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A letter of recommendation for a friend, or personal character reference letter is a business letter written by a close friend who can validate and vouch for the personal qualities of another person or professional. These letters are used in both professional settings and personal settings. For example, an employer may ask for character references as well as a landlord when renting real estate property.

This recommendation letter outlines personal qualities and specific examples that present the characteristics of the person in question. A letter of recommendation for a friend is sometimes referred to as a personal reference letter, personal reference, professional reference letter, personal letter or just professional letter.

A formal letter of this kind can be used for the following purposes:

  • As part of a graduate program application.
  • As part of a peer recommendation requirement list.
  • As part of a college application (academic letter or college recommendation letter).
  • As part of a job application for a hiring manager.

Writing a Recommendation Letter for a Friend

As a recommender or letter writer. Here is what to include in the letter.

Get relevant information about the letter requirements

To produce a great letter of recommendation, it’s important to gather the right information that can be helpful to writing an effective letter. This might include company values, company objectives, products, and services. Or in an academic reference letter, details of the MBA or college application requirements.

Gather goals for the letter

As a letter writer, gather the goals and objectives of the letter from the requester. This should include skills, qualities, competencies, characteristics, and other details that the letter requester should have at their disposal. This information will help to write a letter that highlights the person’s character and positive attributes more accurately.

Reference the relationship

Mention the relationship shared between the letter writer and the person in question. In a character letter, reference the length of the friendship or other relevant pieces of information that puts trust in the letter. Recent relationships and friendships may not be as impactful to the letter reader.

Reference skills and qualities

As a letter writer, read through the requester’s cover letter and resume to determine how they’re attempting to position themselves with their job application. Or in an academic letter scenario, read through the academic application to position the skills and qualities to highlight.

Always reference how the person in question is advancing themselves and moving forward. Showing “consistent progress” is a great way to help the applicant be more appealing.

Include contact information

As the letter writer, be sure to include contact information for the letter reader. They may reach out to you to clarify the letter and personal recommendation being provided to them.

Recommendation Letter Sample

Below is a strong recommendation letter sample when referring to a friend.

Ryan James
[email protected]

June 25th, 2019

Luke Belding
XYZ Company
8847 9th Avenue
New York, NY 11011

Dear Mr. Belding —

I am writing this letter to reference Mark Zuck. Mark and I have known each other since we were young children. We first met when our parents had both passed away and through a youth group became close friends. Since then, Mark has always exhibited a proactive, self-starting nature. And I have been astonished, as his friend, at his personal accomplishments.

Throughout our youth, Mark has always been proactive in community development and building relationships with those in need. This has created an attraction to Mark from outsiders that I can’t truly describe. It shows his empathetic nature and displays how much he can care about a cause. There were times in High School when Mark was far more involved in our local community than any other student. He received multiple awards by the city for these acts and the mayor had congratulated Mark on multiple occasions in his speeches.

I believe that Mark would be a valuable addition to your company simply because of his drive and ability to get behind a cause. He truly wants to make a difference in our world and is willing to submit himself toward that cause. Your technology and services place culture and community into the hands of millions. Mark is the right person to adhere to those objectives and responsibilities.

Please contact me if you have any further questions. My phone number is 653-876-8763 and my email address is [email protected]

Thank you so much,
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Letter of Recommendation Template

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