps you'd like a Candle on your cake? 

I never Furr-got your birthday!

Here’s a purr-fect gift for you!

Paw-some birthday!

You're one in a million… or twelve in a litter!

A year older, a year wiser… and cuter!

I'm glad you're not an actual cat… that would be one more year you'd have to stay inside!

Pooping on your birthday cake would be considered bad manners…!

funny cat puns

Funny cat puns

I'm feline good.

That's a purr-fect pun.

You're such a cat-ty person.

I'm not feline myself today.

I've been having a ruff day.

Let's get this pawty started! 

I'm so sorry, I cat-napologize.

 I'm feline fine, thanks for asking.

I'm such a night owl, I must be part of the nocturnal family.

You're looking sharp! 

Who let the cats out? 

I'm starting to feel animalistic.

I'm feeling so cat-tastic today!

I'm such a little kitty cat.

You're such a big fatcat.

I'm feline like a million bucks!

What do you call a cat with a little bit of coffee? A premature purr-son.

Are you fur-real?

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be so catty!

How does a cat balance on a tree limb? By being a good pointe-er.

How do you make a cat drink more water? Add mice cubes!

Let's get this paw-ty started!

You're such a cat-astrophe!

Oh, stop mewing!

 I'm in the feline of a good mood today!

I'm having a hissy fit!

Halloween cat puns

I'll be feline good after a nap.

You're such a pain in the neck... or should I say, paw?

I'm not kitten around.

Are you feline me right meow?

Happy meowloween

What did the black cat have for breakfast this morning? Mice Crispies!

What is the favorite color of a black cat? Purrrrrrr-ple!

Which of your animals should you terrify on Halloween? Scare-de-cat.

Christmas cat puns

What do you call a cat that gets lots of presents on Christmas? Spoiled rotten!

Santa Claws

Meow-ry Christmas

Merry Cat-mas

Open your purr-sents

Christmas feline

Under the Meow-stletoe

Ready to hear some Christmas Tails?

It's time for meow-st great time of the year!

With my favorite cat, I'll have a pawsh Christmas.

All I want fur Christmas is you

I'm so fur-tunate to have this little guy by my side on Christmas day. Merry Catmas!

The cat didn't like the new soft toy he got for Christmas because it was not up to scratch.

What is the name of Santa's cat? Santa Claws.

Valentine's Day cat puns

You're the cat's meow!

You make my heart purr!

We have a paws-itively special connection!

I'm feline good when I'm with you!

I could be your purr-fect match!

You're the cat's pajamas!

 I'm a bit of a scaredy-cat when it comes to Valentine's Day.

I love you, meow & fur-ever!

I’m feline love between you and I.

I like your cattitude!

You’re really purretty

You're such a catty person!

Dog and cat puns

I woof you!

I’m having a pretty ruff day.

You must be kitten me right now.


Are you my doggleganger?

Excuse my interrufftion.

Bone Appétit, my friend!

Heyy, howl you doin’?

I’m paws-itively happy!

Oh, paw-lease, that’s not true!

Stop hounding me!

This is a case where you're barking up the wrong tree.

What do you call a dog that can do math? A binary search dog.

Dog gone it!

That's one dogged individual!

You're just a couple of mutts!

He's a little short, but he's all right...he's a Dachshund.

Black cat puns

What do you call a black cat that's lost its tail? A bob-tailed cat!

Why don't black cats like to go out at night? Because they're afraid of the dark!  

How do you make a black cat white? Paint it with milk!

What is the favorite song of a black cat? 3 blind mice

What kind of cats do well in bowling alleys? Black alley cats, of course!

When it comes to meowsical ability, black cats have the market cornered. 

When is it considered bad luck to see the black cat? When you're a mouse.

So there you go fur-iends, our list of the funniest cat puns to help make your day a little brighter. As with all things in life, cats provide us with plenty of opportunities for humor – even when it is something as mundane as words. We hope you enjoyed these jokes and that they provided you with a good laugh. What’s your favorite cat pun?

How to tell a funny cat pun

Here is a simple way to tell a funny pun.

Look for good timing

Timing a pun is what's going to make it great. Are you in a car wash? Think about a pun that has to deal with water. Or on a first date? Try to break the ice and build a connection with a short joke.

Don't take it too seriously

A relaxed and easy going delivery is going to make the pun funny. Some people will enjoy it, while others might not. It's up to them! A good laugh is great medicine.

Memorize a few

Always have a few puns in your back pocket. Look for ideal moments. Remember, timing is everything when it comes to funny jokes!

Don't look to be the center of attention

Telling a funny pun can be a great way for introverted people to come out of their shell and display their personality. Although, it's best to avoid trying to be the center of attention. Avoid telling your pun too loudly. Or trying to interrupt an active conversation just to show off your humor.

Where to use funny cat puns

Puns can be a great way to make someone feel good. Use them in the following formats:

  • On social media captions (Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and TikTok).
  • On thank-you cards, birthday cards, "get well" cards, Valentine's Day cards, and more.
  • Randomly, when the moment strikes.

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