18 “Thank You For Your Consideration” Alternatives

There’s a variety of settings where you might say the phrase, thank you for your consideration. It could be during a job application process, where you place it on your cover letter. Or it could be after an interview has occurred, where you use it as a closing statement.

Saying “thank you for your consideration” might sound nice, but what are some better alternatives? Let’s jump into why you should try a few alternatives to this popular phrase.

Why Look For Alternatives

The phrase “thank you for your consideration” in a business setting lacks confidence. That is the primary reason why you should use the alternatives mentioned further in this article.

When you say this phrase, it’s almost as if you are pleased with the fact that you are present, versus asking for the full opportunity. It’s okay if you want to express your gratitude to the receiver (in any setting, it might be). But it is going to be a better way to close the setting if you use an alternative.

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Common Places For This Phrase To Be Used

There’s a variety of business settings where you might use this statement to close the conversation. Here are a few:

  • In your cover letter
  • At the end of a job interview
  • At the end of a business email
  • At the end of a business letter

In all of these situations, you are closing out the conversation and showing your gratitude to the reader or receiver.

Alternatives By Business Scenario

Below are examples of what your intentions are with the closing phrase. For example, if you are ending an interview, you might want to choose a different phrase than when you’re ending a business letter.

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When ending a phone interview

When ending a phone interview, it’s great to show your appreciation for the persons time and your excitement about moving forward.

  • Thanks for your time today, it was a lot of fun.
  • Thanks for your time, I look forward to next steps
  • Thanks for your time, this was fun.
  • Thanks for your time, can’t wait to hear what’s next.
  • I appreciate you taking the time today, can’t wait to move forward.

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When ending an in person interview

When ending an interview in person, it’s similar to a phone interview. Please show your appreciation for their time but review the conversation that was had.

  • Thanks for your time today. I appreciated that we discussed the work environment.
  • Thanks for your time today. You helped answer all my questions. I can’t wait to move forward.
  • Thanks for your time today. I’ll follow up with what we discussed.
  • Thanks for your time today. Can’t wait to move forward in the process and be part of this great company.

When ending a business letter

When ending a “thank you” note or business letter, the best thing you can do is to show appreciation for the professionals time in reading your letter.

  • I sincerely appreciate your time.
  • Thank you so much.
  • Sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read this letter.
  • Thank you for your time in reading this letter.

When ending a cover letter

When ending a cover letter, you’ll want to use a phrase that shows you are excited about the potential of working together and thankful to the person for reading your letter.

  • I can’t wait to have the opportunity to be apart of this company.
  • I want to thank you for reading this letter; I can’t wait to speak with you.
  • Thank you for reading this letter; I look forward to the next steps.
  • Thank you for reading this letter. I look forward to speaking with you regarding the process.
  • Thank you for reading. I look forward to speaking in person soon.

More Alternatives to Common Phrases

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