Best Resignation Letter Sample Due to a Hostile Work Environment [2020]

resignation letter due to hostile work environment

A resignation letter due to a hostile work environment can be difficult to write. If an employee feels as though they are part of a hostile work environment, they should first speak with the human resources department to make a formal notification of hostile behavior.

A hostile work environment is one that consists of:

In the event one of these is true, the employee should submit a complaint to the HR department and follow the employee handbook and company policies for dealing with hostility in the workplace.

Determining the type of resignation is important. Constructive dismissal, for example, is when the employer is in breach of contract, entitling the employee to resign in response to the employer’s conduct (or misconduct). In this instance, the employee is entitled to dismiss themselves of the role due to the employer’s conduct.

Constructive discharge, which is often confused with constructive dismissal, is when the employee is forced to resign (or referred to as a “forced resignation”) because the employer has made working conditions intolerable. This means the employee is experiencing an involuntary resignation, which can turn into an employment claim alongside a state employment attorney or attorney who practices employment law. This attorney can help to make a constructive discharge claim.

Before resigning and writing a resignation letter due to workplace harassment, constant bullying, offensive conduct, sexual harassment, or intolerable working conditions; seek legal advice and learn about the appropriate steps for taking legal action, which will include the reason for resigning within the resignation letter.

If the need to resign reaches a boiling point, write a formal letter of resignation but include the reasons for resigning as “personal reasons”. Then speak with an attorney in the area that practices state employment law and approach the potential claim.

Sample Resignation Letter Due to Hostile Work Environment

Sample resignation letter due to a hostile workplace or toxic work environment.

John Smith
123 Road, St., New York NY 11121

June 1st, 2019

Company Inc.
Sarah Doe
Senior Management
123 Business Road, New York NY 11121

Dear Mr. Smith —

This is my notice to resign from my position as Product Designer from Company Inc effective October 1st, 2020. I am providing no notice to my resignation and no transition period to my resignation as I have experienced frequent harassment from a coworker in the workplace. While I have not yet spoken with an attorney that practices state employment law, I plan on doing so.

The harassment has come in the form of constant sexual comments and uncomfortable mentions of my physical appearance. The initial claims were made to Human Resources, and attempts were made to handle the situation but have failed. I’m unable to produce results with this working condition. And I would constitute this a hostile environment that I must depart from.

Please consider this my formal resignation letter and notice, effective immediately.


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