Administrative Job Titles (50+ Titles)

administrative job titles

Having an administrative job seems like a broad statement. There are many types of administrative duties within a business. They often depend on the business category, vertical, and industry. For example, an Office Assistant has many different duties when they work within a medical facility than they would a software startup.

So what administrative jobs are available to you, the job seeker? This article shows you the various job titles you can search for when seeking out an administrative position. But before we jump into that, let's get an idea of what administrative jobs really mean.

What Are "Administrative" Jobs?

Administrative jobs often refer to the small and medium-sized tasks that can slow down workers. For example, restocking the snack bar in the office. This would be the responsibility of the Office Manager. What if the executive leadership team had to handle this? If they did, they would be focusing less on leading the company and potentially make mistakes.

This is the value of all administrative positions. They alleviate either one employee or many employees from tasks that can distract them from the work that is more performance-based. For you, as an administrative worker, you might expect your job duties to be more repetitive than you might like. For example, Data Entry as a job title. While the data you enter could have variations to it, your job of Data Entry is fairly clear. And sometimes repetitive.

There are a number of pros and cons to administrative jobs. For job seekers, the biggest con is the repetitive nature. The largest pro that all job seekers should recognize is how stable administrative positions are.

A vast majority of businesses, offices, business centers, and medical facilities are hiring administrative and office workers. This can make your job stable and lack volatility that other workers might experience.

Administrative Job Outlook

As mentioned above, administrative jobs are fairly stable. In the U.S. alone, more than 340,000 jobs available and growing. Generally speaking, the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) estimates that more than 16% of the total U.S. employment is around the office and administration jobs. This is a substantial number. Making it easy for you, the job seeker, to find employment quickly.

The downside to this number is that administrative positions often require very little prior work experience. Making them more suitable for entry-level workers and recent graduates. This can mean more competition for you.

Highest Paying Administrative Jobs

Some job seekers want to know what the highest paying administrative jobs are. Many of the higher-paying administrative positions break away from the traditional administrative duties. They start to inherit more specialty focus to the duties. For example a Database Administrator. While this is still an administrative position, it is a software engineering position as well. Which is why the salary becomes greater.

Here are some of the highest paying administrative jobs.

Administrative Job Titles

Below are all job titles that are associated with Administrative and Office Duty job functions.

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