ATP Meaning - Uses, Definition, History, Examples (2022)

What does ATP mean? Does it mean At The Park? Does it mean Air To Play? It can be confusing when we see abbreviations like "ATP" show up in text messages, on TikTok, or in direct messages.

Learn what "ATP" means in this guide.

ATP meaning and definition

"ATP" meaning and definition

"ATP" is an internet slang abbreviation for "Answer the Phone." It can refer to situations where someone is showing aggravation, upset behavior, or where someone is being aloof.

"ATP" can also get used to say "aged to perfection," or "at this point." Although, it is most commonly used as the description for "Answer the Phone."

ATP getting used in text conversations between two people

History of "ATP"

Google Trends reports that "ATP" is relatively new slang term. It is most recently gaining popularity as of August 2022. Urban Dictionary dates the acronym as far back as 2020. Although, there is mixed uses of "ATP" ranging from "at this point" to "all tomorrow parties."

The #ATP hashtag on TikTik has earned more than 140 million views on the popular social media application. It is used as a type of shared inside joke amongst the TikTok community.

Confusion about the ATP tennis association and slang term

There has been much confusion about the recent TikTok trend and the ATP Tour.

Many of the videos appearing on TikTok, with the hashtag #ATP are referring to the tennis association and not "Answer the Phone," the internet slang term.

One of the more popular uses of the #ATP hashtag comes from Must Watch Sports, who uses the hashtag to show a tennis player who is upset. And decides to throw his tennis racket on the court floor.

Many users of the popular social media platform have gotten confused because of the similarities of the two abbreviations (the tennis association and internet slang term) and potential meanings.

ATP getting used in a text message when someone won't respond back to them

Example uses of "ATP" in text conversations or chats

Here are example uses of "ATP" getting used in a text conversation:

Example one

Friend 1: "Hey, I just tried calling you... ATP!"

Friend 2: "Shoot, I'm so sorry. I'm trying to finish something right now, can I call you back in a few minutes?"

In this example, a friend tried to call the other. And they didn't pick up. The friend decided to text them and ask them to answer the phone.

Example two

Friend 1: "I'm texting you over and over and you don't answer. Can you ATP?"

Friend 2: "Sorry, I will get back to you in the next few days."

This second example shows "ATP" getting used as a question rather than a statement. The person is aggravated that the other hasn't decided to respond to them and text back.

Example three

Friend 1: "Did you see those #ATP TikToks?"

Friend 2: "Yes, they're hilarious. It's weird that so much anger is happening on the ATP Tour this year."

Lastly, this example shows two friends discussing the men's professional tennis tour that is getting attention on TikTok.

Similar short forms & acronyms

Other similar abbreviations that could get used in a text conversation:

WYA: Which stands for "Where ya at?" This is a question that gets asked when someone isn't available. Or isn't answering their phone.

Common FAQs

Questions and answers about internet slang.

What does "ATP" mean on TikTok?

#ATP or "ATP" on TikTok refers to the many meme's that are getting created around the tennis professionals showing aggravation or upset behavior on the ATP Tour.

Secondarily, it is used as an internet slang term to describe, "Answer the Phone."

What does "ATP" mean on Twitter?

"ATP" on Twitter could be referring to the ATP Tour, a men's professional tennis association. What does "ATP" stand for when getting used in a sentence? If it is used in a sentence, it means the person is referring to the internet slang term, "Answer the Phone."

Short form and slang guides

Other short form and slang guides to help understand acronyms used by friends:

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