Best Resignation Letter Due to Health and Stress (Example, Free Template) [2020]

Stressful jobs can produce health risks for some individuals. Those suffering from acute stress disorders may feel unnecessarily stressed by situations that can be caused at work. For those professionals, it is a constant feeling of being under threat, either physically, emotionally, or psychologically. It is both uncomfortable and an issue for long term health.

A resignation letter is a formal letter authored by an employee to a supervisor, boss, and employer. This letter informs the employer of the desire to resign from job duties and job responsibilities. When an employee decides to resign under stress and health concerns, the formal resignation letter should reference a doctor’s assessment of the employment situation and how the work environment is affecting the employee.

It’s imperative to this type of letter that the author does not emphasize blame on the employer, rather accept that the health risks are personal and that as an employee, they are suffering from an illness that is causing the resignation.

Before submitting a resignation letter to the HR department, it’s important to speak with a supervisor or boss about the desire to resign. This is considered providing a formal notice (or formal notification) to the employer.

During the meeting between employee and boss or supervisor, it’s important to set a notice period. This is the amount of time the employee will provide to the employer to transition job duties and responsibilities. It’s important to set the time for an exit interview, too. This is an interview where the employee and current employer will collect feedback on ways to improve the job function and company overall.

Writing a Health and Stress Resignation Letter

When writing a resignation due to health and stress, it’s important to explain how the position is affecting a health condition based on stress levels. For example, glaucoma could be a condition that the employee has. And prolonged periods of time on a computer might cause high-stress levels on the eyes. This would be a health condition that is being affected by the company or job position. Explaining this condition in the letter is imperative.

When it comes to mental health, the writing should allude to the same. Though, the worker may want to speak about parts of the position that are testing a mental health issue. For example, high levels of social interaction from someone who is suffering from an antisocial personality disorder may be stressful.

If unsure of how to resign under a certain health condition, it is acceptable to resign for “personal reasons” which implies that the employee isn’t comfortable with sharing the reason for resigning to the employer.

Depending on the condition, the employee may want to seek an immediate resignation. If that’s the case, the employee should speak with the supervisor about the need to resign immediately for health and stress concerns, and then submit a resignation letter that describes the desire to resign immediately.

Sample Resignation Letter Due to Health and Stress

Below is a sample letter resigning from a job due to health and stress concerns.

John Smith
[email protected]
123 Road, St., New York NY 11121

June 1st, 2019

Company Inc.
Sarah Doe
[email protected]
Senior Management
123 Business Road, New York NY 11121

Dear John —

This is my formal resignation letter. I’d like to inform you that I’ve spoken with a doctor and physician about my health condition, which is classified as glaucoma, and how my job is currently affecting this issue. Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with the management of this company, my colleagues, or the company as a whole. The “job stress” that I’m experiencing is simply the use of a computer. And I must seek a new job that doesn’t use computers as heavily with my eye condition.

I’m very sorry about this and hope that we can continue to stay in touch. I’m here to help with the transition. In our meeting, we decided that two weeks from today will be the last day of employment.

Once again, I’m very sorry to be resigning for these reasons. If it wasn’t for my health condition, I would be staying with the company and pursuing my passion for this type of work in this wonderful company.

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Resignation Letter Template Due to Health and Stress

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