Best Sample Resignation Letter Due to a Heavy Workload

A resignation letter is a formal business letter informing an employer of the desire to resign from current job duties and responsibilities. When resigning due to a heavy workload, an employee may choose to quit for “personal reasons” if they don’t feel comfortable sharing this fact.

Before writing and submitting a resignation letter, an employee should speak with their manager regarding the desire to resign. The manager and the employee should agree upon a notice period (typically two weeks) and the notice period’s goals.

Once the employee and manager have had a chance to discuss the resignation, a formal resignation letter should be authored by the employee and submitted to the human resources department and manager.

Sample Resignation Letter Resigning Due to Heavy Workload

Below is a sample resignation letter when resigning due to a heavy workload.

John Smith
[email protected]
123 Road, St., New York NY 11121

June 1st, 2019

Apple, Inc.
Junior Johnson
[email protected]
Senior Management
123 Business Road, New York NY 11121

Dear John —

This letter is my formal resignation, resigning from my position as Product Designer at Apple. Unfortunately, I don’t feel I’m equipped to handle the workload. I have a newborn at home that has taken the majority of my time. And I’ve decided it’s best for both Apple and myself to resign from my position and seek part-time employment.

I’d like to thank you for this opportunity, and I will sincerely cherish all the time we had together. I’m appreciative of the education that I’ve received, the mentorship, and if it were not for my focus reshifting at home, I would continue with my position.

My final date of employment will be two weeks from today, August 19th, 2019.

John Smith

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