How to Quit a Job Over Text (Examples)

Here's how to quit a job over text (examples). When you decide to leave your job, submitting a resignation letter to your employer is the next step. Even if you are leaving on short notice, it is best to submit a proper resignation letter notifying your boss and other leaders of your departure.

how to quit a job over text examples

What is a letter of resignation with short notice?

A short notice resignation letter is a letter sent to an employer stating an individual's intention to quit from their current position with less than two weeks' notice. The majority of businesses want at least two weeks' notice to prepare for your departure and begin the hiring process. However, circumstances may prevent you from providing proper notice, and you may be required to submit a short notice resignation letter.

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Should I write a formal resignation letter or send a resignation text?

A formal letter is a far more professional way of resigning from a job. If possible, follow the steps below to write and send a formal resignation letter and ensure a smooth transition out of the current job.

how to quit a job over text examples

How to write a letter of resignation with a short notice period

If you want to retain a strong working relationship with your employer, you should follow these measures while drafting a notice of resignation letter:

  • Inform your supervisor first.
  • Utilize the business letter formatting style.
  • Indicate the position from which you are quitting and the date of your resignation.
  • Justify your resignation.
  • Extend your thanks.
  • Sign and date.

Inform your supervisor first

If possible, speak with your manager in person or over the phone prior to submitting your letter of resignation. This is a considerate and personal gesture to make to your manager, and it can help alleviate any animosity between you and your company. Additionally, it allows you to address final compensation, perks, and any other concerns you may have about leaving the organization.

Ensure that you adhere to the business letter structure

The short notice resignation letter is still regarded as a professional document and should be formatted in the same manner as a business letter. In this manner, the information is easy to read and demonstrates the professionalism with which you resigned. The business letter format requires the use of a header that provides the recipient's first and last names, position, address, and the date on which the letter is being sent.

Indicate the position from which you are quitting and the date of your resignation

It is critical to include a declaration of resignation in your short notice resignation letter early on. This format enables you to stay on topic and informs the recipient of the letter's precise objective. Before proceeding to the following section of your letter, double-check that your effective resignation date is right.

Justify your abrupt resignation

Following that, you should explain why you are resigning on short notice if you have one. It is recommended that you include a brief explanation of why you are leaving a firm. Short notice resignations can be made for a variety of reasons, including family emergencies, relocation, and a new job that demands a rapid start.

Show gratitude

Prior to concluding your letter, consider expressing gratitude to your company for the opportunity and skills acquired while your employment with them. You may express gratitude for being a part of individual projects or for the whole experience. A "thank you" is much appreciated even if you were unsatisfied with aspects of your position.

Sign and date the document

Lastly, it is important to sign your name on the document to conclude the short term resignation letter. If you are writing an email, it is important to write your name at the end of the email.

Reasons to quit your job over text

There aren't many great reasons why you'd want to quit over text. These reasons would be applicable:

  • Getting trouble with the authorities.
  • Family emergency.
  • Personal problem.
  • Supervisor or boss isn't available by phone or email.

Examples of quitting a job over text message

Here are example text messages of quitting a job over text message:

  • "Hey John, I would love to speak with you when you have a minute. How much notice do you need in order for me to resign? Unfortunately, I'm dealing with a family emergency and I need to step away, right away."
  • "Mary, I'd love to connect by phone or email. And provide formal notice of my resignation. Unfortunately, I'm dealing with personal issues at home and I will need to step away from this position. I apologize for this and I would love to continue to have a positive relationship with you."
  • "Melissa, I need to step away from my position, immediately. I don't have another job offer nor am I starting a new job. Unfortunately, the resignation is for personal reasons. And they are fairly severe. I appreciate your understanding and privacy with this issue. I'd love to discuss when I could receive my last paycheck and make sure that we close this relationship out on a strong and positive note."

how to quit a job over text examples

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