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An employee who submits a resignation letter may decide that they want to attempt to cancel the resignation. This is called “rescinding” a resignation or “retracting” a resignation. The reasons why a resigning employee may decide to attempt this can vary. From an employee deciding that the new job isn’t suitable. Or if the new job decides to rescind their employment offer.

Only a voluntary resignation can be attempted to be rescinded. Rather than a resignation via a wrongful dismissal or another type of forced resignation.

Retracting or Rescinding a Resignation

Before attempting to retract or cancel a resignation, it’s important to know that an employer has no obligation to accept the cancellation of resignation (the employee’s resignation). It’s important to have a good relationship with the employer to increase the employer's chances of accepting the resignation cancellation. But if a new employee was hired to replace the job duties, it may be too late.

If an employer doesn’t accept the resignation cancellation, it’s important that the employee completes the agreed-upon notice period and officially resigns from the job duties. Refusal to complete the resignation is illegal.

Having a good reason for the resignation retraction can increase the odds of the employer finding a new role for the employee or allowing them to stay with the company longer.

For an educator, professor, or teacher, it may be more difficult to rescind a resignation. This is because an employee is normally hired to replace the educator in advance of the resigning employee’s last employment date. Though, if a replacement has not been hired, and the end of the school year isn’t near, it may be easier to retract the resignation.

Retracting a Resignation Letter Example

Below is a sample retraction letter indicating that an employee would like to rescind their resignation.

Dear John —

I’m writing this letter to retract my resignation. Circumstances have changed since I submitted my resignation. The reason for my resignation, if you recall, was a family health issue. Because the family member has since passed, I’d like to keep my employment intact.

I understand that these circumstances are not easy on the organization in terms of the required coordination. But I would love to be able to continue working here and waive the effective date of my last day of employment.

I’m happy to meet with you at your convenience and discuss this matter further.


Retracting a Resignation Email Example

Below is a sample retraction email.

Email subject: Attempting to retract my resignation

Dear John —

I’m writing this letter to retract my resignation. Circumstances have changed since I submitted my resignation and provided my written notice. The reason for my resignation, if you recall, was a family health issue because the family member has since passed. For this, I would like to withdraw my resignation.

I understand that these changes may put pressure on the organization and our faculty. But I would love to discuss this matter with you and figure out if there’s an opportunity to stay with this educational institution further.

Thank you so much,

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