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Resigning as a board member or submitting a board resignation isn’t dissimilar to resigning from a place of employment (or writing a job resignation letter). The board member should be aware of their duties and responsibilities and discuss replacing their role on the board of directors. Each board member holds several fiduciary duties that should be discussed with the other board members in advance of submitting a formal resignation.

The board member who is deciding to resign should speak with the board (school board, nonprofit board, or another board type) and the CEO of the business they are part of. It should be discussed that the board member is no longer interested in playing an active role on the board and performing their job. This is similar to speaking with a supervisor about a resignation before deciding to write and submit a formal resignation letter as an employee.

board resignation letter sample

A resigning board member may be asked to find another director or fellow board member to replace their duties. An executive director may be appointed temporarily as the board searches for a replacement. Once the resigning board member has informed the company's CEO and the other board members, the desire to resign may be discussed in a board meeting where the next steps are taken to replace the board position or board chair.

Board members who are unsure of the process. Or time required to alleviate the board member's duties on behalf of the organization may want to consult the company bylaws. This document outlines the process and rulings on alleviating a board member of their duties. If the board member is asked to resign amongst a disagreement between the employer or board members, the bylaws should be consulted once more on the protections the board member may have.

Writing a Board Resignation Letter

A board resignation letter may require a healthy explanation of the company's decision or reason to depart from the position. Board members are often part of a company or organization for a long period of time. And in some circumstances, the reason for leaving the board seat may cause negative news or press to the organization or outside investors. To leave the board on good terms with the organization, these aspects should be considered when writing the formal letter and professional resignation letter:

  • Show gratitude and appreciation for being part of the organization.
  • Have a strong background on the situation and explain tersely the decision for alleviating the position.
  • State the date of the departure and plans for replacing the board seat.

Avoid writing an email resignation letter to the board. Keep your letter in business letter format, with formal and professional writing that presents a professional letter that is well considered. Avoid listing several reasons for the departure and focus on the healthy next steps for the company. Once the letter is written and submitted, it is considered a formal notice or written notice to the board members.

Board resignations often occur in:

  • Building and real estate boards (like a superintendent wanting to depart who is also part of a board).
  • Nonprofits.
  • Publicly traded companies or organizations.

Sample Resignation Letter

Below is a sample letter informing a board of the decision to resign.

January 1, 2019

Ann Smith
[email protected]
123 Road, St., New York NY 11121

Company Inc.
Bryan Doe
[email protected]
Board Member
123 Business Road, New York NY 11121

Dear Board Members —

I am writing this letter to inform you that I am relieving my seat and position as Board Member of Company Inc. It was an absolute pleasure to provide my fiduciary duty over the span of the past 4 years. I have prepared my replacement and ensure that there will be a smooth transition that considers the business.

I want to thank you again for this opportunity to be part of this team. My last day as part of the board of directors and board members will be March 30th, 2020.

Ann Smith

Resignation Letters

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