Best "Better Salary and Benefits" Resignation Letter Example [2020]

As an employee, resigning from a current job to go to a new job that has better benefits or salary is fairly common. Employers may have a cap in terms of the compensation or benefits package that they can offer their employees. When they are no longer able to increase the salary of their workers, it’s common for an employee to pursue a new position or new job because of a better salary.

When going through a resignation process informing an employer of a desire to resign due to a better salary, the employee should expect a conversation to occur with the employer regarding salary negotiations. Unless the employer simply has no more human resources budget to expand the employee's compensation package, they may be inclined to want to offer the employee increased salary or benefits to stay.

This will occur when the employee speaks with their manager, supervisor, or boss about the impending resignation and is submitting their formal notice to their employer. If the salary negotiations don’t lead to a place where both the employer and employee are happy, a resignation letter will be written by the employee and submitted as the formal notice of resignation to the human resources department.

Sample Resignation Letter for Better Salary

Below is a sample resignation letter when the employee is leaving due to better benefits or salary.

Richard Smith
[email protected]
Product Designer

May 25th, 2019

John Hendricks
VP of Product
Apple, Inc.
[email protected]

Dear Mr. Smith —

This formal resignation letter is to inform you of the resignation request we discussed. Per the discussion we had on May 24th, 2019, I am going to stay with the company for two weeks to help ensure a smooth transition to a new colleague or new employee. The reason for resigning is due to better benefits and salary that was offered to me at another company. It would be a disservice if I did not pursue this opportunity for my family, children, and spouse.

Thank you so much for this opportunity.


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